Stars test water word of mouth flat, actors out of the circle stage cold | Top Ten Events

Stars “test water” word of mouth flat, actors “out of the circle” stage cold | Top Ten Events
There are not many dazzling Chinese dramas in 2019, but the topic is very strong.From the stars who have been testing water stage dramas throughout the year, but there is little word of mouth, to Meng Jinghui’s “Tea House”, Zhang Huoding’s “Farewell My Concubine” are contradictory, and then to the “fake singing” event of Han Xue’s musical.Criticizing Zhang Yunlei . We look forward to 2020, the stage drama can have more works worth discussing, and less things that break through the bottom line.Sort by occurrence time 1.Stars have tried water stage dramas, and the general word of praise is that 2019 should be regarded as the most “starlight” year in China’s drama stage in recent years.On the performance stage in Beijing, from the beginning of the year “Wang’s bed” by Wang Xueqi, “Verification” by Zhao Wei, “Journey to the West” by Chen Yanxi, “Old-fashioned comedy” by Li Youbin, Ni Dahong, “Requiem” by Sun Li, Hu Ke, Sha Yi’s “Road of Revolution”, Ge You, Wan Qian’s “Silence”, and then “Niu Tianci” at the end of the year, “Frankenstein”, Bai Baihe’s “When Love Has Gone” in the musical, Han Xue”Bai Ye Xing” and so on, not to mention the quality of the works, only in the number of repertoire, it can be called the most in recent years.Star acting in stage plays is a new trend that has frequently appeared in the past two years. However, apart from the topic and traffic that they have brought to the drama for a while, few works have used word of mouth to “break the circle”. “The spring of good actors has really come.”At least I haven’t seen it on the stage of the drama.2.Zheng Yunlong’s “Murder Song” high-ticket storm On the afternoon of February 25, 2019, released the pre-sale information of the Chinese version of the Broadway musical “Murder Song” starring Zheng Yunlong and other eight players in Beijing in March.From the lowest 380 yuan to the highest price of 880 yuan.The Shanghai fare ranked a month ago, the highest fare at that time was only 260 yuan.As a small-cost production, “The Murder Ballad” soared in the price of the month, which made the audience dissatisfied. It pointed out that the price increase was due to the popularity of Zheng Yunlong, who was popular because of the variety show “Sound into the Heart”.”Formally increase the fare.”Although many fans stated before boycotting that they would boycott the organizer’s inability to buy tickets, all events were quickly sold out.A variety show has attracted many musical actors, but the industry needs to have enough high-quality Chinese original musicals to support their popularity. It is not a long-term plan to rely on personal “out-of-circle” popularity to drive the market.3.May 1st holiday adjustment resulted in multiple performance refunds. On March 22, 2019, the Labor Day holiday arrangement announced in the “Notice of the General Office of the State Council on Adjusting the 2019 Labor Day Holiday Arrangement” was adjusted to May 1st to 4th, a total of 4 days.People were pleasantly surprised at the sudden four-day holiday, but at the same time it was originally scheduled for the May 1st synchronized music festival. The performance of the drama and other performance items was affected and the ticket was temporarily refunded.Sudden regulations flashed too many “waist” of the organizers, but this event also reminded the organizers of the performances before and after the holidays, plan the performance time, there should be necessary to cope with the plan in advance, in case of unexpected regulations.The performance rhythm is messed up.4.The preliminary discussion triggered by Han Xue’s “false singing event” “Bai Ye Xing” In the second performance of Ningbo Station in April 2019, the female lead Han Xue suffered a sudden vocal cord inflammation the night before, and the organizer concealed the audience until the eveningAfter playing the “Guide to Performance”, I realized that the part of the performance of Han Xue’s personal singing was recorded, which became a strong dissatisfaction among the audience. The performer shouted that the fake singing was helpless, and the audience did not buy it and thought that it had no professional ethics.Throughout the world musical performances, there will be AB group players taking turns on stage due to strength requirements, but “Bai Ye Xing” has not arranged the B corner of the character, so that Han Xue can’t support it after 7 performances.There is no response plan and no explanation to the audience in a timely manner. The organizer lacks professionalism and is not uneasy about the live recording. Han Xue broke through the bottom line of the musical to be really sung. The various events that should happen should cause reflection and be a warning.5. Zhang Huoding changed to Mei faction “Farewell My Concubine” framed in May 2019, the classic May drama “Farewell My Concubine” starring Zhang Huoding, a famous Peking opera master, made its debut at the Chang’an Theater, which caused contradictions.Using Cheng-style art to interpret the Mei-style classics, Zhang Huuding’s move, in addition to his support, also attracted doubt and opposition from many fans. In the dispute, the “Zhang Huoding phenomenon” continued to ferment and became a cultural hot spot at the time.Beijing Opera is inherited to this day, it must be admitted that Zhang Huoding’s “Farewell My Concubine” is exploratory, not only observing the past of the opera, but also beginning to explore the future of the opera. To develop Peking Opera, we must move towards the direction of a comprehensive theater.The heyday created by masters such as Shangcheng Xun and other masters has already become a monument. Keeping the traditional “Miaohong” without carrying forward, the classics will eventually lose their vitality.6.The events of the Deyun Society performed repeatedly. On July 27, 2019, the actors of the Deyun Society, Qin Xiaoxian and Sun Jiuxiang, performed in the evening performance of the Guangdelou Theater in Beijing. They did not start the performance immediately after the show, but renewed the letters and gifts from the fans.After the process lasted for nearly two minutes, an audience on the stage urged the performance to start as soon as possible. Sun Jiuxiang on the stage returned: “If you can’t hear you, you can go out.””The live video was criticized after it was posted online.After this, the network has exposed the cross talk actor Zhang Yunlei, Yang Jiulang once teased the Peking Opera performing artists Mei Baojiu, Li Shiji, Zhang Huoding. This is the second time they have fallen below the moral bottom line after taking the earthquake disasterTo the extent that the Chinese Music Association issued a document to approve Zhang Yunlei, the Peking Opera Chengpai Art Research Association and the Zhang Junqiu Peking Opera Art Research Association repeatedly issued a request for Zhang Yunlei to apologize. Eventually, the incident ended with Zhang Yunlei’s apology.”Learn art first, learn morals first, and play first,” Deyun’s similar situation occurs frequently. It not only exposes the inaccurate learning of art, but also exposes the problems of morality.It became popular through social media, then reveled in the pursuit of small circles, and finally lost the most basic bottom line of actors.7.”Su Daqiang’s fever” did not continue to the stage of the drama. Ni Dahong in the 2019 TV series “All Are Good” after shaping the “Su Daqiang” corner, as if to break down the ranks of “top traffic” overnight, relying on acting to gain fans of all ages.As an actor from a stage play, in 2019, Ni Dahong starred in two dramas “Silver Bridge” and “Requiem” Chinese version, of which the Chinese version of “Requiem” is the first repertoire, Ni Dahong’s joining appointment was at the timeThe area reached the “time of day”, but after the premiere of the show in July, due to the mediocre reputation, the box office situation in various regions could not meet the hot scene that everyone expected. On the stage, there was no “Su Daqiang”.The stage drama works want the market to be hot, after all, they still need to rely on the quality of the works.8.Meng Jinghui’s “Teahouse” Beijing Premiere Appraisal Two Crosses In 2019, Meng Jinghui’s “Teahouse” ended in November after performing at the IN unit of the Avignon Theatre Festival in France and the 29th “Baltic House International Theatre Arts Festival” in St. Petersburg, in NovemberReturning to its birthplace for the first time in Beijing, the audience’s evaluation of the work has been polarized both from the site and the Internet. The discussion of Meng Jinghui’s “Tea House” has become a phenomenal cultural event at the end of 2019.A drama work can cause such a large topic in the society, which indirectly proves that the literary work of “Tea House” makes people re-aware of the value of self-knowledge now, and the creator also learned from this controversy.”A classic work how to adapt the modern theater” reference experience.9.For the first time, Beijing Renyi recruited actors from social sea elections as a major change in the cultivation of Beijing talents. The “Performance Teaching Training Class” founded by Renyi was announced on December 16, 2019.After social recruitment and selection, fifteen scholars stood out from 1043 applicants. They will conduct a one-year study and practice in Beijing Arts and Crafts, and those with excellent results will officially enter Beijing Arts and Crafts.The introduction of “Performance Scholar Training Course” not only inherited the original “tradition-led class” and “co-organized class” spiritual tradition, but also broke through the transformation of the talent training model, starting from zero selection and selection from professional performing talent selection.In 2021, Beijing Renyi will achieve the volume of five theaters operating simultaneously, which puts forward new requirements for the talent reserve of Renyi.For Beijing’s human arts to develop, the talented people with disabilities are the best guarantee. This is perhaps the most important significance of publishing scholars’ training classes for innovative attempts.10.The “Great Night Show” frequently appears from 11 pm to early morning. Standing at the door of the theater, watching the taxi software shows that there are hundreds of people waiting in line to catch a taxi. This picture is staged many times in 2019. It takes a long time to open late.”” Appears frequently, such as the 8-hour Russian drama “Silent Don River”, the first performance starts at 18:00, and it is about 2:30 in the morning after the break; at the Beijing Youth Theatre Festival, a LithuanianAAT’s work “Under the Ice, Under the Ice” is selected to open at 23:00.The three-and-a-half-hour period has now become the “minimum consumption” of the title of high-quality stage works, but the specially set opening time is different from the mixed long and tasteless deliberately extended performance time. The ability to test a creator is stillIn the shortest time can show their creative ideas and value.According to the survey, the three and a half hours of work is actually close to the viewing limit of an audience. If it is longer, the content of the work is the key to calming the audience, but like “Evgeny Onegin”After all, the play is a minority.Sauna, Ye Wang Edited by Tian Zhenni Proofreading Fan Jinchun