Peak Showdown allows the audience to see more possibilities of performance

“Peak Showdown” allows the audience to see more possibilities of performance
Li Bingbing, Meng Meiqi apprentice and Hui Yinghong, Fei Qiming apprentice.The audience’s impression of Li Yuchun is still that she is a singer. In “The Peak Showdown”, Li Yuchun showed the infinite possibilities in acting.  Last Saturday, Zhejiang Satellite TV’s “I am the Actor’s Peak Showdown” staged the pinnacle finals. Eventually Li Bingbing became the championship of this season’s show through the corner of Mei Xiangnan, a domestic violence in the “Don’t Talk to Strangers” clip.From “Birth of Actors” to “I Am Actors”, the show focuses on discovering outstanding actors, succeeds in rectifying good acting skills, and at the same time opens the actor’s “value return”; this season the competition is upgraded to “peak showdown”, invitationNearly 20 nationally recognized “play bones” and striking cross-border actors in the circle presented the audience with evenly matched and brilliant appreciative works.From a communication point of view, this year’s “Peak Showdown” has reached a new high in terms of both ratings and word of mouth: the average ratings for this season’s programs are 1.188%, CSM59 city group first in the same period.96 microblogs were gradually searched, and 177 were searched on the entire network, detonating the top of the variety show popularity in the fourth quarter, with 21 main topic readings.600 million, the total reading of derivative topics is 128.7 billion.In addition, this season’s programs “Stepfather”, “Chinese Girl” and other excerpts have also won praise from the media for many times, which has aroused continuous attention on the social topics of women’s volleyball, Alzheimer’s disease, and autism.  The director of the show, Wu Tong, said in an exclusive interview with Sauna Nightnet that “Fairy Fight” will allow the audience to see more possibilities of actors, while also enhancing the public’s aesthetic ability in performing arts.High, performance is also very professional, and has its own performance laws and methods.The audience appreciates more, and they will better understand what kind of real good performance is.”A mature actor jumping out of the comfort zone can be called a demonstration. Before this, the audience may have a hard time imagining the many old drama bones that have won the Golden Rooster Award, Hundred Flowers Award, Huabiao Award, and Feitian Award. They can compete with the public on the same stage and compete in acting.Review and eliminate.And this was successfully achieved in “Peak Showdown”.For example, in this season’s show, Li Bingbing challenged the ragged bereavement mother in “The Loft”; “The Wife of Revenge” burning the betrayed anger under the gentle and kind appearance in “Double Food”, # 李冰冰 眼神 #, #Keywords such as Li Bingbing crying drama # have been searched for many times, and its “facelifting” acting skills also allowed the audience to redefine the actor Li Bingbing.  Hui Yinghong reproduced the style of “Queen of Martial Arts” on the show, starred in the “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” clip and edited a “fist dance” combining martial arts and monologue; and “Elder”, a clip of the movie “Dating in Love” with Ni Ping.In addition, Zhang Guoli’s “1942” and “Stepfather”, Liu Xiaoqing’s “Wu Zetian” and “Draping Curtain”, and Qin Hao’s “Father and Son” and “No Thieves in the World” have also become classic “acting skills textbooks.”  Talking about why to do the “peak matchup”, Wu Tong admitted that in 2019, there are many performance variety shows for young actors in China; and as a leader of this type, they want to innovate and do a performance demonstration program.Let the audience see how the actors who have already achieved fame, face the script on the stage, face the competition, and face the performance.At the same time, the mutual discussion between the “peaks” also gives the actors the opportunity to break through the comfort zone and show the public more possibilities for their performance.”Sister Bingbing rarely plays bad guys, for example, and challenged” Double Food “on the show; and” Tuya’s Marriage “is her first time playing a Mongolian woman. These are the types of characters that everyone has not seen before.The audience can see the new look of these actors.”Li Yuchun’s cross-border performance is full of highlights. In addition to the success of the famous drama, there are also many cross-border actors with amazing acting skills in” Peak Showdown “. For example, Li Yuchun successfully wrote her actor’s identity.In the first issue of Li Yuchun, who spoke a Sichuanese in “The Unknown”, Ma Jiaqi, who was in a wheelchair because of high paraplegia, was desperate to die. The sincere and aura performance made Li Yuchun the biggest “black horse”.The original star of the role, Ren Suxi, on Weibo, praised “very good” and “Mo Qian modestly” without hesitation.After that, Li Yuchun challenged Gong Li’s Qiu Ju in “Quotations” (formerly “Qiu Ju’s Lawsuit”), and included a completely different subversive performance from the original version to surprise everyone again; “Get out!”Although the corner of Bearton in Tumor King left Li Yuchun deeply desperate for a while, eventually she will still have cancer and laugh at her optimistic attitude towards life, as well as her family’s reluctance and guilt, through the delicate performances.  ”I can vaguely feel that she is very interested in acting.Wu Tong revealed.The first time he met Li Yuchun, she greeted him actively in the background, saying that he only saw him after seeing the final curtain call of “I Am an Actor” Finals, “General audiences change channels after watching the championship, but Chunchun has beenOnly after paying attention to this program and having a sense of ritual will I notice this.”In Wu Tong’s view, Li Yuchun is a very simple actor, never picking roles or grabbing plays, and is very desperate during rehearsals.For example, “Get out of here!””Oncology Jun” has been revised many times because of the script, Li Yuchun could choose other clips, but she said “regardless of whether it is good or bad, I will be scolded to perform on stage, and can not allow the program team to open the skylight.In addition to Li Yuchun, the program team also invited singer Yang Kun to challenge Liu Ye who played by Feng Xiaogang in “Old Cannon”.Although this is Yang Kun’s first actor’s show, even Li Chengru, who was so sharp, praised “it’s really like Feng Xiaogang”.  ”Performance is universal, and many actors with good acting skills are not necessarily from the class.And the actors we invited should also be in full bloom, which can surprise everyone and let the audience see the different aspects of these cross-border artists.Wu Tong explained.  ”Chinese Girl”, “Stepfather” and other social topics focus on this year’s “Peak Showdown” in-depth script adaptation, invited many senior film and television screenwriters, strictly control the logic of the drama, but also pay more attention to the current social topics in the choice.  For example, Li Yuchun and Liang Jing once co-starred in the classic segment of “Chinese Girl”. Li Yuchun challenged the role of female volleyball players and recalled the touching moments of the women’s volleyball championship.The moment when Li Yuchun and Liang Jing sang the national anthem cry, they touched the audience.  Zhang Guoli and Ma Sichun’s “Stepfather” focuses on Alzheimer’s disease, adapted from the film “Going Home for New Year”, which tells that Lan Lan accidentally killed his stepfather’s daughter Honghong and was sentenced to prison.However, the family found out that things were wrong, and the stepfather could not remember who he was.”Stepfather” lays out the neglect of Alzheimer’s patients in society and the lack of care for the empty nest elderly through the plot.  A congressional person once commented that “Peak Showdown” is the highest-profile fighting show in the current performing arts circle, and it is also a stage where art and realism look at each other.It is reported that the next season of “I am an actor” may return to the past mentor + actor mode. “I really look for the most performers in China. I think this is still the core of” I am an actor “and our future development direction.”Writing / Sauna, Night Net Zhanghe