AI Japanese dogs are not goodKe Jie was relieved after being eliminated by Chinese chess players in the top 32

AI Japanese dogs are not good!Ke Jie was relieved after being eliminated by Chinese chess players in the top 32
The Sanban chess in Wuzhen, Zhejiang, turned the Go artificial program AlphaGo into a big stone that pressed Ke Jie and other players.  DeepZenGo on the 21st in the 32nd round of the third Dream Lily Cup World Go Open, Chinese player Wang Haoyang defeated the Japanese Go program DeepZenGo in six stages, let Ke Jie exclaim that you are the hope of humanity!However, after the game, the inventor of DeepZenGo, Kato Hideki, admitted that a breakthrough in the program led to a wrong judgment.  It seems that although AlphaGo and DeepZenGo both bring Go, there are still differences.  Great breakthrough in human forced program In Wuzhen’s Sanban game, Ke Jie never wanted to force AlphaGo’s bug (attack) to win, but unfortunately did not like it.Now this wish has been fulfilled by Wang Haoyang in the Dream Lily Cup.  This game of DeepZenGo is black, and the pre-order stage is normal. It jumped all the way to Hei 57. It is the cause of the defeat in this game.After the game, Kato Eki said that DeepZenGo thought that after jumping, he ate the white chess, and he didn’t judge that he was dead on the left until more than 20 hands.  Afterwards, DeepZenGo made a mistake to see a string of chess that humans cannot understand.Afterwards, Hideki Kato, who replaced DeepZenGo, shook his head again and again, his expression sad.  By 207, the situation of Xiaoqi’s small victory has been fixed.From 252 hands, Hideki Kato said a pass to the referee, and the referee started counting.Counting results, black chess 184, Wang Haoyang white chess 1/4.  When counting, Ke Jie, who was watching the battle, smiled at Wang Haoyang: You are human hope!  AI defeated, some people are happy to beat AI, and the happiest thing is naturally Wang Haoyang. He said: In the past, he had lost two games with Yicheng Online.Kato Eki said that DeepZenGo’s performance did not meet his expectations.  Because fast chess was played online before, this game is slow chess, slow chess is always a bit good for humans.Wang Haoyang said that he did not do much preparation before the game, but played badminton.Also, Cui Zhehan told me not to kill it because of its great power.  Kato Eki believes that the problem lies in the technical aspects of the program itself. He said that DeepZenGo had a misjudgment and had always believed that it was black and white, so the winning rate judged that it had reached 60%, and then it found that the left chess was dead by itself.Now.The unclear judgment of life and death is obviously a major breakthrough in the procedure.  This is not the first time DeepZenGo has crashed in a game.  In the first round of the world’s strongest chess player game in March 2017, Chinese player Zhi Yuting’s DeepZenGo man-machine match, in the final stage, DeepZenGo could not clearly determine the winners and losers, and suddenly began to fall wildly, so that the DeepZenGo team was terminated to admit defeat.In this way, it is still a long way for Japanese programs to catch up with AlphaGo.

囧 妈 Huang Meiying wrote 4D notes for the characters, thank Xu Zheng for helping dream

“囧 妈” Huang Meiying wrote 4D notes for the characters, thank Xu Zheng for helping “dream”
Sauna Night News (Reporter Li Yan) On December 21, Xu Zheng’s latest movie “Liang Mom” in the “Liang Series” held the “The Meaning of Travel” conference. The director and lead starred Xu Zheng, starring Huang Meiying, special starring Yuan Quan, starring Jia JiaBing et al. Made their full appearance.The main creators share the fun of shooting behind the scenes around the embarrassing journey.The picture comes from the official Weibo.Xu Zheng introduced that the seemingly simple mother-child trip to Russia involves shooting locations in Beijing, Lake Baikal, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Saratov, New York, Shanghai, Wuxi, etc.The core scene of the film-K3 train from Beijing to Russia. Although it really exists, the internal landscape of the train is completely simulated in the shed.On the seemingly ordinary journey, 90% of the shots involve special effects production.Talking about the state of director Xu Zheng behind the filming, the main creators have said that Xu Zheng is meticulous in photography and local portrait art.Xu Zheng believes that the audience has higher requirements for the core emotional value of the film and social significance, which is why the film “I am not a drug god” can impress the audience.Returning to “囧 妈”, Xu Zheng explained: “It is first a road genre movie and a comedy. After laughter, the audience will find a resonance that brings into the softest side of everyone’s emotions.Being able to move, I think it is the quality that a good movie should have.”The” Jim Mom “brings together the strengths of Huang Meiying and Yuan Quan for two generations, and also brings a softer female perspective to the film.At the press conference, Huang Maying’s poster of “Liang Ma is here” and the full-length poster of “Liang Family Carnival” make people feel a warm and happy family atmosphere.The blockbuster emotional trailer “Your She” makes people deeply realize that this is a “not the same” embarrassing comedy.In addition to the humorous and dramatic bridge, Xu Zheng and Huang Meiying, around the double emotional lines of mother and wife, Yuan Quan’s situation in the play also slowly unfolded.In this regard, Xu Zheng specified the film’s attitude: “Relieve, give, accept, tolerate, achieve.A relaxed and comfortable relationship that allows emotion and love to flow into the theme of the movie.When starring Huang Meiying studied the script, she wrote 4D annotations for the characters. She believes: “Mom Lu Xiaohua has experienced a life of a fall, and she has kept her dreams while suffering for her son.”And the trip to Russia is also her dream chase.”Yuan Quan realized that his role was actually very warm, but at the beginning of the film, it seemed that he was always making embarrassments for Xu Zheng, and there was no lack of tit-for-tat quarrels.Xu Zheng commented that both actors have very senior performance experience, they are the most suitable for the existence of the role, and the audience will also enter the characters, be moved by the characters, believe the true sense of the story.Huang Meiying also specifically said that she has been filming “囧 妈” for many years, and it is also a real dream: “At this age, I don’t have many dreams. I have given up my extravagant hope for performing arts, but as aThe actor, and regret, did not encounter a loved script and character.I didn’t expect to meet Xu Zheng at this age. Xu Zheng made up for my regrets and helped me realize this dream.”Similarly, Yuan Quan was also moved by Xu Zheng’s unique creative perspective:” Through a journey, to show the healing of family relationships.When you reach a certain stage in your life, you will find that family relations seem to be the most intimate, but in reality it may be the most easily overlooked.The movie “囧 妈” will be released nationwide on New Year’s Day in 2020.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan editor Xu Meilin proofreading Li Xiangling

Fang Shuo reproduced the super giant moment, Jeremy Lin praised his partner to take over the game

Fang Shuo reproduced the “super giant moment”, Jeremy Lin praised his partner to take over the game
Beijing Shougang defeated the Shanghai team 94 to 88 at home tonight. Fang Shuo scored a key goal with more than 1 minute left in the fourth quarter, contributing 19 points and 5 assists.The Shougang team failed to limit their opponents in the first half, and the offensive did not find a rhythm.Fang Shuo made 4 of 6 shots in the first 2 quarters, scoring 11 points and 3 assists, the highest in the team.In the second half, the point difference was still not pulled apart, and Motai hit the buzzer with a three-pointer. The two teams scored 69 draws in the first two quarters.More than 1 minute before the end of the game, Shougang only led by 2 points. Fang Shuo stepped forward with Jeremy Lin not in the field. He first threw a shot in the counterattack, then forced Luo Hanchen to make a layup to help the team lock the victory.Fang Shuo locked the victory for Shougang.Photo / Osports “Fang Shuo is very clever and calm in handling the ball at critical moments. He stands up from the bench and deals with the game calmly.”Head coach Yannis praised Fang Shuo after the game.林书豪也直言:“大家都看到,方硕在第4节最后关头接管了比赛,我一直跟他说‘你是我们球队的X因素’,可以让我们的成绩非常好,我很高兴可以Be his teammate.”The Fang Chao Giant” himself said that Shougang has already shown the temperament of playing the key ball as a whole. Both are themselves, and each player is ready to stand up when the team needs it.”This is not the first time we have such a moment. It was proved last season that we are confident and confident at such a moment.At the beginning of the season, everyone is in the running-in phase to find the feeling of the game, which includes the feeling of this (critical) moment.Winning in this way still greatly improved our confidence.”

Ridsivir antidote expects to burst?Related A-share company stocks plunge

Ridsivir antidote expects to burst?Related A-share company stocks plunge
Sauna Night News (reporter Li Yunqi) adopts reports that Radexivir may be ineffective for New Coronary Pneumonia, and dividend Ridsivir related stocks are affected.In early trading on April 24, the listed company Bo Teng shares opened a daily limit.In addition, the stocks of Borui Pharmaceutical, Zhongda University, Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical, Yongtai Technology, and Kelun Pharmaceutical also declined.On April 23, U.S. time, foreign media cited the World Health Organization’s Unexpected Document Index report that Gilead’s potential anti-new coronavirus drug ridxivir failed in the first randomized clinical trial.Gilead, a Red West Sawson manufacturer, plunged 4 times during the session.43%.On the same day, Gilead Sciences issued a public statement saying that the World Health Organization prematurely released information about China’s first clinical study, which is that researchers can permit the release of the results, and the information has been deleted.Gilead believes that the article published by the World Health Organization contains an inappropriate description of the study, “Because of the low enrollment rate, the study was terminated early, so its data is not sufficient to support statistically significant performance.””[Gilead: China ‘s critical clinical research data is not enough to support statistically significant statistics], on the afternoon of April 24, Gilead Science issued a Chinese version statement on the official WeChat platform, which was prematurely published on the World Health Organization website.Information from the first clinical study in China, which evaluated the use of the antiviral drug Ridesivir in severely ill patients with the new coronavirus pneumonia.Gilead proposed that the above study was terminated early due to the low enrollment rate, “its data are not sufficient to support a statistically meaningful response.”For its part, the results of this study are non-diabetic, although the trend of the data suggests potential benefits of redoxivir, especially among patients who are treated early.We learned that the existing data has been submitted for peer-reviewed release, and we will see more detailed information on this research later.”At the same time, Gilead Science once again announced the expected release time of the redoxivir research data, saying that it is expected to release the results of an open-label study on redoxivir for severe patients with new coronavirus pneumonia at the end of this month.Gilead said that this is a randomized clinical trial and all patients have been enrolled. The study will compare the treatment results and safety of 5 days or 10 days after the use of reducivir. “We expect to obtain the alignment at the end of May.Data from an open-label study of patients with psychiatric disorders, this study will compare the results of patients receiving Radecivir for 5 days, 10 days, and receiving standard treatment.Gilead expects to also receive data from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of ridacive in patients of varying severity at the end of May.On April 10, the Air Force announced the results of its first clinical trial. The sample evaluated data from 53 patients from the United States, Europe, Canada, and Japan that indicated a median of 18 days after the first use of ridxivirApproximately in advance, 68% of patients receiving Radecivir improved oxygen support levels.The overall mortality rate for this mortality rate is 13%, and the mortality rate for the subgroup of patients with invasive ventilation is 18%, which is higher than the mortality rate of 5% for patients with noninvasive ventilation support.According to media reports, a draft document issued by the World Health Organization “accidentally” showed that in a clinical trial in China, 237 patients participated in the trial. The results of the trial showed that the use of the drug was not related to the patient’s condition improving or worsening.The mortality rate of patients using the drug was 13.9%, compared with 12 deaths in patients receiving standard treatment.8%.The earliest is that in early February, China launched some preliminary studies on severe and moderately ill patients.Since then, the five additional Randavivir trials have been launched around the world.However, in addition to the above-mentioned draft documents issued by the World Health Organization “accidentally”, the clinical trials conducted by Reducive in China have not published results.On February 25 of the Air Force, the State Intellectual Property Office publicly stated that the results of the clinical trials of ridxivir will be announced on April 27.[Reed Westwell-related stocks plummeted to the bottom of Botten shares]On April 24th, a long-term listed company that had issued news related to Reed Westweg Lied fell sharply.Among them, Bo Teng shares fell in early trading, Yongtai Technology’s largest decline was more than 9%, and Borui Pharmaceutical’s largest decline was more than 5%.Looking back at the beginning of February, through Gilead’s announcement of the clinical research development of Ridesivir in the world, some domestic Gilead partners have also made statements related to Gilead or Ridesivir.Daily limit.From the opening of the market on February 3 to February 10, the listed company Bo Teng shares had a daily limit of 6 consecutive trading days, which has been closed from 15 on January 23.76 yuan / share rose to 27 on February 10 closing.93 yuan / share.At that time, Bo Teng shares issued an announcement on the evening of February 4th that Gilead was the company ‘s core customer. The company began to provide customized R & D and production services for Gilead Scientific ‘s antiviral drug Ridesivir in 2015, and more than 2016The senior middleman who delivered the clinical requirements at the second time, “ultimately, according to the company’s business information, the above matters will not have a significant impact on the company’s 2020 performance.”On February 11, Borui Pharmaceuticals announced that it has successfully developed the synthesizing process technology and formulation technology of rudexivir API, and has already mass-produced rusixivir API.After the news was released, Borui Pharmaceutical’s stocks grew rapidly, reaching a 20% surge on February 12, and 19 on February 13 and 14, respectively.99%, 10.17%.The decision of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on March 1 showed that the “mass production” mentioned in the announcement of Borui Pharmaceuticals is actually a substitute for pilot production of small and medium-sized test and pilot test for drug research and development. On March 2, Borui Pharmaceuticals is expected to fall, falling -14.67%.Opening on April 24, Borui Pharmaceuticals declined and the largest intraday drop was more than 5%.Yongtai Technology also suffered from Ridewell’s surge. The data shows that Yongtai Technology set five consecutive daily limits from February 3 to 6, and the total market value soared by nearly 50 billion.At that time, Yongtai Technology stated on the investor question and answer platform that the company’s downstream customers include companies such as Gilead and Bayer.Recently, the company recognizes that Gilead’s research drug Ridesivir can be used to treat new coronavirus pneumonia. The company is actively approaching Gilead’s downstream customers and other downstream customers to seek possible cooperation opportunities.In addition, Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical, a listed company that provides pharmaceutical intermediate services to Gilead Sciences, saw its stocks rise sharply from February 3rd to 6th, during which there were three consecutive daily limits.In fact, at that time, Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical also reminded investors many times that it did not conduct substantial cooperation with Gilead on the new coronavirus pneumonia drug Ridesivir.On April 24, Yongtai Technology opened lower in early trading, with the largest intraday drop of more than 9.At 8%, the decline was expected to stop several times; Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical opened lower in early trading, reaching a maximum decline of more than 3%.Sauna, editor Yun Caizhou proofread Wang Xin

Hiddink expert defense should echo communication: do not like passive players

Hiddink expert defense should echo communication: do not like passive players
Hiddink expressed satisfaction with the physical condition of the players.Although the figure / sports defeated North Korea in the first game of the Yellowstone Championship tonight, the Olympic coach Hiddink expressed satisfaction with the team’s physical condition.Lin Liangming’s absolute level in the 95th minute also proved this.The rhythm of the game between the two sides tonight was very fierce. The first half of the Olympic defensive organization was very good. There was only one mistake. There were many opportunities on the offensive end, but the player’s ability to grasp the opportunity needs to be improved.”We haven’t come to the best.”Hiddink admitted that it is possible to confront opponents like North Korea,” kicking such opponents is better than fighting against weaker opponents.Hiddink said that the training effect of the team ‘s previous effectiveness was very good, but he also expressed his dissatisfaction tactfully: “I told the players to defend as a whole, and they need to communicate and communicate with each other, but the Chinese players are notI am used to echoing each other. This is also my focus. I hope the players can be more active, take responsibility, and make decisions. I do n’t like passive players too much.”In addition to the results of the game, the players’ physical fitness is still satisfying Hiddink.Hiddink’s best long-term physical fitness, whether he has coached the Korean team or the Australian team, has tasted the sweetness of “devil training”.Since taking over the Olympic Games, Hiddink has always recognized physical training.The Air Force ‘s Xianghe training, the Olympic training amount is more than 4 hours a day.”In the past, players could only play 60 minutes of high-paced games. Now they can reach 90 minutes.”Hiddink said after the game.Starting in September this year, Hiddink and the assistants watched a lot of games and made further staff inspections. Xianghe recruited many newcomers before the training.Hiddink revealed that before the training in November, the coaching staff expected to streamline the current progress. After the training in November, 23-25 players will stand out and form the framework for the U23 Asian Championship in January next year.

58 same city: live recruitment special session to help resume job search

58 same city: live recruitment special session to help resume job search
With the improvement of the domestic epidemic prevention and control policy, the demand for corporate recruitment and job search has been released, and online recruitment has become more and more widely used.Recently, 58 City launched the theme of “Real-Time Jobs of Famous Enterprises Waiting for You” 2020 real-time recruitment special event, creating zero contact for enterprises and job seekers, efficient recruitment and job hunting experience, ensuring stable employment during the epidemic prevention and controlOrderly advance.  The surplus demand for life service personnel was finally fulfilled. Data from 58 city-based recruitment research institutes showed that the demand for job search in the 10th week after the holiday recovered to 97, which was the peak of the year after the holiday.96%, the demand for new frontline recruitment has recovered to the same period last year.56%, the demand for recruitment of information transmission, software and information technology service industries has recovered faster. The demand for sorters and couriers has exceeded that of last year. The recruitment demand for enterprises with 500-999 employees has exceeded that of the same period last year. Enterprises in the 10th week after the holidayThe average monthly salary is 6,956 yuan.  In addition, personal job search demand increased significantly in the second week after the holiday, reaching 21.93%, and further expanded to more than 40% in the third week and the fourth week, and then the chain growth rate gradually changed. The current job search demand has returned to 97 after the peak level last year.96%.  From the perspective of enterprise size, data from 58 City Recruitment Research Institute shows that the recruitment level of 500-999-person enterprises has a relatively high recovery level, reaching 101 in the 8th week after the holiday.25%, more than the same period last year.In addition, companies with more than 1,000 employees and 1-49 employees all reached recruitment peaks in the 7th week after the holiday, respectively, returning to the peak level of last year’s post-holiday 60.06%, 76.51%.  58 In the same city, the real-time recruitment special event in 2020 involves multiple industries such as retail, logistics, and sales. It provides job seekers with high-quality positions such as shop assistants, services, couriers, and delivery staff.Many well-known companies are ranked next to 58 live broadcast rooms in the same city. Through real-time interactive live broadcast connection, they can introduce job seekers to the company, job information, work location, welfare replacement, etc., and display the company’s internal environment in real time, so that job seekers can be comprehensive.Understand the recruitment information in three dimensions.  Users log in to the 58 same city APP, click on the full-time recruitment page, you can see the live recruitment special event.In this live broadcast recruitment session, 58 users in the same city can make advance reservations, target companies, positions, and watch live broadcast content on time to learn about rich job information.At the same time, 58 users in the same city can also share the link for live broadcast appointments with relatives and friends, so that more people can watch live broadcast recruitment.  Intelligent technology assists live broadcast recruitment. This is the case. In the special live broadcast recruitment in 58 cities, the enterprise HR, the avatar anchor, will interact with the job seeker on the screen, and respond online to the questions raised by the job seeker.During the live broadcast, users who have application requirements for jobs, even communicated with the company one-on-one through 58 WeChat in the same city, to further understand the position of the job, and obtain a convenient and efficient job search experience.  For job seekers, real-time recruitment, as a new form of online recruitment, can fully show the work and living environment of the company, and the online real-time communication between the recruiting company and the job seeker allows the job seeker to understand the company comprehensively, intuitively, and conveniently to improveJob search efficiency.Indexed with traditional recruitment methods, 58 same-city live recruitment is more interactive and real-time, and job seekers can immediately feel the future company’s workplace style and various alternative information in the live broadcast, so as to make more reasonable job search choices.  For recruiters, real-time recruitment can guide talent more accurately and efficiently.In February this year, 58 cities officially launched a live broadcast recruitment tool. In the spring 2020 online recruitment fair, the average live broadcast focused on users3.50,000 people.In order to empower live broadcast recruitment in all aspects, 58 cities have fully utilized their resource advantages, set up exclusive advertising spaces for enterprises, and supported recruitment enterprises to attract talents.  Before each live broadcast recruitment, 58 cities will send live broadcast subscription messages to target target job seekers in advance.Before the broadcast began, 58 Tongcheng also reminded job seekers with news to accurately recall the job seekers’ attention.Relying on strong server resource support, real-time recruitment can achieve no delay, no stuttering, and strong stability, so that the recruiter can introduce the job clearly and show the corporate image.  58 In the same city, relying on the platform’s large geographical space, the presence of many famous enterprises and the diversity of job types, etc., it uses intelligent technology to create live recruitment services, improve the efficiency of job search in the human resources market, and help companies resume work and recruit workers.In the future, 58 City will continue to optimize and perfect online recruitment services, integrate cloud preaching, online recruitment and other one-stop services to provide job seekers and recruiters with better and more convenient services, and further improve the success rate and efficiency of online recruitment.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Chang Sun Yong proofreading Jia Ning

NBA official announcement, All-Star MVP trophy named Kobe Bryant Cup

NBA official announcement, All-Star MVP trophy named Kobe Bryant Cup
On February 16, the NBA officially announced that starting from the 2020 All-Star, the trophy of the All-Star MVP will be named after Kobe Bryant.On the morning of February 17, the 2020 All-Star Game will also produce the first player to win the Kobe Bryant Cup.Kobe Bryant played 20 seasons in the NBA, of which 18 seasons were selected to the All-Star, and all starters, ranked second in NBA history, second only to Jabal, 19 times, Kobe Bryant in 2002, 2007, 2009Every year, he won the All-Star MVP in 2011 and is the player with the most goals in NBA history.Therefore, whether it is considering Kobe’s achievements in the All-Star game, or to commemorate this deceased legendary star, the trophy named after him is indeed deserved.It is a precedent in NBA history to name a trophy after a player.There is no doubt that the championship trophy is called the O’Brien Cup. It is to commemorate former NBA Chairman Larry O’Brien.The final MVP trophy is also known as the Russell Cup, also to commemorate the legendary NBA star Bill Russell, only to change its name in 2009.Tomorrow’s All-Star is on the field. There will be a special memorial ceremony in ancient times to pay tribute to Kobe Bryant who has participated in 18 All-Stars and 4 All-Star MVP.James team wears No. 24 jersey and No. 2 jersey respectively. At that time, who will hold the first Kobe Bryant Cup is also worthy of attention.

More than 3.2 million yuan March 8 gifts from Chenguang Biology will be given to Wuhan medical staff

More than 3.2 million yuan “March 8” gifts from Chenguang Biology will be given to Wuhan medical staff
On the afternoon of March 6, Chenguang Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Chenguang Biology”) survived the Hubei material transportation to Wuhan, and more than 320 million lycopene soft capsules were donated to the Wuhan University People’s Hospital and Wuhan Jianghan University Hospital.medical personnel.This is Chenguang Bio’s second batch of lycopene supplies for the emergency budget.The 19,000 bottles of lycopene soft capsules to be donated will be donated to Wuhan University People’s Hospital and Wuhan Jianghan University Hospital.”These batch of lycopene soft capsules were produced in an urgent manner. I hope to forget to give the frontline medical workers in Wuhan epidemic area as soon as possible and do their best to protect their health.”Lu Qingguo, Chairman of Chenguang Biology, said that this is also a blessing for female medical staff on” March 8 “Women’s Day.Chenguang Bio is an internationally important supplier of natural plant extracts.Up to now, the cumulative donation of anti-epidemic materials has exceeded 4.2 million yuan.Sauna, Ye Wang, Ouyang Xiaojuan, Liu Huan, picture source, corporate image editor Zhu Fenglan

Peak Showdown allows the audience to see more possibilities of performance

“Peak Showdown” allows the audience to see more possibilities of performance
Li Bingbing, Meng Meiqi apprentice and Hui Yinghong, Fei Qiming apprentice.The audience’s impression of Li Yuchun is still that she is a singer. In “The Peak Showdown”, Li Yuchun showed the infinite possibilities in acting.  Last Saturday, Zhejiang Satellite TV’s “I am the Actor’s Peak Showdown” staged the pinnacle finals. Eventually Li Bingbing became the championship of this season’s show through the corner of Mei Xiangnan, a domestic violence in the “Don’t Talk to Strangers” clip.From “Birth of Actors” to “I Am Actors”, the show focuses on discovering outstanding actors, succeeds in rectifying good acting skills, and at the same time opens the actor’s “value return”; this season the competition is upgraded to “peak showdown”, invitationNearly 20 nationally recognized “play bones” and striking cross-border actors in the circle presented the audience with evenly matched and brilliant appreciative works.From a communication point of view, this year’s “Peak Showdown” has reached a new high in terms of both ratings and word of mouth: the average ratings for this season’s programs are 1.188%, CSM59 city group first in the same period.96 microblogs were gradually searched, and 177 were searched on the entire network, detonating the top of the variety show popularity in the fourth quarter, with 21 main topic readings.600 million, the total reading of derivative topics is 128.7 billion.In addition, this season’s programs “Stepfather”, “Chinese Girl” and other excerpts have also won praise from the media for many times, which has aroused continuous attention on the social topics of women’s volleyball, Alzheimer’s disease, and autism.  The director of the show, Wu Tong, said in an exclusive interview with Sauna Nightnet that “Fairy Fight” will allow the audience to see more possibilities of actors, while also enhancing the public’s aesthetic ability in performing arts.High, performance is also very professional, and has its own performance laws and methods.The audience appreciates more, and they will better understand what kind of real good performance is.”A mature actor jumping out of the comfort zone can be called a demonstration. Before this, the audience may have a hard time imagining the many old drama bones that have won the Golden Rooster Award, Hundred Flowers Award, Huabiao Award, and Feitian Award. They can compete with the public on the same stage and compete in acting.Review and eliminate.And this was successfully achieved in “Peak Showdown”.For example, in this season’s show, Li Bingbing challenged the ragged bereavement mother in “The Loft”; “The Wife of Revenge” burning the betrayed anger under the gentle and kind appearance in “Double Food”, # 李冰冰 眼神 #, #Keywords such as Li Bingbing crying drama # have been searched for many times, and its “facelifting” acting skills also allowed the audience to redefine the actor Li Bingbing.  Hui Yinghong reproduced the style of “Queen of Martial Arts” on the show, starred in the “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” clip and edited a “fist dance” combining martial arts and monologue; and “Elder”, a clip of the movie “Dating in Love” with Ni Ping.In addition, Zhang Guoli’s “1942” and “Stepfather”, Liu Xiaoqing’s “Wu Zetian” and “Draping Curtain”, and Qin Hao’s “Father and Son” and “No Thieves in the World” have also become classic “acting skills textbooks.”  Talking about why to do the “peak matchup”, Wu Tong admitted that in 2019, there are many performance variety shows for young actors in China; and as a leader of this type, they want to innovate and do a performance demonstration program.Let the audience see how the actors who have already achieved fame, face the script on the stage, face the competition, and face the performance.At the same time, the mutual discussion between the “peaks” also gives the actors the opportunity to break through the comfort zone and show the public more possibilities for their performance.”Sister Bingbing rarely plays bad guys, for example, and challenged” Double Food “on the show; and” Tuya’s Marriage “is her first time playing a Mongolian woman. These are the types of characters that everyone has not seen before.The audience can see the new look of these actors.”Li Yuchun’s cross-border performance is full of highlights. In addition to the success of the famous drama, there are also many cross-border actors with amazing acting skills in” Peak Showdown “. For example, Li Yuchun successfully wrote her actor’s identity.In the first issue of Li Yuchun, who spoke a Sichuanese in “The Unknown”, Ma Jiaqi, who was in a wheelchair because of high paraplegia, was desperate to die. The sincere and aura performance made Li Yuchun the biggest “black horse”.The original star of the role, Ren Suxi, on Weibo, praised “very good” and “Mo Qian modestly” without hesitation.After that, Li Yuchun challenged Gong Li’s Qiu Ju in “Quotations” (formerly “Qiu Ju’s Lawsuit”), and included a completely different subversive performance from the original version to surprise everyone again; “Get out!”Although the corner of Bearton in Tumor King left Li Yuchun deeply desperate for a while, eventually she will still have cancer and laugh at her optimistic attitude towards life, as well as her family’s reluctance and guilt, through the delicate performances.  ”I can vaguely feel that she is very interested in acting.Wu Tong revealed.The first time he met Li Yuchun, she greeted him actively in the background, saying that he only saw him after seeing the final curtain call of “I Am an Actor” Finals, “General audiences change channels after watching the championship, but Chunchun has beenOnly after paying attention to this program and having a sense of ritual will I notice this.”In Wu Tong’s view, Li Yuchun is a very simple actor, never picking roles or grabbing plays, and is very desperate during rehearsals.For example, “Get out of here!””Oncology Jun” has been revised many times because of the script, Li Yuchun could choose other clips, but she said “regardless of whether it is good or bad, I will be scolded to perform on stage, and can not allow the program team to open the skylight.In addition to Li Yuchun, the program team also invited singer Yang Kun to challenge Liu Ye who played by Feng Xiaogang in “Old Cannon”.Although this is Yang Kun’s first actor’s show, even Li Chengru, who was so sharp, praised “it’s really like Feng Xiaogang”.  ”Performance is universal, and many actors with good acting skills are not necessarily from the class.And the actors we invited should also be in full bloom, which can surprise everyone and let the audience see the different aspects of these cross-border artists.Wu Tong explained.  ”Chinese Girl”, “Stepfather” and other social topics focus on this year’s “Peak Showdown” in-depth script adaptation, invited many senior film and television screenwriters, strictly control the logic of the drama, but also pay more attention to the current social topics in the choice.  For example, Li Yuchun and Liang Jing once co-starred in the classic segment of “Chinese Girl”. Li Yuchun challenged the role of female volleyball players and recalled the touching moments of the women’s volleyball championship.The moment when Li Yuchun and Liang Jing sang the national anthem cry, they touched the audience.  Zhang Guoli and Ma Sichun’s “Stepfather” focuses on Alzheimer’s disease, adapted from the film “Going Home for New Year”, which tells that Lan Lan accidentally killed his stepfather’s daughter Honghong and was sentenced to prison.However, the family found out that things were wrong, and the stepfather could not remember who he was.”Stepfather” lays out the neglect of Alzheimer’s patients in society and the lack of care for the empty nest elderly through the plot.  A congressional person once commented that “Peak Showdown” is the highest-profile fighting show in the current performing arts circle, and it is also a stage where art and realism look at each other.It is reported that the next season of “I am an actor” may return to the past mentor + actor mode. “I really look for the most performers in China. I think this is still the core of” I am an actor “and our future development direction.”Writing / Sauna, Night Net Zhanghe

Stars test water word of mouth flat, actors out of the circle stage cold | Top Ten Events

Stars “test water” word of mouth flat, actors “out of the circle” stage cold | Top Ten Events
There are not many dazzling Chinese dramas in 2019, but the topic is very strong.From the stars who have been testing water stage dramas throughout the year, but there is little word of mouth, to Meng Jinghui’s “Tea House”, Zhang Huoding’s “Farewell My Concubine” are contradictory, and then to the “fake singing” event of Han Xue’s musical.Criticizing Zhang Yunlei . We look forward to 2020, the stage drama can have more works worth discussing, and less things that break through the bottom line.Sort by occurrence time 1.Stars have tried water stage dramas, and the general word of praise is that 2019 should be regarded as the most “starlight” year in China’s drama stage in recent years.On the performance stage in Beijing, from the beginning of the year “Wang’s bed” by Wang Xueqi, “Verification” by Zhao Wei, “Journey to the West” by Chen Yanxi, “Old-fashioned comedy” by Li Youbin, Ni Dahong, “Requiem” by Sun Li, Hu Ke, Sha Yi’s “Road of Revolution”, Ge You, Wan Qian’s “Silence”, and then “Niu Tianci” at the end of the year, “Frankenstein”, Bai Baihe’s “When Love Has Gone” in the musical, Han Xue”Bai Ye Xing” and so on, not to mention the quality of the works, only in the number of repertoire, it can be called the most in recent years.Star acting in stage plays is a new trend that has frequently appeared in the past two years. However, apart from the topic and traffic that they have brought to the drama for a while, few works have used word of mouth to “break the circle”. “The spring of good actors has really come.”At least I haven’t seen it on the stage of the drama.2.Zheng Yunlong’s “Murder Song” high-ticket storm On the afternoon of February 25, 2019, released the pre-sale information of the Chinese version of the Broadway musical “Murder Song” starring Zheng Yunlong and other eight players in Beijing in March.From the lowest 380 yuan to the highest price of 880 yuan.The Shanghai fare ranked a month ago, the highest fare at that time was only 260 yuan.As a small-cost production, “The Murder Ballad” soared in the price of the month, which made the audience dissatisfied. It pointed out that the price increase was due to the popularity of Zheng Yunlong, who was popular because of the variety show “Sound into the Heart”.”Formally increase the fare.”Although many fans stated before boycotting that they would boycott the organizer’s inability to buy tickets, all events were quickly sold out.A variety show has attracted many musical actors, but the industry needs to have enough high-quality Chinese original musicals to support their popularity. It is not a long-term plan to rely on personal “out-of-circle” popularity to drive the market.3.May 1st holiday adjustment resulted in multiple performance refunds. On March 22, 2019, the Labor Day holiday arrangement announced in the “Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Adjusting the 2019 Labor Day Holiday Arrangement” was adjusted to May 1st to 4th, a total of 4 days.People were pleasantly surprised at the sudden four-day holiday, but at the same time it was originally scheduled for the May 1st synchronized music festival. The performance of the drama and other performance items was affected and the ticket was temporarily refunded.Sudden regulations flashed too many “waist” of the organizers, but this event also reminded the organizers of the performances before and after the holidays, plan the performance time, there should be necessary to cope with the plan in advance, in case of unexpected regulations.The performance rhythm is messed up.4.The preliminary discussion triggered by Han Xue’s “false singing event” “Bai Ye Xing” In the second performance of Ningbo Station in April 2019, the female lead Han Xue suffered a sudden vocal cord inflammation the night before, and the organizer concealed the audience until the eveningAfter playing the “Guide to Performance”, I realized that the part of the performance of Han Xue’s personal singing was recorded, which became a strong dissatisfaction among the audience. The performer shouted that the fake singing was helpless, and the audience did not buy it and thought that it had no professional ethics.Throughout the world musical performances, there will be AB group players taking turns on stage due to strength requirements, but “Bai Ye Xing” has not arranged the B corner of the character, so that Han Xue can’t support it after 7 performances.There is no response plan and no explanation to the audience in a timely manner. The organizer lacks professionalism and is not uneasy about the live recording. Han Xue broke through the bottom line of the musical to be really sung. The various events that should happen should cause reflection and be a warning.5. Zhang Huoding changed to Mei faction “Farewell My Concubine” framed in May 2019, the classic May drama “Farewell My Concubine” starring Zhang Huoding, a famous Peking opera master, made its debut at the Chang’an Theater, which caused contradictions.Using Cheng-style art to interpret the Mei-style classics, Zhang Huuding’s move, in addition to his support, also attracted doubt and opposition from many fans. In the dispute, the “Zhang Huoding phenomenon” continued to ferment and became a cultural hot spot at the time.Beijing Opera is inherited to this day, it must be admitted that Zhang Huoding’s “Farewell My Concubine” is exploratory, not only observing the past of the opera, but also beginning to explore the future of the opera. To develop Peking Opera, we must move towards the direction of a comprehensive theater.The heyday created by masters such as Shangcheng Xun and other masters has already become a monument. Keeping the traditional “Miaohong” without carrying forward, the classics will eventually lose their vitality.6.The events of the Deyun Society performed repeatedly. On July 27, 2019, the actors of the Deyun Society, Qin Xiaoxian and Sun Jiuxiang, performed in the evening performance of the Guangdelou Theater in Beijing. They did not start the performance immediately after the show, but renewed the letters and gifts from the fans.After the process lasted for nearly two minutes, an audience on the stage urged the performance to start as soon as possible. Sun Jiuxiang on the stage returned: “If you can’t hear you, you can go out.””The live video was criticized after it was posted online.After this, the network has exposed the cross talk actor Zhang Yunlei, Yang Jiulang once teased the Peking Opera performing artists Mei Baojiu, Li Shiji, Zhang Huoding. This is the second time they have fallen below the moral bottom line after taking the earthquake disasterTo the extent that the Chinese Music Association issued a document to approve Zhang Yunlei, the Peking Opera Chengpai Art Research Association and the Zhang Junqiu Peking Opera Art Research Association repeatedly issued a request for Zhang Yunlei to apologize. Eventually, the incident ended with Zhang Yunlei’s apology.”Learn art first, learn morals first, and play first,” Deyun’s similar situation occurs frequently. It not only exposes the inaccurate learning of art, but also exposes the problems of morality.It became popular through social media, then reveled in the pursuit of small circles, and finally lost the most basic bottom line of actors.7.”Su Daqiang’s fever” did not continue to the stage of the drama. Ni Dahong in the 2019 TV series “All Are Good” after shaping the “Su Daqiang” corner, as if to break down the ranks of “top traffic” overnight, relying on acting to gain fans of all ages.As an actor from a stage play, in 2019, Ni Dahong starred in two dramas “Silver Bridge” and “Requiem” Chinese version, of which the Chinese version of “Requiem” is the first repertoire, Ni Dahong’s joining appointment was at the timeThe area reached the “time of day”, but after the premiere of the show in July, due to the mediocre reputation, the box office situation in various regions could not meet the hot scene that everyone expected. On the stage, there was no “Su Daqiang”.The stage drama works want the market to be hot, after all, they still need to rely on the quality of the works.8.Meng Jinghui’s “Teahouse” Beijing Premiere Appraisal Two Crosses In 2019, Meng Jinghui’s “Teahouse” ended in November after performing at the IN unit of the Avignon Theatre Festival in France and the 29th “Baltic House International Theatre Arts Festival” in St. Petersburg, in NovemberReturning to its birthplace for the first time in Beijing, the audience’s evaluation of the work has been polarized both from the site and the Internet. The discussion of Meng Jinghui’s “Tea House” has become a phenomenal cultural event at the end of 2019.A drama work can cause such a large topic in the society, which indirectly proves that the literary work of “Tea House” makes people re-aware of the value of self-knowledge now, and the creator also learned from this controversy.”A classic work how to adapt the modern theater” reference experience.9.For the first time, Beijing Renyi recruited actors from social sea elections as a major change in the cultivation of Beijing talents. The “Performance Teaching Training Class” founded by Renyi was announced on December 16, 2019.After social recruitment and selection, fifteen scholars stood out from 1043 applicants. They will conduct a one-year study and practice in Beijing Arts and Crafts, and those with excellent results will officially enter Beijing Arts and Crafts.The introduction of “Performance Scholar Training Course” not only inherited the original “tradition-led class” and “co-organized class” spiritual tradition, but also broke through the transformation of the talent training model, starting from zero selection and selection from professional performing talent selection.In 2021, Beijing Renyi will achieve the volume of five theaters operating simultaneously, which puts forward new requirements for the talent reserve of Renyi.For Beijing’s human arts to develop, the talented people with disabilities are the best guarantee. This is perhaps the most important significance of publishing scholars’ training classes for innovative attempts.10.The “Great Night Show” frequently appears from 11 pm to early morning. Standing at the door of the theater, watching the taxi software shows that there are hundreds of people waiting in line to catch a taxi. This picture is staged many times in 2019. It takes a long time to open late.”” Appears frequently, such as the 8-hour Russian drama “Silent Don River”, the first performance starts at 18:00, and it is about 2:30 in the morning after the break; at the Beijing Youth Theatre Festival, a LithuanianAAT’s work “Under the Ice, Under the Ice” is selected to open at 23:00.The three-and-a-half-hour period has now become the “minimum consumption” of the title of high-quality stage works, but the specially set opening time is different from the mixed long and tasteless deliberately extended performance time. The ability to test a creator is stillIn the shortest time can show their creative ideas and value.According to the survey, the three and a half hours of work is actually close to the viewing limit of an audience. If it is longer, the content of the work is the key to calming the audience, but like “Evgeny Onegin”After all, the play is a minority.Sauna, Ye Wang Edited by Tian Zhenni Proofreading Fan Jinchun