[One Night Stand Addictive]

[One Night Stand “Addictive”]

Whether it is one-night stand or normal couple sex, it is a basic physiological need of human beings. Now people have raised sex to the realm of entertainment. In this case, the emergence of one-night stand has become human nature.

It is said that it is a one-night stand, it is better to say that it is one-night sex, because there is only sex and no love in one-night stand.

Recently, experts have found that often one-night stand can be addictive.

One night stand can make people addicted to normal, mature adults have sexual desire, which is the basic human needs.

When you have sexual desire, you need to vent, which is also normal.

Most of the one-night stand is not for sex itself, but to relieve tension or to fall into a hollow heart.

When “one-night stand” exists as a temporary “firefighter”, people are prone to cause interference.

This is like when a person feels nervous, instead of looking for the source of the tension and improving the complications, he uses smoking as a relief-smoking can relieve the symptoms of mental stress, but it will not be relieved.The problem cannot be solved at all.

Over time, people’s dependence on cigarettes will develop, leading to the unsolved old problems and the more complicated conditions of the new problems.

In the same way, unconstrained sexual behavior can easily lead to sexual addiction, because unfamiliar and lacking intimacy can never make people truly relax or achieve spiritual fullness.


[What seafood is good for women]_female_affect

[What seafood is good for women]_female_affect

Most of women’s bodies are relatively deficient. They need to eat more nourishing nutrients to supplement the nutrients needed by the body, and some women often experience dysmenorrhea. This is caused by the cold of the uterus, and you should eat some blood.The best product.

Seafood is very nutritious for women, and the iron in seafood can replenish blood.

Now let ‘s find out what seafood a woman eats.

Perch: Tonifying the Liver and Benefiting the Kidney, a medicinal work in the Northern Song Dynasty, Jiayou Materia Medica recorded that the perch can “tonicate the five internal organs, benefit the bones, and the stomach and intestines, and treat water and gas.

“It shows just how extensive the beneficial effects of sea bass.

From the perspective of modern nutrition, sea bass is supplemented with protein, vitamin A, B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and other nutrients; it has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, spleen and stomach, resolving phlegm and relieving cough.People have very good benefits.

The seabass is white and tender with no fishy smell. The meat is garlic-shaped and is best steamed, braised or stewed.

Anchovies: The spleen and nourishing anchovies have been the top of the “Spring Season Fresh” for many years. This is because the anchovies are tender and plump, without gall and thorns. They are the top quality freshwater fish in spring.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records that its meat “can supplement deficiency, tonify the spleen and stomach, and strengthen vitality”, and is suitable for those who are weak and whose diet is not fragrant.

Modern nutrition shows that catfish contains protein, trace amounts, calcium, potassium, magnesium, selenium and other nutrients. The meat is tender and easy to digest, which is suitable for children, the elderly and people with poor digestive function. The calorie of catfish is not high, andThe obvious anti-oxidant ingredient is also an excellent choice for women who want to beautify but also afraid of being fat.

Grass carp: Warm stomach grass carp is one of the best and cheapest fish in freshwater fish.

Grass carp is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which is good for blood circulation and is a good food for cardiovascular patients.

Grass carp is also rich in selenium, which has anti-aging and beauty effects.

For those who have a weak body and lack of appetite, grass carp meat is tender but not greasy, appetizing and nourishing.

In Qing Dynasty’s “Medical Forest Compendium”, it was recorded that grass carp could “become good at steaming their heads.”

[What vegetables contain vitamin c]_Vitamin c_Vegetable varieties_What vegetables

[What vegetables contain vitamin c]_Vitamin c_Vegetable varieties_What vegetables

Many vegetables have a lot of benefits to the human body. The nutrients in vegetables are very rich. Many people do not know what vegetables are rich in vitamin c. In fact, there are many vitamin-rich vegetables in life, especially cauliflower and vitamins.c content is rich.


Cauliflower: Also known as “cauliflower”, “cauliflower”, it is yellowish in color, contains richer minerals and vitamins, and has a prominent vitamin C content. It has anti-cancer properties, improves liver detoxification ability, enhances the body’s immune function, promotes growth, and maintains teeth.And bones are normal, protect eyesight, improve memory, and maintain the role of vascular endothelium.


Spinach Spinach is called “nutrition model student”, it is called carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin K, minerals (calcium, iron, etc.), coenzyme Q10 and other nutrients.


Carrots Carrots are rich in vitamin C, which can inhibit melanin synthesis, prevent slight oxidation, and prevent lipofuscin deposition.

Therefore, eating carrots often can make the skin white and delicate.


Note that vitamin C is an extremely delicate vitamin supplement, its properties are extremely unstable, and it is easy to be oxidized and destroyed if you don’t pay attention.

Vitamin C is not only afraid of light, heat, and alkali, but also copperware and ironware, so it is best not to use copper or iron pans for cooking, instead of aluminum pans.

Plant tissue contains ascorbase, plant foods are left for too long, and vitamin C is immediately lost due to air oxidation.

Therefore, fresh vegetables and fruits are better.

In cooking, pay attention to: vegetables should be washed before cutting, chopped immediately into the pot, and it is best to wash, make, eat immediately; cooking should use the method of rapid fire and frying, which can reduce the loss of vitamin C.
Vitamin C is more stable in acidic environment. If you can eat with acidic food or put some vinegar when cooking, it can improve its utilization rate.

[8 kinds of common foods better than poisons, gout must not be touched by others]

[8 kinds of common foods better than poisons, gout must not be touched by others]

Having gout, in addition to taking medications as prescribed by your doctor, conditioning on life span is also very important.

If you want to control gout, it’s best not to touch these 8 kinds of poison!

1 Visceral and fish gouty arthritis, whether acute or chronic, need to pay attention to patients with long-term control of foods high in purines, such as animal offal, sardines, anchovies, breeding fish, shrimp and so on.

These are foods that people with gout cannot eat, so be careful.

2 seasoning gout patients know to eat less seafood, but many people do not know that oil, abalone juice, seafood sauce, mushroom sauce, concentrated chicken sauce and other food seasonings also have high purine content.

These condiments are often refined products of some animals, seafood, and other processed products. Their purine content is very high. After eating the food cooked by these condiments, the uric acid level in the body can be quickly increased in a short time.

A rapid rise in blood uric acid exacerbates the onset of painful winds.


[Tomato Stewed Chicken Legs]_Tomato_Production

[Tomato Stewed Chicken Legs]_Tomato_Production

Tomatoes are a very good ingredient that can supplement vitamin c. For many boys, eating a tomato a day can reduce the probability of prostatitis and is a good health ingredient.

Not to mention chicken drumsticks, many people like to eat them, and the meat is delicious.

The combination of tomatoes and chicken drumsticks may be unexpected to many people and can produce a delicious taste.

So, how to make tomato stewed chicken legs?

First, what ingredients do stew chicken legs add?

Shiitake, ginseng, onion, potatoes, etc.

This is a common ingredient that is delicious with chicken. If you want to add other flavors, mix it yourself.

Stewing chicken legs with shiitake mushrooms is the most common dish, too.
Eat chicken legs, and can also add black fungus.

Bone the chicken legs and remove the meat. Put them into the stew pot, add the mushrooms and fungus after foaming, cover the pot and simmer for 1 hour.

If you stew chicken legs with ginseng, you will know how to eat it.

After chopping the chicken legs, simmer the water, wash the ginseng, red dates, and wolfberry, put all the ingredients together in a stew pot, and simmer for 2 hours, then add salt to taste, and the soup of the chicken leg is also very fragrant.
For those who like to eat potatoes, you can also try the potato stew chicken leg. The potato hob is spared. The chicken leg is left in the original place. After the pan is heated, the chicken leg is fried until golden. Pour beer, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce.Add ginger, spring onion, sugar and seasoning, and potatoes. After boiling, change to medium heat and simmer for 15 minutes until the potatoes are soft.

Second, eating instructions Potato, sweet potatoes, taro and other potato foods, rich in nutrients, it contains protein and vitamin C1, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 higher content than apples, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium content is also high,Especially the potassium content can be said to be the first among vegetables.

Potatoes contain a lot of high-quality cellulose, which can prevent constipation and cancer.

[How to cook pork ribs in Northeast iron pot]_How to do_How to do

[How to cook pork ribs in Northeast iron pot]_How to do_How to do

Iron pot stewed pork ribs is a relatively popular food in the Northeast region. Many people who have lived in or traveled to the Northeast have eaten iron pan stewed pork ribs, a more delicious food.

Of course, iron pot stewed pork ribs is not easy to make, but you need to master certain skills to make this dish more delicious.

Below, I will introduce the practice of iron pot stew ribs in detail.

1. The material and method of stewed pork ribs in iron pot 1. Wash the pork ribs, chop them into 4 cm long and 3 cm wide sections, remove them after boiling in a boiling water pot, and rinse them; 2. Wash the cabbage and remove the roots., All two sections; 3, cut onions; ginger cut into pieces, gently pat loose with a knife for spare; 4, heat the pan over heat, add the bottom oil, use the onion sections, ginger block shabu, cook wine, lowerPork ribs, add soup; 5, boil on high heat, skim the floating foam, pour into pottery, turn to low heat and slowly simmer until near maturity; 6, put cabbage with salt, MSG to adjust the mouth, and stew until the ribs are crispy and boneless,Fill the bowl and serve.

Second, stew pork rib soup more fresh tips1.

When stewing pork ribs, add a few pieces of washed orange peel to the pot to remove odors and greasy feelings. At the same time, it can make your soup taste more delicious.


Braised ribs are best stewed until the bones of the ribs can be chewed.

A, if you want to add calcium to bones, you need to simmer for about 2 hours, and chew your jaws when eating, because the calcium in bones is difficult to combine with water, so I hope the soup will be nutritious and delicious for a long time.

B, if you just want to eat pork ribs, it won’t take long, about 30?
You can eat in 50 minutes.

Third, the nutritional value of pork ribs supplements Qi: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that pork ribs can supplement Zhongqi, whether it is sauce ribs or pork rib soup, whether it is braised or stir-fried, ribs have the role of supplementing Qi.

Nourish the spleen and stomach: Pork ribs can nourish the spleen and stomach, and reasonable consumption of ribs can help protect the function of the spleen and stomach.

Improve anemia: Ribs can provide heme (organic iron) and cysteine to promote iron absorption, which can improve iron deficiency anemia.

Strong bones and bones: iron carbide, zinc and other trace elements can strengthen bones and bones.

Enhance physical strength: Pork ribs are rich in sarcosine, which can enhance physical strength and make you full of excitement.

[Children’s steamed buns practice _ small animal steamed buns practice _ steamed animal steamed buns practice guide]

[Children’s steamed buns practice _ small animal steamed buns practice _ steamed animal steamed buns practice guide]

Too many children have the phenomenon of picky eaters, so being a child’s parent should break the heart, because you must supplement your child with sufficient nutrition every day in order to allow the child to grow up healthy and happy.

Therefore, parents should consider some foods for their children that can prevent children from picky eaters and can provide nutrition.

Child steamed bun is one kind of food, so what is the animal practice of child steamed bun?

First, small fish bun ingredients: 200g flour, 2g yeast, 70g pumpkin puree, 10g sugar.

Practice: 1.

Steam and squash the pumpkin, pour in flour, sugar, and yeast, knead the dough, and let stand for 15 minutes.


The dough is exhausted and kneaded evenly, rolled into a dough sheet with a thickness of 4 mm, and the disc is pressed out with a mold.


Fold each disc in half, then fold it in half, cut it three times with a knife, and cut it out with a fork.


Squeeze each top, then use the middle of the chopsticks to stretch it out. Use a fork to squeeze out the fish scales. Put the mung beans as your eyes.


Cover the stuffing, ferment for 30 minutes, steam on the oven for ten minutes, and leave to uncover for one minute.

Second, rabbit buns ingredients: 400g of flour, 4g of yeast, 200g of warm water, 10g of white sugar.

Production method: 1. Add white granulated sugar to the flour, pour the yeast into the flour with warm water, and stir into floc with chopsticks.

2. Stir into floc with chopsticks, knead into two portions of smooth dough, about 360 grams of white dough and about 240 grams.

A small amount of red yeast rice powder is kneaded into pink dough to obtain two-color dough. The two-color dough is divided into 10 small doughs on average and kneaded.

3. Take a portion of the white dough and roll it into a tongue shape, and then take a portion of the pink dough and roll it into a tongue shape smaller than the white dough.

4. The pink pasta is superimposed on the white pasta. Use a rolling pin to roll it slightly and insert the adhesive. Cut it in half in the middle and leave it at the replacement place.

5. Roll up from bottom to top, fold back, the interface on the back is tight, and the front becomes a rabbit shape.

6, after the ear is slightly reshaped, replace it with a toothpick in the middle, all of them can be done in order to make 10, fermented to 1.

5 times the size.

7, steamed over high heat for 20 minutes 焖 3?
After 5 minutes, draw the rabbit’s facial expression with chocolate sauce after cooling down.

[QQ meat skin practice]_QQ meat skin practice _QQ meat skin practice Daquan _QQ meat skin how to do

[QQ meat skin practice]_QQ meat skin practice _QQ meat skin practice Daquan _QQ meat skin how to do

Travel regularly and consider rewarding yourself.

Going outside to see the scenery can also please yourself and make you healthier.

And when you go out and play, you will definitely enjoy “the food on the tip of your tongue” and you will inevitably be nostalgic.

And nostalgia, you may be able to learn to do it yourself at home.

So, now I will introduce to you the practice of QQ pork skin.


After the skin is washed, put it in a pot and cook it to the softness and hardness you like.

This can come according to my preference. I cooked it for about 20 minutes.


Shred ginger and shallots.

(Okay, I admit that I have loved shredded shreds since I grinded a kitchen knife a few days ago.) Garlic flakes.


The boiled skin is processed to remove the hair and fat from the skin and cut into strips, and the bell pepper is shredded.

My skin was already hairy when I bought it. This time I just removed some fat.


Heat the pan with cold oil, add excess fat and simmer over low heat to simmer.


Put in a tone of Shexian Douban and stir-fry red oil.


Add onion, ginger, garlic, dried chili, pepper, and moderate sugar to fry.


Stir fry into the skin, don’t fry for a long time, or the moisture will be hardened.


Run into the bell pepper and mix well.


Add cooking wine, soy sauce and vinegar, moderate amount of salt, and turn off MSG.

Everyone read the introduction of Xiaobian, are you very concerned about this QQ pork skin, then don’t wait, just try it yourself.

[How to make rice dumplings]_How to make_How to make

[How to make rice dumplings]_How to make_How to make

Zongzi is a common vegetable. Zongzi is soft and juicy, and tastes delicious. Zongzi can be mixed with a lot of vegetables to make a lot of situations. In general, everyone likes to use zongzi and pork ribs for soup and garlic.With braised pork belly or soup, no matter which method is used, there will be appetite, which will help a lot to promote appetite, and the method of making dumplings is simple.

Ingredients for Zongzi Egg Soup: 400g zucchini, the right amount of oil, the right amount of salt, the right amount of dried shrimp, 2 eggs, and the right amount of shallot.

In the production step, first clean the prepared dumplings, then peel and cut into slices, then wash the shrimps, put oil in the pot, and then put the shrimps.

Put the dumplings, stir fry for a while, add water and salt; after the water is boiled, drop the egg liquid, and finally put the green onion.

Ingredients of Zanzi Ball Meat Soup: 500g zongzi, 300g of pork filling, moderate amount of green onion and ginger, salt, pepper, cooking wine, MSG, raw soy sauce, sesame oil, and vermicelli.

Production steps: Add minced onion, ginger and salt to the meat filling, and then add the appropriate amount of pepper, cooking wine, MSG, etc., add soy sauce and sesame oil, and stir together.

After the meat is evenly mixed, add a spoonful of dry starch, half an egg white, and continue stirring until it is ready for use; the rice dumplings are washed, peeled and simmered and cut into hob pieces. The fans are soaked in water, and the water is poured into the pot to boil slightlyTake a small piece of meat and use two spoons to round each other into balls, put them into a slightly boiling pot, and make all the balls in order; after the balls are shaped, put them in the chopped dumplings and boil them on the fire, and there will be foaming after boilingUse a spoon to skim off the froth. After cooking for two minutes, the dumplings are translucent. Season with salt and MSG. Add the soaked vermicelli and cook until the vermicelli becomes soft.
Garlic garlic is sterilizable, and it can be an appetizer.

It is eaten after fried with zongzi, and the taste is very good.

When frying, make garlic into garlic, and slice the dumplings.

Then put the oil in the pan, add the garlic to the stir-fry, add the zongzi slices into it, add a small amount of raw soy sauce and an appropriate amount of edible salt, stir fry back and forth, and wait for the zongzi to soften.

[Can seniors drink coffee]_Old people_Can you drink

[Can seniors drink coffee]_Old people_Can you drink

Now more and more people are deeply attracted by the drink of coffee, and there is no difference in age. Both young and old people have the habit of drinking coffee. Many people drink coffee every day.There is always a wonderful feeling when living with coffee.

However, there is a saying that elderly people are not suitable for coffee, which makes many elderly people who like coffee overwhelmed and wonder whether they should drink coffee.

Can the elderly drink coffee? The elderly can drink coffee, it is recommended to drink less in moderation, and the elderly should not drink espresso.

Excessive coffee can cause heart rate, arrhythmia, excessive excitement, insomnia, etc. The elderly especially do not drink coffee at night, caffeine stimulates the nerve center, reduces sleep time, and increases sleep quality, especially before sleepHours hurt the most.

The benefits of drinking coffee for the elderly1 can prevent dementia Studies have found that the elderly who insist on coffee are relatively more physically active than their peers who do not drink coffee.

And these elderly people who drink coffee have relatively little cognitive decline.

Researchers believe that coffee has the ability to activate cognition among the three most consumed coffee, water and tea beverages in the world.

In addition, coffee may enhance the blood’s antioxidant capacity and provide protection against free radical damage to the nervous system.

Drinking 3 glasses a day in the elderly can increase memory and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

2. It can extend the life expectancy research. It is found that the division of those who do not drink coffee and the elderly who drink coffee, regardless of whether the coffee contains caffeine, will cost some.

Researchers have found that the association between coffee and reduced mortality increases as the amount of coffee increases.

People above a ton of coffee are reduced by about 10%.

Chronic deaths from coffee due to high blood pressure, respiratory diseases, strokes, trauma, accidents, diabetes and infectious diseases occur.

3, can prevent gallstones Gallstones are mainly massive crystals formed by plasma.

Aunt Gao’s food may cause gallstones.

Studies have suggested that caffeine can prevent the formation of crystals of cholesterol, reduce a small amount of storage by increasing the body’s consumption; reduce the absorption of fluids before the formation of gallstones in the gallbladder, and increase the amount of bile flowing through the gallbladder.

Men who drink two to three cups of coffee a day have a gallstone chance of less than 40%.

4. You can relax. The reason coffee is popular is because it can refresh your mind. The caffeine in coffee stimulates the central nervous system, makes the mind clear and clear, the thinking ability is abundant, and the attention is focused, thereby improving work efficiency.

Experiments have shown that the average person absorbing 300 mg of coffee (about 3 cups of brewed coffee) a day can have a good effect on one’s mood.

Proper coffee drinking in the elderly can prevent depression.

5, can prevent the dissolution of antioxidants in kidney cancer coffee, which may help damage to kidney cells.

In addition, some components of coffee can enhance the body’s sensitivity to insulin and improve kidney function. Over time, it may have a certain preventive effect on kidney cancer.

The study found that people who drank more than three cups of coffee per day and those who drank less than one cup of coffee per day (and not tea) ranked 16% lower risk of kidney cancer.

6, can lower blood sugar coffee to prevent high blood sugar patients have a certain effect, prolong blood sugar secretion of a certain amount of insulin.

Insulin is very helpful in controlling blood sugar levels.

Although it is not clear how coffee works, scientific research has shown that coffee contains flavanols, which has a certain threshold on the human blood circulation system and can increase the sensitivity of insulin.