Fang Shuo reproduced the super giant moment, Jeremy Lin praised his partner to take over the game

Fang Shuo reproduced the “super giant moment”, Jeremy Lin praised his partner to take over the game
Beijing Shougang defeated the Shanghai team 94 to 88 at home tonight. Fang Shuo scored a key goal with more than 1 minute left in the fourth quarter, contributing 19 points and 5 assists.The Shougang team failed to limit their opponents in the first half, and the offensive did not find a rhythm.Fang Shuo made 4 of 6 shots in the first 2 quarters, scoring 11 points and 3 assists, the highest in the team.In the second half, the point difference was still not pulled apart, and Motai hit the buzzer with a three-pointer. The two teams scored 69 draws in the first two quarters.More than 1 minute before the end of the game, Shougang only led by 2 points. Fang Shuo stepped forward with Jeremy Lin not in the field. He first threw a shot in the counterattack, then forced Luo Hanchen to make a layup to help the team lock the victory.Fang Shuo locked the victory for Shougang.Photo / Osports “Fang Shuo is very clever and calm in handling the ball at critical moments. He stands up from the bench and deals with the game calmly.”Head coach Yannis praised Fang Shuo after the game.林书豪也直言:“大家都看到,方硕在第4节最后关头接管了比赛,我一直跟他说‘你是我们球队的X因素’,可以让我们的成绩非常好,我很高兴可以Be his teammate.”The Fang Chao Giant” himself said that Shougang has already shown the temperament of playing the key ball as a whole. Both are themselves, and each player is ready to stand up when the team needs it.”This is not the first time we have such a moment. It was proved last season that we are confident and confident at such a moment.At the beginning of the season, everyone is in the running-in phase to find the feeling of the game, which includes the feeling of this (critical) moment.Winning in this way still greatly improved our confidence.”