[Eight-inch Qifeng Cake (Shimizu Edition)

Method]_ Home-made practice of eight-inch Qifeng cake (Shimizu version) _ Practice of eight-inch Qifeng cake (Shimizu version) _ How to make eight-inch Qifeng cake (Shimizu version)

[How to make eight-inch Qifeng cake (Shimizu version)]_ How to make eight-inch Qifeng cake (Shimizu version) _ How to make eight-inch Qifeng cake (Shimizu version) _ How to make eight-inch Qifeng cake (Shimizu version)

Whether we can have a healthy body is related to whether we can enjoy life well, and a healthy body needs sufficient diet and nutrition to ensure that in normal times we should pay attention to eating less and eating more at home.The cake (Shimizu version) is simple and suitable for those who want to be healthy but don’t have much time.

1. Prepare all the materials 2. Separate the egg yolk and egg white into two water-free and oil-free pots 3, add water, corn oil, and sugar to the egg yolk and mix well. 4 Mix the low-gluten flour and corn starch.Sieve into (divided into two sieve, each sieve must be stirred well before sieving into the next one) 5, mixed egg yolk paste 6, add white vinegar to the egg white, beat into a thick bubble 7 with electric eggbeater, add sugar(Add white sugar three times), pass to hard foaming 8, lift the eggbeater with straight small sharp corners, that is, meringue 9, pour excess meringue into egg yolk paste and mix well 10, stir wellPour all the egg yolk paste into the remaining meringue and stir well. 11, the stirred cake paste 12, heat in the oven at 90 degrees, and preheat at 120 degrees. Pour the cake paste into an eight-inch mold and smooth it with a spatula.On the surface, hold the mold with your hand and shake it a few times to shake out the large bubbles.

13, put in the preheated oven, heat 90 degrees, lower 120 degrees, 60 minutes in the lower layer14, immediately after baking, shake out, and then buckle on the grill to cool and then demolding 15, finished productThe fancy eight-inch Qifeng cake (clear water version) brings you a different fresh life. Making such a displacement every three to five is full of strong happiness and can make your family very happy.

[Do you eat fish to replenish your brain?]

[Do you eat fish to replenish your brain?]

Many people in our life especially like to eat fish, because the nutritional value of fish is relatively high, and eating fish often has many benefits for our body, and the protein content in fish is very rich, especially for childrenWhen in the learning stage, you should eat more foods to supplement the brain, so as not to overuse the brain, so often eat fish to supplement the brain?

1. Carp carp has the functions of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, diuretic and swelling, cough and asthma, calming the breasts, clearing heat and detoxifying.

Can supply essential amino acids, minerals, vitamin A and vitamin D, and contains unsaturated fatty acids, can reduce cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, so carp is suitable for edema, edema, and cardiovascular disease patients.

Taboos: Anyone with malignant tumors, lymph tuberculosis, lupus erythematosus, high blood pressure, pediatric gills, thrombo-occlusive vasculitis, scabies ulcers, urticaria, skin eczema and other diseases should not eat; elemental body hyperactivity and soresThose with ulcers should eat with caution.

Carp should not be eaten with mung beans, taro, tallow, pork liver, chicken, nepeta, licorice, pumpkin, dog meat, pickles.

2. Catfish is sweet, flat, and light, with the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, nourishing stomach and nourishing essence, smoothing joints, and softening tendons and bones. It is especially suitable for those who suffer from indigestion, spleen deficiency, anemia, and sore bones.

Taboo: People with pruritus skin disease should not eat.

Moreover, its roe is poisonous and inedible.

In addition, catfish cannot be fried with beef and lamb slices.

3, catfish catfish red dates will lose hair with the same food.

Fish is not recommended to be eaten with beef liver, if it is eaten by accident, it can be solved with human milk.

The “Book of Materia Medica” records: “It should not be eaten with beef liver, as it is susceptible to wind and saliva.

“Children’s sleeping and saliva molars are very common. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is stomach heat or parasites in the body. The effect of taking Chinese medicine is very good. At the same time, we always remind parents not to give their children catfish and beef during treatment.

I have never heard feedback about what happens after eating. There are really no instances where parents will knowingly commit crimes, so they will always have consequences after being eaten.

4. Carassius aura is sweet and flat, suitable for people with weak constitution, weak exhaustion, spleen and stomach qi deficiency, unsatisfactory diet and malnutrition.

Taboo: those who are cold and wet in the body, hemoptysis, inpatients should not eat catfish.

5. Turtles, turtles and amaranth can eat together with vomiting, abdominal pain, hepatosplenomegaly and other complications.

“Golden Outline” records: “Turtle meat cannot be combined with meat and vegetables.

“In the Qing Dynasty, Wu Qian said:” The turtles are all opposite to amaranth.

“Well, it’s equivalent to what he says is hepatosplenomegaly.

Turtles should not be eaten with oranges: oranges decompose with fruit acid, and eat with soft-shelled turtles with protein breakdown. The fruit acid can solidify with protein and affect protein absorption.

Turtles should not be eaten with eggs and duck eggs.

“A Brief Guide to the Golden Depression, Taboos of Beasts, Fishes and Insects”: “The meat must not be eaten by chickens and ducks.

“It will be cold, and those with debilitating constitution are especially unsuitable.

Turtles should not be eaten with pork, rabbit, duck, or mustard.

Sun Simiao pointed out: “Do not combine meat with pigs, ducks and ducks and hurt people.

Must not be combined with mustard food, causing malignant sores.

[How to make pork belly roasted rice dumplings]_ Home cooking of pork belly roasted rice dumplings _ practice of pork belly roasted rice dumplings _ how to make pork belly roast rice dumplings

[How to make pork belly roasted rice dumplings]_ Home cooking of pork belly roasted rice dumplings _ practice of pork belly roasted rice dumplings _ how to make pork belly roast rice dumplings

I always envy someone at a table for delicious food.

Well, here I will show you how to cook pork belly with dumplings.


Pork belly cut into 2cm square pieces.


1 Non-stick hot oil in the pan, add the rice dumplings.


2 Gardenia leaves.


Heat oil in a pan and fry pork belly until slightly yellow.


2 Fry until all sides are browned and serve.


Add the green onion stir-fry, pour in soy sauce, add at least 2cm of water to the meat, and add the star anise.


After the high heat is boiled, turn to medium-low heat and continue to simmer for more than 1 hour. When the soup is slightly thick, add a few pieces of rock sugar and stir-fry.

At this point, I have introduced the recipe of pork belly roast dumplings.

I believe that you have your own thoughts in your heart after deep understanding.

Then all you need to do is walk into the kitchen and make it a reality.

The moment when dreams come into reality, they must be star-studded.

[Baby’s First Food Supplement]_Children_Impact

[Baby’s First Food Supplement]_Children_Impact

Generally, when the baby is three months old, the parents will give the baby some complementary food, and for the baby, the first contact with the complementary food, they will definitely feel that they are not suitable for their appetite, so the first complementary food to the baby is very importantMost parents will choose to eat rice noodles for their babies, and it is more convenient to brew rice noodles. So what is the best food for your baby’s first food supplement?

What is your baby’s first complementary food? It is important to prevent allergies.

For babies whose gastrointestinal function is not yet perfect, cereals are the ideal first food supplement for babies, such as iron nutritional rice noodles, which are not easy to cause allergies and are rich in nutrients.

At the same time, the baby is in the rapid development period of the body, and iron is urgently needed in the body, and the iron in the fortified iron rice flour is easier to digest and absorb than the iron in the yolk, and it is not easy to be allergic.

In addition, when the baby is 4 months old, the amylase in the body is close to the adult level, which also shows that it is suitable to add rice flour food to the baby at this time.

There are many varieties of rice noodles, you can choose a single flavor first, iron-fortified infant nutrition rice noodles for your baby.

When choosing baby rice noodles, mothers not only need to check whether the raw materials are green rice, but also recommend that they go back to the place of origin of the raw materials to ensure that they are green rice from green bases. Such a “double green guarantee” is safer.

At present, there are not many baby rice noodles that can achieve the “double green guarantee” on the market. Moms can give priority to green rice + green base “double green guarantee” brand rice noodles. International brands such as Heinz can safely choosepurchase.

In addition, the mother must get the scientific nutrition of the key rice noodles. In addition to iron, she must also have the scientific addition of vitamins and calcium, zinc and other minerals to help provide the baby with the nutrients needed for brain development.

When feeding the baby with rice noodles for the first time, the mother can feed a small spoon first, and then feed it a few more times. After the baby is used to the new taste, increase the amount gradually.

In addition, you can add a different kind of rice noodles every 2-3 days, let your baby try a variety of flavors, and develop the baby’s taste in time.

[Lower abdominal pain after menstrual intercourse]_ Menstrual intercourse _ Why _ What to do _ How to treat

[Lower abdominal pain after menstrual intercourse]_ Menstrual intercourse _ Why _ What to do _ How to treat

When you are in the same room, you must choose a good time, otherwise there may be other things happening, just like saying that some people will encounter such a problem, that is, abdominal pain after menstrual intercourse, which is actually more painful, andThe pain will last longer. Why is this?

1. Endometriosis.

If the woman is a patient with endometriosis and exacerbation of lower abdominal pain after intercourse.

2. Ectopic pregnancy.

90% of patients with ectopic pregnancy seek treatment due to sudden abdominal pain. If the fallopian tube is ruptured, the internal bleeding volume is large and rapid, which stimulates the peritoneum to cause severe pain and spread to the entire abdomen.

  3. Cervicitis.

For women with chronic cervicitis, the symptoms are excessive vaginal secretions, lumbosacral pain, and lower abdominal pain.

4. Attachment inflammation.

Severe abdominal pain, fever, chills, and other symptoms are the main symptoms of patients with acute appendicitis. For patients with chronic appendicitis, lower abdominal pain or swelling of varying degrees usually occurs, and some patients will have more leucorrhea and back pain., Menstrual disorders, etc.

5. Pelvic inflammatory disease.

Such as women with pelvic inflammatory disease mainly manifested as lower abdominal pain, lower abdomen bulging and lumbosacral soreness, irregular menstruation, etc., and the symptoms of lower abdominal pain will mainly increase after the same room.

Recommended reading: Will pelvic inflammatory disease be cured? If the treatment of this disease is delayed, it will often become a very difficult disease to treat, but it is not exhaustive. Friends, patients, do n’t have too much psychological burden.Visit the hospital, let doctors with many years of experience in medical treatment personally treat you, and help you get rid of disease and return to health through scientific treatment.

All of the above reasons may cause your abdominal pain, so you should go to the distance hospital to see what causes this situation, but the most important point is not to have menstrual intercourse again because this timeIt’s special. It’s not a good choice for women’s body. I hope everyone pays attention to this situation next time.

Autumn Health – How to eat and pay attention to what to eat, what are the consequences?

Autumn Health – How to eat and pay attention to what to eat, what are the consequences?

The health concept of eating radish and eating ginger in winter is believed to be familiar to many people, but do you know?

Although it is good for your health to eat more white radish, it is not suitable for everyone.

So, some kind of person is not suitable?

What are the consequences of eating wrong?

Qi deficiency, diarrhea, etc. should not eat white radish: Qi deficiency is generally divided into lung qi deficiency, heart qi deficiency, kidney qi deficiency, qi deficiency patients eat white radish will aggravate the condition.

Because the radish is cool, it has the effect of qi, qi deficiency patients eat white radish is easy to consume gas, gas, it is not sick.

Patients with qi deficiency should eat more qi and blood.

 Constipation patients should not eat white radish: There are many reasons for constipation. For patients with yang deficiency constipation, eating white radish, constipation symptoms will become more and more serious, and it will be more difficult to go to the toilet.

“General people with constipation of yang deficiency are not warm, their hands and feet are cold, and the waist and knees are accompanied by acid cold. It is more troublesome to go to the toilet.

If you have these symptoms, you can judge that it is yang deficiency constipation.

“People once heard that white radish can complement, how to eat it in its own health, especially patients with diarrhea should be cautious.

Because white radish itself has the effect of ventilation, qi, and cool, if you insist on eating white radish, diarrhea is more serious.

In addition to the above population should not eat white radish, people who regularly consume Chinese medicine should not eat, because it causes the Chinese medicine to be quickly digested by the human body and accelerate the metabolism, which easily affects the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, thus affecting the effect of Chinese medicine on the human body.

Spleen and stomach deficiency, chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer patients, can not eat white radish.

 So, how do you eat white radish to keep healthy?

1, raw radish, different parts of the taste, eating is also different, raw must choose the right part.

It is worth reminding that people who do not like to eat cold food or have weak spleen and stomach function should be cooked.

The middle part of the radish is dispersed in sugar content, sweet and sticky, and the size is crisp and tender. This part is the best taste of the whole radish, so it is suitable for raw food. It is especially delicious to mix the salad with the middle section and make the cold dish.

The middle to the bottom of the radish is rich in amylase and mustard oil. It tastes spicy and can promote the function of stomach and digestion.

The top of the radish is 3 to 5 cm in moisture content, and the size is very hard. It is suitable for shredded and fried, made into soup, and can also be mixed with mutton. It tastes excellent.


Stewed to eat white radish + mushrooms effect: anti-cancer, lower three high, prevent cold radish with lignin, lignin can increase the function of macrophages phagocytosis bacteria, foreign bodies and necrotic cells, thereby strengthening the body’s immunity, so thatAnticancer effect.

In addition, white radish has the effect of dilating blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat and lowering blood sugar. Because it contains a large amount of organic sulfur compounds, this compound has strong bactericidal power and has great potential for inflammation and cough caused by colds.

Shiitake mushroom is also a master of anti-cancer, blood fat reduction and blood pressure. The two are stewed, anti-cancer, and three high, and the effect of preventing cold is doubled.

White radish + kelp effect: phlegm and swelling, prevention of goiter, kelp and seaweed are rich in iodine, white radish and kelp soup together with phlegm and swelling, have a certain effect on the prevention of goiter.

White radish + lamb effect: nourish the liver, do not get angry in autumn and winter to eat mutton can dispel cold, warm heart and stomach, but also qi and blood, nourish the liver, improve blood circulation.

White radish + squid effect: warm and qi, spleen and damp white radish and squid soup have warm and qi, spleen and dampness.

This soup is also wonderful on the “two white” ingredients, white radish soaked in milky white fish soup, people look very appetizing.

White radish + tofu effect: low content of high protein, “three high” favorite cold weather, a steaming white radish tofu soup, low content of high fiber, high quality plant protein.

4 points to effectively prevent high blood pressure every day

4 points to effectively prevent high blood pressure every day

Lead: Hypertension is a disease that seriously endangers human health and affects the quality of life.

Clinical manifestations have headaches, mostly in the back of the brain, but also dizziness, head swelling, triggering feeling, tinnitus, vertigo, forgetfulness, insomnia, boredom, fatigue, numbness of the limbs, palpitations and so on.

It is also an important cause of limb hemiplegia, heart failure, cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, and renal failure. Clinically, cases of disability and death due to hypertension are common, so scholars call it “invisible killer.”

Hypertensive patients should maintain a comfortable mood and strengthen exercise. Hypertension is a chronic disease. Patients should pay attention to the following points at least temporarily.

1, diet should be light, hypertensive patients should not eat too salty, eat more vegetables and digestible foods, eat less food for pregnant women, especially animal mites and internal organs, to prevent weight gain and promote atherosclerosis.

For the elderly, it is not advisable to use the frying method in cooking, as some foods will increase the amount of fried food.

2, the mood should be comfortable and succinct, “laughing, old and less”.

Practice has proved that people who are cheerful and optimistic replace life.

You should always maintain a happy mood and cultivate an optimistic, cheerful and humorous personality. On the contrary, if you are excited, nervous or sad all the time, you will be worried about the trivial matter, which will lead to rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure and increased blood viscosity., so that the already elevated blood pressure continues to rise, causing high blood pressure crisis, cerebrovascular rupture and other serious complications.

3, adhere to exercise, enhance physical fitness exercise every day, can increase energy consumption, adjust the body’s energy balance, prevent obesity, and can promote cardiovascular function, enhance myocardial contractility, reduce vascular tone, coronary artery expansion, highDecreased blood pressure can also reduce blood triglyceride and blood viscosity.

These are very beneficial for the prevention of coronary heart disease and hypertension.

4, regular blood pressure family is best to self-prepared sphygmomanometer, the best daily blood pressure every morning and evening, the brakes adjust the drug dose according to blood pressure, keep blood pressure relatively stable.

How to treat eczema with eczema?

How to treat eczema with eczema?

Eczema (eczema) is a skin disease reaction caused by a variety of complex internal and external factors with pleomorphic lesions and oozing tendency.

The etiology of this disease is more difficult to determine.

Conscious symptoms itch.

The condition is easy to repeat, and it can be delayed for many years.

The following is a family medicinal diet collected by China Health Care Network, which is expected to help patients.


Red bean rice kernel soup red bean, rice kernel 30 grams each, cooked rotten, add the right amount of sugar, 2 times a day, children can reduce or eat only soup, can eat a small amount.


Mung bean lily soup mung bean, dried lily each 30 grams of soup to eat, add sugar to take the right amount, take 2 times a day, can eat once.


Rice kernel soup is 5 grams of rice kernels, 10 pieces of peeled slices, add water to cook, once a day, and even served for 10 days.


Fresh sweet potato fresh sweet potato 60 grams peeled and squeezed juice, put into the slag smashed like mud, add the appropriate amount of vinegar and mix thoroughly, apply the affected area, juice can drink, use 5?
7 days.


Longjing tea Longjing tea 6 grams, boiling water soaked to 50 ml, add a small amount of sugar, baby eczema can be fed daily, even for 1-2 weeks.


Reed root juice fresh reed root 100 grams squeezed juice, feeding several times a day, even feeding a week or so, can cure infant eczema.


Mung bean licorice soup 60 grams of green beans, 5 grams of licorice soup, eat mung beans and soup, the amount of children is halved.


10 grams of red bean red bean, baked and ground into powder; with a clear egg into a thick paste, applied to the affected area.

If there is more exudate, add pine pollen.

Uncover the truth of hard qigong

Uncover the truth of “hard qigong”

In recent years, with the continuous rise of the Qigong boom, the content of marriage with Qigong has also emerged endlessly.

For example, “electrical work”, “light work”, “slimming qigong”, “qigong calligraphy and painting”, “qigong dance”, “qigong song”. is really a prosperous scene.
And “hard qigong” is the leader in this hundred flowers.
  People often go to the so-called hard qigong performance, what is the “open belly stone”, “silver gun throat”, “knife can not cut into”, “car over”, “head hit stone”, “finger drill brick” .It can be said that there are many different kinds of things.
Before the performance, the performers often boast of their own or others’ martial arts skills, and they have a lot of activities, and they are called “Luck”.
In fact, people who know the inside story know that this is just some of the performances that belonged to the rivers and lakes before the liberation and were gradually eliminated by the acrobatic circles after liberation.
With the rise of the Qigong boom, these contents were picked up by some operators and hanged on the qigong signboard, which was named “hard qigong”.
  In this regard, the famous magic performance artist, “Acrobatics and Magic” magazine deputy editor, researcher Fu Qifeng of the Chinese Acrobatic Association research department has introduced me a lot of insider.
She said: “In the acrobatic world, the magic world talks about some extraordinary phenomena in Qigong performance, such as nail plate open stone, oil hammer topping, javelin throat, glass slag dancing, ear listening, etc., often clearly called之为‘腥活’或‘里大腥’(这是杂技界的一句春典——行话),意思是‘假的’、‘骗局’,认为这类节目既无高难技巧,亦无艺术可Words, as long as you have the strength, you have the courage to perform.
As long as you get the ‘door’ (the jargon, meaning method or trick), you can practice it in a few days.
These tricks are incomparable with the acrobatic magic that really pays attention to craftsmanship.
In the old society, many acrobatic magic artists have been forced to perform these programs.
新中国成立后,杂技走上了舞台,长期处于下九流的杂技魔术艺人成为新文艺工作者,受到党和国家的关怀与教育,周恩来总理曾经指出‘杂技要给人类以享受,给人愉快的感受You can’t use the deformity and stimulation to attract the audience.
As early as the early 1950s, the vast number of acrobatic workers consciously eliminated those things that were “Lie Dawei” and devoted themselves to the improvement and development of acrobatic magic skills.
It can be seen from this that the so-called hard qigong is just a kind of juggling performance by people who rely on strength, courage and tricks to confuse people who don’t know the inside.
Now I changed my name and insisted on being connected with Qigong. In fact, it is not only related to Qigong, but also does not have the superhuman ability of the performer.
In order to enable people not only to know in theory, but also to understand the truth of “hard qigong” through practice, here are a few examples to illustrate.
  Head hit the stone monument: the performer smashed his head to the stone tablet, and the stone monument was broken into two pieces.
In addition to the long-term exercise of the performer’s head (such as the common wooden board), this performance does have a stronger impact resistance than the average person. More importantly, it pays attention to some methods.
The performer must place a hard object behind the stone monument, such as a large stone, an iron bar, etc., but the stone and the iron bar cannot be closely attached to the stone monument, so that there is a certain distance between the two to ensure the head collision.After the stone tablet, the stone tablet hit the stone and the iron bar at a very fast speed. The huge impact force between the two “stones” broke the stone monument into two pieces.
In addition, before the performance, the texture of the stone was very particular when selecting the slate. Not all stones were optional.
Before the performance, the stone monument was often treated with fire and other means.
On the other hand, if you just look for the stone tablet and put it tightly on the back stone, there is no distance in the middle, then the hard head can’t help it.
  Silver gun throat: the two opposite, respectively, use the throat to hold the tip of the wooden pole at both ends, only to see the wooden pole was bent by the two, and the throat is safe and sound.
In fact, this program is not the stab-resistant ability of the two people in the throat, such as: First, the gun tip is blunt, not as sharp as the needle tip.
Second, the wooden pole on the gun is very soft, and the two bend gently.
The third is not the tip of the gun in the throat, but with the bending of the wooden pole, the side of the side of the gun head is attached to the sternum below the throat, the area is large and the pressure is small, and there is no danger.
  Open stone on the abdomen: The performer is lying on the ground (or nail plate), and the body is pressed with a large slate.
The assistant smashed the slate, the stone was broken and the person was not damaged.
The reason for this performance is that the stone plate is pressed against the person, and the contact area is large and the pressure is small.
When the hammer is smashed on the slate, since the mass of the hammer is far less than the mass of the slate, the impact force transmitted to the human body through the slate is small to the human body.
In addition, the assistant uses a point hammer (hammered on the slate) when smashing the hammer, and does not penetrate deep.
As for someone lying on the nail board, it is also a small area with a small pressure.
It is as if you take a mane to tie the skin and it will hurt. If you take a bundle of mane and tie the skin, it will not hurt.
This kind of performance requires only guts.
  Open the brick on the head: also called the oil hammer.
The performer put four or five bricks on his head, and the assistant picked up the sledgehammer and saw that the bricks were torn apart, but the head was not hurt.
This performance relies mainly on guts.If we let the bricks in our left hand and the hammer in the right hand go, I am afraid there is no reason to be reasonable. Everyone dares to do this experiment.

However, if you put the bricks on your head and then use a hammer, the people who dare to try will not be much.

In fact, there is no substantial balance between this and the bricks in hand. The difference is the change in mental state (the courage is small).

In addition, when the bricks were opened on the performance head, the performer held the bricks on the head with both hands, and the surface was seen not to drop the bricks. In fact, when the hammer would hit the bricks, the performers gently lifted the bricks with both hands.The scalp (the audience is not focused on this), which further reduces the impact of the brick on the head.

Of course, when the assistant is smashing the hammer, it is also the point to the end, not always consistent.

  Finger Drilling Bricks: I saw the fingers of the performers drilled on the surface of the bricks. The bricks and powders flew, and the bricks were drilled into a hole in a few times, which was faster than the impact drill.

This show looks like a god, and there is no way to talk about it.

Before the performance, drill the hole on the brick first. Be careful when drilling through the hole, and keep a thin layer on the opposite side (when you use your finger to open it).

Collect the drilled brick powder and put it back into the drilled hole. The hole is sealed with brick powder inserted with paste, and the surface is sprinkled with a layer of brick powder to disguise it. A prop brick called performance is made.
It is best to drill the eye on the other side of the prop brick. After the armor performance is completed, the audience should be asked to “return one more”.

  The knife can’t be cut: the performer is standing in the horse, holding the knife back with both hands, putting the sharp blade on the stomach, and the assistant takes a wooden stick to the back of the knife, and the performer’s belly appears above the skin.

The ratio of the outstanding performance of this program to the “Upper Ladder” performed during the emerging celebrations in Yunnan is really a shame.

The person on the ladder does not have to have qigong, and the knife is placed on the stomach without any thrilling.

If the performer brags that he has real effort, he is asked not to put the knife on the belly or pull it on the belly like a saw, and then the belly does not appear to be really hard.

But if there is such a request from the audience, there is no guarantee that no performer will respond.

  Mouth-up motorcycle: The performer slammed one end of the rope on the back seat of the two-wheeled motorcycle and the other end on a towel.

The performer rubbed the towel tightly with his teeth, stepping on the ground with both feet, and letting the driver increase the throttle, the car could not drive away.

How is this going?

Usually the speed can exceed the car’s motorcycle, how can a tooth can make it sweep the ground?

It turns out that the driving force of a motorcycle with a high-speed gear or a small horsepower is not large, and the performer does not need to spend a lot of effort to pull it.

This kind of performance is also precisely the psychological misunderstanding of people.

According to experience, it is impossible, and science is precisely possible.

Now, the performance of this kind of motorcycle has been developed to a more impressive and confusing level.

The performer is not pulling a motorcycle, but also holding it at the same time, and the five feet are pulled together, which is called “five car competition.”

In fact, a motorcycle that can hold a tooth, stepping on it and pulling it on the foot is a piece of cake.

The shake dance of the whole network, shaking for 10 minutes is equivalent to jogging five kilometers

The “shake dance” of the whole network, shaking for 10 minutes is equivalent to jogging five kilometers

It’s better to be a step than a hundred. If the dean, the doctor, and the nurse are all jumping in the “shaking shoulder dance” and publicly showing it in the media, it proves that there is some truth.

What are you waiting for?

Hurry up and shake it together!

Now, what is the hottest dance in the circle of friends?

Square dance?

Navy dance?

Fan dance?

Not all, but the dance below.

Shaking his shoulders, unraveling the pressure, and being praised as the “shaking shoulder dance” of brainwashing divine music, he burst into a circle of friends.

Recently, the president of Taiwan Rong General Hospital also took the lead to jump, the netizen shouted “too cute”, it is difficult to hold back without laughing!

This “shake shoulder dance”, not only Taiwan medical staff are jumping, doctors in many hospitals in the mainland also jump!

There are so many ways to exercise, why does “shake shoulder dance” become a burst?

It’s better to tremble for 3 minutes, and the blood and blood spread throughout the body and say: “It’s better to be a step than a hundred, and it’s better to shake a hundred.”

“Shake” is aerobic exercise, no tools, no fixed place, as long as there is room for one person to move.

Improve the easy to learn, and the effect is extraordinary.

For this trembling health stunt, some experts have evaluated: “As long as you tremble for three minutes, the blood and body fluid will spread from the soles of the body to the whole body, which can remove the speckle and dirt accumulated in the body for many years.

After ten minutes, the body feels relaxed and comfortable.

Long-term adherence, high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar can be reduced, backache, back pain, insomnia disappeared, headache, constipation, hemorrhoids, etc. have been alleviated, and even healed.

“Trembling for 10 minutes, equivalent to jogging five kilometers of trembling is a magical aerobic fitness, feeling 10 minutes is equivalent to jogging five kilometers of exercise.

1, can enhance the musculoskeletal function to enhance the body’s muscle activity, enhance the function of each joint, but also get rid of fat.

2, can clear the meridians through the trembling activities, first dredge the meridians.

Meridian is the hub of human life activities, dredging meridians, is conducive to the movement and coordination of various tissues and organs in the body, and promotes the circulation of blood and blood.

The meridians are smooth, the blood is smooth, the blood is accessible, and the body is enhanced.

3, can adjust the human body magnetic field Earth’s large magnetic field, the human body’s small magnetic field, after shaking, adjust the human body’s small magnetic field, so that the cells are arranged in order, enhance physical fitness.

Adjusting the human body’s magnetic field is conducive to blood circulation and metabolism.

Reminder: Trembling can be exercised alone or as a warm-up exercise for other activities.

After shaking, the functions of various parts of the human body have been activated, which can be used as preparations for Tai Chi, Tai Chi sword and various exercises.

Exercise intensity should be moderate, speed should not be too fast, time should not be too long, so as not to feel obvious tension and effort.

This “shake” is suitable for people of all ages.

Both hands shook forward at the same time, shaking to the left, shaking to the right, shaking 100 times.

This will allow the muscles to relax, no matter the venue, as long as you are tired, you can shake.

Persevere, the meridian is smooth, even the three highs may fall, it is worth learning and promotion!