AI Japanese dogs are not goodKe Jie was relieved after being eliminated by Chinese chess players in the top 32

AI Japanese dogs are not good!Ke Jie was relieved after being eliminated by Chinese chess players in the top 32
The Sanban chess in Wuzhen, Zhejiang, turned the Go artificial program AlphaGo into a big stone that pressed Ke Jie and other players.  DeepZenGo on the 21st in the 32nd round of the third Dream Lily Cup World Go Open, Chinese player Wang Haoyang defeated the Japanese Go program DeepZenGo in six stages, let Ke Jie exclaim that you are the hope of humanity!However, after the game, the inventor of DeepZenGo, Kato Hideki, admitted that a breakthrough in the program led to a wrong judgment.  It seems that although AlphaGo and DeepZenGo both bring Go, there are still differences.  Great breakthrough in human forced program In Wuzhen’s Sanban game, Ke Jie never wanted to force AlphaGo’s bug (attack) to win, but unfortunately did not like it.Now this wish has been fulfilled by Wang Haoyang in the Dream Lily Cup.  This game of DeepZenGo is black, and the pre-order stage is normal. It jumped all the way to Hei 57. It is the cause of the defeat in this game.After the game, Kato Eki said that DeepZenGo thought that after jumping, he ate the white chess, and he didn’t judge that he was dead on the left until more than 20 hands.  Afterwards, DeepZenGo made a mistake to see a string of chess that humans cannot understand.Afterwards, Hideki Kato, who replaced DeepZenGo, shook his head again and again, his expression sad.  By 207, the situation of Xiaoqi’s small victory has been fixed.From 252 hands, Hideki Kato said a pass to the referee, and the referee started counting.Counting results, black chess 184, Wang Haoyang white chess 1/4.  When counting, Ke Jie, who was watching the battle, smiled at Wang Haoyang: You are human hope!  AI defeated, some people are happy to beat AI, and the happiest thing is naturally Wang Haoyang. He said: In the past, he had lost two games with Yicheng Online.Kato Eki said that DeepZenGo’s performance did not meet his expectations.  Because fast chess was played online before, this game is slow chess, slow chess is always a bit good for humans.Wang Haoyang said that he did not do much preparation before the game, but played badminton.Also, Cui Zhehan told me not to kill it because of its great power.  Kato Eki believes that the problem lies in the technical aspects of the program itself. He said that DeepZenGo had a misjudgment and had always believed that it was black and white, so the winning rate judged that it had reached 60%, and then it found that the left chess was dead by itself.Now.The unclear judgment of life and death is obviously a major breakthrough in the procedure.  This is not the first time DeepZenGo has crashed in a game.  In the first round of the world’s strongest chess player game in March 2017, Chinese player Zhi Yuting’s DeepZenGo man-machine match, in the final stage, DeepZenGo could not clearly determine the winners and losers, and suddenly began to fall wildly, so that the DeepZenGo team was terminated to admit defeat.In this way, it is still a long way for Japanese programs to catch up with AlphaGo.