[Will you eat glutinous rice at night]_Eat at night_OK

[Will you eat glutinous rice at night]_Eat at night_OK

Many people like to eat various pastries made from glutinous rice, but can you eat glutinous rice at night?

In fact, there is no difference between eating glutinous rice, but some people are not suitable for eating. For example, people with weaker digestive systems are not suitable for glutinous rice. Because glutinous rice is not digestible, and it is better for people with diabetes not to eat glutinous rice.

Specific people can read the following to understand.

First, the taboo crowd of glutinous rice 1.

People who are hot and phlegm hot.

Those who have fever, cough, yellow sputum, jaundice, and bloating should not eat; the patient’s gastrointestinal tract is relatively inhibited during fever, so you should eat foods that are easy to digest, such as liquid food, or it will worsen the disease.


Difficult digestion after illness.

Glutinous rice is sticky. If it is made of pastry, it is more difficult to digest. Those with weak digestion after illness don’t eat glutinous rice cake. At this time, although the appetite of the patient has improved, the digestive function is still weak.


People with diabetes.

Because diabetics have abnormal metabolism of sugar, they should not eat polysaccharide foods, and rice in the body is insulin into glucose, especially glutinous rice foods, which have higher sugar content, so they should not be eaten.


Patients with gastrointestinal diseases.

Glutinous rice has a temperature stagnation gas, which contains both plant fibers and is long. If you eat more, it will increase the perfusion burden.

If people suffering from gastric disease and duodenal ulcer disease eat glutinous rice, it is likely to cause perforation and bleeding of the ulcer, which will make the disease worse.


Elderly and children.

Sticky rice is very sticky. If the elderly and children eat too much, it can easily cause indigestion and the symptoms of excessive stomach acid, bloating, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Second, the nutrition and efficacy of glutinous rice. Modern scientific research shows that glutinous rice contains protein, trace amounts, sugars, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B and starch, etc., and is a strong supplement for warming.

The main function of glutinous rice is to warm the spleen and stomach, so it has a good tonic effect on those with weak qi and spleen and stomach.

Glutinous rice and yam porridge can strengthen the spleen and stomach together with lotus seeds, and can stop the diarrhea and appetite. You can cook glutinous rice with pork belly and eat it. After soaking the glutinous rice for half an hour, put it in pork belly and cookAfter eating meat and soup, the glutinous rice inside is taken out to dry and eaten in portions.

Glutinous rice is a very good nutritious food for patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension, bronchitis, patients in recovery and physically weak.

[Do you eat sour sweet potatoes?]_ Sweet potato_cause

[Do you eat sour sweet potatoes?]_ Sweet potato_cause

Sweet potato is a kind of food that we usually see in our lives. It is also a coarse grain. Now everyone is more important to a reasonable diet. Therefore, sweet potatoes often appear on the table of many families.

However, many people will experience the phenomenon of stomach acid after eating sweet potatoes, which is the heartburn we often say. For such a phenomenon, some adjustments can be made in eating sweet potatoes, which will ease the phenomenon.

Do sweet potatoes eat stomach acid? Sweet potatoes are rich in cellulose and starch. They are not easy to digest, but they can also promote a large amount of gastric acid secretion.

Therefore, once the food is consumed improperly, indigestion occurs, and acid reflux occurs in the stomach and enters the esophagus.

How to eat sweet potato to burn the heart Drink some rice soup to burn the heart because the stomach acid stimulates the lower part of the esophagus, so slowly drinking some rice soup can wash the stomach acid in the lower part of the esophagus, so it can relieve the heartburn.

Eat some bananas Banana is a natural antacid, and it forms a protective mucus layer on the inner wall of the stomach, which can relieve heartburn.

However, a small number of people will get worse after eating bananas. Therefore, you must carefully observe the condition after eating.

Heartburn is not common in people who drink soda. Occasionally heartburn occurs. You can drink some alkaline soda to relieve discomfort. Note that people who burn heartily are not suitable for soda. People who burn heartily are generally unhealthy.Consumption of soda will irritate the inherent aggravation.

Consumption of gastric acid inhibitors Consumption of some gastric acid inhibitors can inhibit gastric acid secretion, so it can also help relieve heartburn.

How to prevent eating sweet potatoes to burn the heart and control the consumption of sweet potatoes? Excessive consumption of sweet potatoes, a large amount of starch into the series is prone to heartburn, so eat sweet potatoes in moderation, eat sweet potatoes, and reduce the consumption of other foods.

Do n’t eat raw sweet potatoes The starch structure of raw sweet potatoes is not damaged, so it is difficult to digest, so not eating raw sweet potatoes can prevent heartburn.

If you eat sweet potatoes on an empty stomach, your stomach will be stimulated and a lot of gastric acid will be secreted. However, the content of protein in sweet potatoes is very low, so the consumption of gastric acid is very small.

[How is soft dumplings?]_ Methods_Methods Daquan

[How is soft dumplings?]_ Methods_Methods Daquan

On the Chinese land, every year on the Dragon Boat Festival, every family will start to make dumplings to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan during the Spring and Autumn Period.

The seeds are mainly steamed from glutinous rice wrapped with loquat leaves and various fillings.

There are many kinds of seeds, from the filling point of view, there are meat dumplings, honey dumplings, bean paste dumplings and so on.

Although rice dumplings are delicious, it is not easy to make soft dumplings.

So, what is Xunzi doing?

There are two tricks for making soft glutinous rice: 1. Tips for making dumplings: 1. Soak the reed cotyledons, horse lotus, and glutinous rice for four hours.

2. Two reed leaves are rolled up together.

3. Put the glutinous rice in the bucket, put two small dates, and then add the cooked grains in advance on the surface of the dates to add some glutinous rice.

4. Tighten the triangular barrel, click on the left side, click on the right side, roll it up from the back, tie the mouth tightly with marian grass, put it in the pot and cook for two hours.Soak it in the original soup after cooking, otherwise it will not stick to good glutinous rice).

Second, the tricks for cooking dumplings: 1. The wrapped dumplings should be cooked in cold water, because it is better to cook with cold water, the temperature of the water is gradually increased, and the aroma of the loquat leaves will slowly penetrate into the glutinous rice.It will be more fragrant on average. The maturity of boiled dumplings cooked in cold water is the same. There is no hard core2. The water for boiled dumplings must be soaked about two inches. This is because the dumplings will swell during the cooking process.Many, the top dumplings will be pushed out of the water surface, not easy to be cooked, and the boiled dumplings are not soft enough. 3 If you cook in a pressure cooker, we can use boiling water to cook the dumplings neatly, and then cook them in advancePour boiling water into it, make the water level higher than the ladle, and heat it with a high fire. When the steam starts to blow, cover it for about half an hour.

[Foods that protect the liver and liver]_ Liver and liver_Food types_What food

[Foods that protect the liver and liver]_ Liver and liver_Food types_What food

The liver is a very important digestive organ in the human body. If there is a problem in the liver, tuberculosis can also cause acne, freckles, and wrinkles. Therefore, protecting the liver is an important thing. The best way to protect the liver and liver is toFood for homework, eating more liver-protecting and nourishing foods is great for our liver.

Let me introduce to you some foods that protect the liver.

1. Apples: Ordinary people who eat a reasonable amount of three meals a day. If you can reduce the amount of staple food, eating two apples can reduce cholesterol in your blood by 16%, so this has an impact on adult liver and heart and brain blood vessels and obesity.People with symptoms have obvious benefits.

Pear: Vitamin vitamins, mineral nutrients, have the effect of protecting the liver and promoting liver cell regeneration.

2. Grapes: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that grapes are flat, sweet and sour, can replenish qi and blood, strengthen bones and bones, benefit liver and yin, facilitate urination, relax muscles and promote blood circulation, warm the stomach and strengthen the spleen, and remove annoyance and thirst.

Modern medicine has proved that the polyphenols contained in grapes are natural free radical scavengers with strong antioxidant activity, which can effectively adjust the function of liver cells and resist or reduce the damage caused by free radicals.

In addition, it also has anti-inflammatory effects, and can bind to proteins in bacteria and viruses, making them lose their ability to cause disease.

Studies abroad have shown that fresh grapes, grape leaves and raisins have the ability to resist the virus.

Banana: It is a fruit with low molecular weight but high nutrition. It is rich in protein, potassium, VA, VC, stacked fiber and other beneficial ingredients. It is used to promote the repair and regeneration of liver cells, improve the body’s immunity, and protect the liver.Very helpful.

3. Watermelon: diuretic, clearing heat and relieving heat, relieving irritability, urination, relieving alcohol and other effects, it is most suitable for patients with cirrhosis and ascites.

4. Actively engaging in physical exercise is another effective way to protect the liver.

From the perspective of liver protection, it is better to choose a sports field, a place with a wide field, a wide field of vision, and fresh air; the second is to choose a good exercise program, and a whole body low-intensity dynamic exercise aimed at physical strength and endurance is better, Such as jogging, brisk walking, Tai Chi, Wu Qin Xi and so on.

Reminder is to avoid strenuous exercise before going to bed.

5. Do not exercise for patients with liver disease, but proper exercise is still necessary, such as jogging and yoga.

At the same time, remember to add more water and salinity, so that the hot and humid and toxins in the body can be eliminated in time to prevent the recurrence of liver disease.

6, drinking will increase the occurrence of accidental liver, alcoholic liver disease, people with liver disease should quit drinking completely.

Smoking is associated with liver cancer.

7, pickles, pickled sauerkraut, spoiled leftovers, and fermented sour pancakes, salted fish, etc.

The nitrate metabolites in these foods, after a large amount of consumption, bacteria in the body can reduce nitrate to nitrite, and can synthesize nitrosamines in the stomach into a strong chemical carcinogen, which can cause liver cancer.

8. Smoked and baked food. It is reported that people in Iceland and other countries along the Baltic Sea like to eat smoked and roasted meat, where digestive system cancer (especially liver cancer) is particularly high.

Experiments have confirmed that when incomplete combustion of natural gas, coal, charcoal, firewood, etc., a large amount of benzopyrene (carcinogens) is produced, so foods that have been smoked and roasted with high temperature fireworks will be contaminated.

[How long does an official’s low fever last?]_ Low fever_Features

[How long does an official’s low fever last?]_ Low fever_Features

For the human body, there are no inexplicable fever and fever symptoms, and fever and fever appear, indicating that the body’s immune system is continuously working, which is often caused by some viral and bacterial infections.

In the early stages of the onset of AIDS, low fever is often caused, which indicates that the body’s immune system is trying to eliminate the virus before such symptoms of low fever and fever occur.

The duration of a low fever will vary, some within a few weeks, and some with a delay in duration.

In fact, most people’s symptoms will last 1?
About 4 weeks, usually no more than 2 months, symptoms will subside, if severe conditions need treatment.

If you use antipyretics indiscriminately, it may cause difficulties for the immune system in defeating invaders.

However, high body temperature can also cause damage to the body by changing the enzymes in the body.

Perhaps this paragraph has confused you completely.


You wonder: Is the body’s “fever” sick or immune?

The correct answer is: immune response.

In contrast, the body’s immune cells are not afraid of cold or hot.

Cold immune cells become inflexible, and the proper temperature triggers cell freedom.

For example, if you stay in a cold place for a while, your hands and feet may become stiff. Why is this so?

Because the human body is composed of cells, after the cells become hot and cold, their mobility is greatly reduced, and people become slow and stiff.


After the human body is affected by bacteria and viruses, our immune system will instinctively adjust the body’s mechanism to create a high-temperature environment to help our immune cells move flexibly to destroy the enemy.

At the same time, the high temperature environment inhibited the reproduction of the enemy.

Of course, when there is no enemy invasion, our body temperature is normal. Immune cells do not need to be blindly overstretched and active, and only need to warm up when the enemy comes.

Now, can you understand the “fever”?

3. It requires energy.

This energy is not antibiotics, hormones, diuretics, or alcohol.

It’s an immune nutrition food with certain phytonutrients, antioxidants, and polysaccharides.

In the early stage of AIDS, many patients with persistently low fever need to strengthen their nutrition in order to resolve the symptoms in the early stage of onset.

It can be tested, but there is no guarantee that a sufficient amount of antibodies can be detected during this period.

Because the current AIDS test detects viral antibodies, the time it takes to produce this antibody is called the “window period”, and it can be detected after the window period.

You can start after 2 weeks after infection, in order to gradually release the pressure, you can rest assured that 6 weeks is overcast, very few people need 3 months, it is recommended to do a review after 3 months.

Of course, if you feel the pressure is too high and you need to release the pressure, a weekly test is also feasible. You can decide the AIDS test time according to your own situation.

[Spices for stewed vegetables]_ingredients_practices

[Spices for stewed vegetables]_ingredients_practices

The spice used in the stewed vegetables is one of the most crucial steps. This determines whether the processed stewed vegetables have a delicious taste. Only the marinade is delicious, will the stewed vegetables become very delicious.So the most important thing is that you need to choose the spices. After you choose them, you need to pay attention to the placement. Generally speaking, the longer the storage time, the more delicious the marinade.

The marinated marinated marinade should be kept for future use.

The more times the marinade is used, the longer the storage time, the better the quality and the more beautiful the taste.

This is because there are more and more ingredients such as soluble protein contained in the marinade.

The preservation of marinade should pay attention to the following points: ⒈ Skim oil slicks and foam.

The slick oil slick and froth must be skimmed frequently and filtered to remove residue.

Heat and disinfect regularly.

Boil and sterilize once a day in the morning and evening in summer and autumn. Boil and sterilize once a day or every other day in spring and winter. The marinade after boiling should be put in a sterilized container.

The crockery must be pottery or white enamelware.

Never use iron, tin, aluminum, copper and other metal utensils, otherwise the salt and other substances in the marinade will chemically react with the metal, which will cause the marinade to change color and taste, and even to deteriorate.

⒋ Pay attention to storage location.

The marinade should be kept in a cool, ventilated and dust-proof place, and a gauze cover should be installed to prevent flies and insects from falling into the marinade.

Addition of raw materials.

Spice bags are generally used only 2 times and should be replaced.

Other seasonings should be added once per halogen.

Note: With the old brine, you do not need to use bone soup to prepare the marinade. You can also use water, or you can add oil.


Place chicken skeleton.

The pig bone (hammered) was boiled with cold water until it was opened, its blood was removed, cleaned with water, refilled with water, ginger (patted), green onions (stemmed roots), and boiled, apply low fire slowlySlowly boil, do not use fierce fire (clear soup with low fire, thick soup with boiled soup) into stew for later use.

Sugar-colored frying method: fry with oil.

The rock sugar is first processed into a fine powder. Put some oil in the pot, put the rock sugar powder, and fry over medium heat. When the sugar changes from white to yellow, use a low fire.Fry (this time must be fast, otherwise it will become bitter, you must master it, you can try it for a while), then get angry and change from yellow to dark brown.

When changing from large to small bubbles, add boiling water, and then stir fry over low heat until the taste is gone, that is, sugar (sugar color is not sweet, not bitter, golden color) spice or change the knifeFine, change it a little, so as not to affect the effect) Wrap the knot in a spice bag.

First boil for 5 minutes in boiling water, remove it and place it in the stewed soup, add salt and the right amount of sugar, pepper, and cook with medium and low heat to make the flavor, and make the brine primordial red halo (white halo does not put pepper and sugar, other and spicesAll the same).

注意 The precautions in the process of making red and white brine should be attributed to the cooking method in which brine is a solid medium for drinking water, its basic technical requirements in the process of seasonings and spices, and in brine soup.

Master the amount of spices in the fresh brine 12.

For 5 pounds, it is better to use 600-700 grams of spices (300 grams for 6 pounds of water, and 150 grams for 3000 grams). Wrap the spices and spices with clean gauze and wrap them. It should not be too tight and should be slightly loose.

After the spice bag is wrapped, it should be soaked in boiling water for half an hour before use, so that the purpose of chess is to remove grit and reduce the taste of medicine.

Sugar color Dosage of red halo sugar should be added in stages to avoid soup damage.

It is advisable that the halogenated food be golden yellow.

[Eating fungus and diarrhea]_ making trouble _ what’s going on

[Eating fungus and diarrhea]_ making trouble _ what’s going on

There are many reasons for diarrhea, diarrhea may be caused by eating unhealthy food, it may be caused by poor digestion of the stomach, eating cold food, etc., fungus is a fungal food, fungus is common in our daily lifeIngredients have many benefits to the human body. Many people have diarrhea due to eating fungus. This may be caused by not making the fungus or the fungus is not fresh. What should I do if I eat edible fungus?

Let ‘s take a look next.


What’s wrong with edible fungus?

1. The doctor’s experience in diagnosis and treatment is inadequate. The above symptoms appear after eating fungus, and the symptoms do not need to be treated for 2-4 hours. The same symptoms appear again after consumption, which does not meet the diagnosis of medical gastroenteritis.

If you are treated with anal inflammation at this time, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

Actually it’s not the problem of gastroenteritis, or the problem of doctors.

2. The symptoms of edible fungus appear, but they are usually healthy. If you eat edible fungus again, the symptoms will appear again, which means that it is not a problem of your gastrointestinal tract, but a problem of edible fungus.

The problem is not in the fungus itself, but in the quality of the fungus.


How to identify the quality of black fungus: the simple method is to see, touch, taste, and see the swelling rate.


Seeing whether the black fungus has white (white frost) powdery attachments, it is caused by the blending of starch, talc, magnesium sulfate, salt, etc., and the black side of the high-quality black fungus is smooth and black, and the back is slightly off-white.


Touch the fake black fungus with your hands, and the mass will be slightly agglomerated. If it is broken down with sugar, alkali, etc., it will be heavy and soft, and it will feel inclined.

Normal black fungus is light in weight and has a crisp sound of sand when flipped, which does not feel hard.

If the fungus is squeezed tightly, the ear flaps will spread out immediately after releasing the hand, indicating that the fungus body is dry.


If it tastes strange or strange, it is adulterated.

Such as brown sugar, brown sugar, there is a sweet taste; salt mixed with salty taste; alum, mixed with astringent taste; alkali mixed with a bitter taste; magnesium sulfate or urea, mixed with bitterOr unpleasant odors; those infiltrated with zinc sulfate and edible gums have a strange odor, high viscosity, and a brushed feel.

Take some black fungus and chew it in your mouth. Normal black fungus should be light and tasteless.


Look at the expansion rate (water absorption) by soaking in water.

5 grams of black fungus can be taken into water for soaking: 1 part of adulterated black fungus can only swell and emit 3 to 5 parts after soaking in water for 1 hour (ie, 5 grams can swell and emit 15?
25 grams).

Normal black fungus floats on the surface of the water when soaked in water. After slowly absorbing water, it is evenly suspended in water. After soaking in 1 part of black fungus for 1 hour, it can swell and emit more than 10 parts (that is, 5 grams can swell and emit more than 50 grams)), The better the quality, the higher the rate of water absorption and swelling.


Dirty black fungus that has been stained with black. As long as you dip a little saliva on the tip of your finger and swipe back and forth on the black fungus, your finger will be more or less black.

The dyed black fungus is also easily recognizable by the eyes. The unstained black fungus has obvious differences in color on the front and back, while the dyed black fungus has basically the same color on the front and back.

Some are cut into small pieces and mixed with black fungus, and some are added sugar, salt, magnesium sulfate, barium sulfate, ferrous sulfate, alum, etc. to the black fungus to make the fungus black and weight.

[Can you eat canned food]_Benefits_Advantages

[Can you eat canned food]_Benefits_Advantages

The practice of eating canned food is not good, because canned food is a pickled food that contains a large amount of nitrite. Frequent consumption can cause cancer, so everyone should pay attention to the amount of canned food.

There are certain benefits to eating canned food, because the taste of canned food is more flavorful than that of our own food, and canned food is more commonly used as a side dish. You can understand the benefits and disadvantages of canned food.

What are the benefits of eating canned foods: They are nutritious and more healthy. They retain the nutrition of fresh ingredients and do not contain harmful additives. Therefore, canned foods are a good choice for safety, nutrition and health.

There are many varieties and many canned foods. There are many kinds of food: meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits are all available, and the taste is also very rich.

Both delicious and joyful opening the can is a plate of deliciousness, which can save you a lot of busy work in the kitchen.

The packaging of environmentally friendly and energy-saving green food cans can be degraded, and there is no pollution to the environment; moreover, the cans do not need to be refrigerated at low temperature, can be stored at room temperature for a long time, and can save a lot of electricity.

What are the disadvantages of eating canned foods: 1.

Contains preservatives.

In order to extend the shelf life, preservatives should be added to the canned foods, which are often consumed to damage liver and kidneys.


Contains additives.

In order to make the canned food more delicious, additives such as spices, coloring, artificial flavoring agents are added during the processing, which is harmful to the human body when eaten frequently.


Loss of vitamins.

About 10% of vitamin C is lost after canning?
60%, vitamin B loses 20%?
80%, vitamin P loss of nearly 10%, vitamin A loss of 15%?

Precautions for canning: 1. Store unopened cans at room temperature.

Because canned food is sterilized, it no longer contains pathogenic bacteria and bacteria that can reproduce at normal temperature.

2. If the cans are unsealed and not finished, they should be stored under refrigerated conditions. The storage time should not exceed three days.

3. For glass bottles and cans of transparent material, care must be taken to avoid light storage.

4. In any case, canned food is generally best stored in a cool and dark place. Especially, it should be kept away from high temperature and direct sunlight.

[Sexual tension can not be erected]_ how to deal with _ treatment

[Sexual tension can not be erected]_ how to deal with _ treatment

Many men have many problems in their sexual life, and they may feel uncomfortable or unfit.

It is very painful for men, because sex life is more important, and it can regulate important ways between husband and wife.

However, for various reasons, it is more serious for men to have problems, so what should I do if I can’t get an erection due to nervous sex?

The problem of abnormal erection due to emotional tension is relatively common clinically, and it is also a manifestation of the psychological effects of many male patients. The occurrence of inability to erect must first suppress the spread of tension, and do not pretend that you have a serious physical problem.Many people find this situation, and the lack of effective treatment of erectile dysfunction will lead to more and more aggravating trends, so we must pay attention to timely adjustment of mentality, to win the understanding of partners.

1.Because of excessive excitement and better mentality of hope performance, men will have an uncomfortable reaction in sexual life, causing penile weakness to reach a hard level, so that they cannot complete sexual life, leading to an inferiority mentality, which is harmful toMale reproductive health.

2. In fact, the nervous cortex sends out signals that inhibit the pituitary gland to secrete human hormones, leading to the continuous development of the condition, causing discomfort, and also making men think they are patients with impotence and cast a blindfold on their normal life.shadow.

3. When this happens, let the male take a break, listen to a piece of music and relax fully. At the same time, pay attention to drink some water, sooth the nervous and refined nerves, and inhibit the pathological changes and abnormal reactions of the nerve tissue. EffectivePromote metabolic functions.

Note: If erectile dysfunction often occurs due to nervous mood, it is necessary to consider that it is a skill-type problem and it is necessary to go to the hospital for testing and treatment to relieve the abnormal reproductive reaction caused by nervousness and emotional changes.

[How to make stewed pork rib soup with carrots]_Boil soup_How to make

[How to make stewed pork rib soup with carrots]_Boil soup_How to make

Stewed pork ribs are a very common food in our lives. The rib soup is rich in flavor and warm, because the calcium substance can be said to be suitable for all ages.

There are many ways to make pork rib soup. The carrot stew pork rib soup is the most common one. You can also add corn and take it with you. The choice of raw materials is quite unique.

So, what is the practice of carrot stew ribs soup?

Let’s take a look below.

Corn Carrot Ribs Soup Ingredients Spare ribs, corn, carrots, cooking wine, salt method 1, cut ribs into small pieces, cut corn carrots into sections.

2. Boil a pot of water, put the ribs in and simmer for a while, then remove them for later use.

3. Put the chopped pork ribs and corn carrots in a large pot, add water and boil.

You can add a little cooking wine halfway.

Ingredients of Xiangru Carrot Pork Ribs Soup are two ribs, two carrots, three fresh Xiangru, seasoning with salt, white vinegar instead, chicken essence.

Wash the ribs and cut off the blood water 2.

Peel the carrots, wash and cut the hob block, wash the feet with fresh fragrant and add 1.

5 liters of pure water and a small amount of white vinegar in an electric pressure cooker for 45 minutes 3.

Add a small amount of salt before drinking, cover a small amount of chicken essence, and cover the lid for a while, then open the lid when drinking, and then take the carrot and pork rib soup, one carrot, 300 grams of pork ribs, 4 red dates, two small roots of onion, 4 slices of ginger, and the right amount of cooking wine, The amount of salt practices 1.

Wash and cut all the ingredients, and shallot 2 knots.

Carrot dicing 3.

Ribs cut into pieces 4.

Add water to the pot, put some waste wine, put the ribs to boil, remove the blood, wash and drain5.

Put the braised pork ribs, ginger slices, spring onions, and red dates in the pot, add enough water at a time, and turn to a low-heat pot for 1 hour 6 after boiling over high heat.

Add carrots and cook for another 30 minutes.

Season with salt before serving