The National Development and Reform Commission will replace the first medical consultation on the Internet with medical insurance. Will the Internet medical treatment be rectified?

The National Development and Reform Commission will replace the first medical consultation on the Internet with medical insurance. Will the Internet medical treatment be “rectified”?
Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the notice titled “Implementation Plan for Promoting the” Empowering the Cloud to Develop Intelligence “to Cultivate the Development of a New Economy”, which will promote the Internet medical medical insurance first diagnosis system and the appointment triage system, and carry out Internet medical insurance settlement, Payment standards, pharmaceutical online sales, graded diagnosis and treatment, remote consultation, multi-point practice, family doctors, online ecosphere consultation and other reform pilots, practical exploration and application promotion.Obviously, this is the first time in a national policy document to open the scope of the first medical consultation on the Internet to replace medical insurance reimbursement.This policy is favorable, and gradually expand the supplementary role of Internet medical care during the epidemic.The research report released by China Merchants Bank on March 5 pointed out that there are currently about 5 online consultations in 2019.600 million times, the online penetration rate is about 6.2%, the penetration rate is relatively low.Affected by the epidemic in 2020, the penetration rate of online medical users in China is expected to reach 7 in 2020.9%, the scale of online medical users is close to 50 million.According to the data in the “Focus Interview” column, during the epidemic period, the Internet diagnosis and treatment of hospitals under the jurisdiction of the National Health and Health Commission increased by 17 times over the same period last year, and the number of consultations and consultations on third-party Internet service platforms also increased by more than 20 times over the same period.Everbright Securities Research believes that under the background of policy promotion and increased demand, the Internet medical industry is expected to usher in multiple catalysis in 2020, and the inflection point of the industry’s accelerated development is coming.JD Health’s relevant personage told Sauna Nightnet that the key point of Internet medical treatment in the above-mentioned NDRC notice is the “first consultation”, which is the first time the country has let go.The Air Force does not open the first online consultation, or because most of it is extra, it needs to go through a series of interventional detection methods.The dermatology and psychopsychiatry are generally considered by the medical field to be a complete online diagnostic mechanism, and are suitable as a pilot department for online open Internet medical first diagnosis.He also said that allowing the first consultation to replace medical insurance, reducing some of the restrictions on Internet medical treatment, can promote the development of Internet medical treatment.Only with the full development of Internet medical treatment can we better realize the rational and optimal allocation of medical resources and promote the progressive realization of diagnosis and treatment.Of course, when the first clinic is released, standards and door information must be set up. This is a substitute for everything.Martin, the president of Penguin Almonds, analyzed from the perspective of contract extension.”The replacement of medical insurance by the first diagnosis of Internet medical treatment is indeed a very convenient measure for the development of the Internet medical industry, and for medical insurance itself, it is also a good way to save costs.”常规的去医院看病,是一个成本很高的看病方式,互联网医疗发挥线上线下优势,可以通过类似国外的‘repeat prescription’模式,减少线下购药过程中产生的时间成本、经济成本、Environmental costs, etc., effectively save medical resources. At the same time, under reasonable monitoring online, one-stop services such as online tracking, online prescribing, home delivery of medicines, and medical insurance settlement are provided to provide more convenient medical services for the people.”Martin said to Sauna Night.For patients, the epidemic’s online medical treatment habits have been developed, benefiting from the liberalization of the first consultation medical insurance policy, Internet medical treatment is expected to become the new normal after the epidemic.According to the assumption of Liao Jieyuan, chairman and chief executive officer of Weiyi, no matter at home or on the road, users can complete identity authentication by using the medical insurance electronic voucher of the mobile phone, and then they can visit the clinic online, prescribe medicine, pay medical insurance settlementIn the future, if the electronic medical record is initially shared, it will become a standard working mode.In addition, Weichai also expressed its expectation for further implementation details.A doctor from a top three hospital told that Internet hospitals have an important role in shunting patients and relieving stress, becoming an indispensable part of the fight against epidemics. After the epidemic, the policy was liberalized and user habits were also developed. Internet medical treatment is expected to becomeThe new normal.In fact, the introduction of this policy is based on continuous water testing.On February 4th and 7th, the National Health and Health Commission issued the “Notice on Strengthening Informationization to Support the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia Outbreaks of New Coronavirus Infections” and “Notice of Doing Internet Diagnosis and Consultation Services in the Prevention and Control of Outbreaks”,It is required to give full play to the role of Internet diagnosis and treatment consulting services in epidemic prevention and control.On March 2, the National Medical Insurance Bureau and the National Health and Health Commission issued “Guiding Opinions on Promoting” Internet + “Medical Insurance Services During the Prevention and Control of New Coronary Pneumonia Outbreaks”.For common diseases and chronic diseases, online follow-up consultation services can be paid in accordance with regulations and some medical insurance funds.With the publication of the National Health and Health Commission, various Internet medical policies have been issued in various places.Under the blessing of policies, the number of new companies has exceeded 11,000 in the first three months of this year alone.Dr. Chun Yu, who was once not optimistic, received Sogou’s investment after a few years; and Weiyi, who had heard of the listing news in the early years, also spread IPO news.Different from the fierce industry, policies and regulations, profitability is still a challenge for Internet medical companies.Ping An Doctor’s 2019 annual report shows that the long-term operating income is 50.6.5 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), compared with 33 in the same period last year.3.8 billion yuan; possibly 7.3.4 billion yuan, expected in the same period last year 9.1.2 billion.Alibaba Health’s 2019 mid-term report showed that the replacement quota was changed from 90 million yuan in the same period last year to 91.5% to 7.6 million yuan, but still in the expected state.The Tencent medical and health team within the Tencent system has also maintained a complementary status.Sauna, Ye Wang Bai Jinlei editor Chen Li proofreading He Yan