AI Japanese dogs are not goodKe Jie was relieved after being eliminated by Chinese chess players in the top 32

AI Japanese dogs are not good!Ke Jie was relieved after being eliminated by Chinese chess players in the top 32
The Sanban chess in Wuzhen, Zhejiang, turned the Go artificial program AlphaGo into a big stone that pressed Ke Jie and other players.  DeepZenGo on the 21st in the 32nd round of the third Dream Lily Cup World Go Open, Chinese player Wang Haoyang defeated the Japanese Go program DeepZenGo in six stages, let Ke Jie exclaim that you are the hope of humanity!However, after the game, the inventor of DeepZenGo, Kato Hideki, admitted that a breakthrough in the program led to a wrong judgment.  It seems that although AlphaGo and DeepZenGo both bring Go, there are still differences.  Great breakthrough in human forced program In Wuzhen’s Sanban game, Ke Jie never wanted to force AlphaGo’s bug (attack) to win, but unfortunately did not like it.Now this wish has been fulfilled by Wang Haoyang in the Dream Lily Cup.  This game of DeepZenGo is black, and the pre-order stage is normal. It jumped all the way to Hei 57. It is the cause of the defeat in this game.After the game, Kato Eki said that DeepZenGo thought that after jumping, he ate the white chess, and he didn’t judge that he was dead on the left until more than 20 hands.  Afterwards, DeepZenGo made a mistake to see a string of chess that humans cannot understand.Afterwards, Hideki Kato, who replaced DeepZenGo, shook his head again and again, his expression sad.  By 207, the situation of Xiaoqi’s small victory has been fixed.From 252 hands, Hideki Kato said a pass to the referee, and the referee started counting.Counting results, black chess 184, Wang Haoyang white chess 1/4.  When counting, Ke Jie, who was watching the battle, smiled at Wang Haoyang: You are human hope!  AI defeated, some people are happy to beat AI, and the happiest thing is naturally Wang Haoyang. He said: In the past, he had lost two games with Yicheng Online.Kato Eki said that DeepZenGo’s performance did not meet his expectations.  Because fast chess was played online before, this game is slow chess, slow chess is always a bit good for humans.Wang Haoyang said that he did not do much preparation before the game, but played badminton.Also, Cui Zhehan told me not to kill it because of its great power.  Kato Eki believes that the problem lies in the technical aspects of the program itself. He said that DeepZenGo had a misjudgment and had always believed that it was black and white, so the winning rate judged that it had reached 60%, and then it found that the left chess was dead by itself.Now.The unclear judgment of life and death is obviously a major breakthrough in the procedure.  This is not the first time DeepZenGo has crashed in a game.  In the first round of the world’s strongest chess player game in March 2017, Chinese player Zhi Yuting’s DeepZenGo man-machine match, in the final stage, DeepZenGo could not clearly determine the winners and losers, and suddenly began to fall wildly, so that the DeepZenGo team was terminated to admit defeat.In this way, it is still a long way for Japanese programs to catch up with AlphaGo.

囧 妈 Huang Meiying wrote 4D notes for the characters, thank Xu Zheng for helping dream

“囧 妈” Huang Meiying wrote 4D notes for the characters, thank Xu Zheng for helping “dream”
Sauna Night News (Reporter Li Yan) On December 21, Xu Zheng’s latest movie “Liang Mom” in the “Liang Series” held the “The Meaning of Travel” conference. The director and lead starred Xu Zheng, starring Huang Meiying, special starring Yuan Quan, starring Jia JiaBing et al. Made their full appearance.The main creators share the fun of shooting behind the scenes around the embarrassing journey.The picture comes from the official Weibo.Xu Zheng introduced that the seemingly simple mother-child trip to Russia involves shooting locations in Beijing, Lake Baikal, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Saratov, New York, Shanghai, Wuxi, etc.The core scene of the film-K3 train from Beijing to Russia. Although it really exists, the internal landscape of the train is completely simulated in the shed.On the seemingly ordinary journey, 90% of the shots involve special effects production.Talking about the state of director Xu Zheng behind the filming, the main creators have said that Xu Zheng is meticulous in photography and local portrait art.Xu Zheng believes that the audience has higher requirements for the core emotional value of the film and social significance, which is why the film “I am not a drug god” can impress the audience.Returning to “囧 妈”, Xu Zheng explained: “It is first a road genre movie and a comedy. After laughter, the audience will find a resonance that brings into the softest side of everyone’s emotions.Being able to move, I think it is the quality that a good movie should have.”The” Jim Mom “brings together the strengths of Huang Meiying and Yuan Quan for two generations, and also brings a softer female perspective to the film.At the press conference, Huang Maying’s poster of “Liang Ma is here” and the full-length poster of “Liang Family Carnival” make people feel a warm and happy family atmosphere.The blockbuster emotional trailer “Your She” makes people deeply realize that this is a “not the same” embarrassing comedy.In addition to the humorous and dramatic bridge, Xu Zheng and Huang Meiying, around the double emotional lines of mother and wife, Yuan Quan’s situation in the play also slowly unfolded.In this regard, Xu Zheng specified the film’s attitude: “Relieve, give, accept, tolerate, achieve.A relaxed and comfortable relationship that allows emotion and love to flow into the theme of the movie.When starring Huang Meiying studied the script, she wrote 4D annotations for the characters. She believes: “Mom Lu Xiaohua has experienced a life of a fall, and she has kept her dreams while suffering for her son.”And the trip to Russia is also her dream chase.”Yuan Quan realized that his role was actually very warm, but at the beginning of the film, it seemed that he was always making embarrassments for Xu Zheng, and there was no lack of tit-for-tat quarrels.Xu Zheng commented that both actors have very senior performance experience, they are the most suitable for the existence of the role, and the audience will also enter the characters, be moved by the characters, believe the true sense of the story.Huang Meiying also specifically said that she has been filming “囧 妈” for many years, and it is also a real dream: “At this age, I don’t have many dreams. I have given up my extravagant hope for performing arts, but as aThe actor, and regret, did not encounter a loved script and character.I didn’t expect to meet Xu Zheng at this age. Xu Zheng made up for my regrets and helped me realize this dream.”Similarly, Yuan Quan was also moved by Xu Zheng’s unique creative perspective:” Through a journey, to show the healing of family relationships.When you reach a certain stage in your life, you will find that family relations seem to be the most intimate, but in reality it may be the most easily overlooked.The movie “囧 妈” will be released nationwide on New Year’s Day in 2020.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan editor Xu Meilin proofreading Li Xiangling

NBA official announcement, All-Star MVP trophy named Kobe Bryant Cup

NBA official announcement, All-Star MVP trophy named Kobe Bryant Cup
On February 16, the NBA officially announced that starting from the 2020 All-Star, the trophy of the All-Star MVP will be named after Kobe Bryant.On the morning of February 17, the 2020 All-Star Game will also produce the first player to win the Kobe Bryant Cup.Kobe Bryant played 20 seasons in the NBA, of which 18 seasons were selected to the All-Star, and all starters, ranked second in NBA history, second only to Jabal, 19 times, Kobe Bryant in 2002, 2007, 2009Every year, he won the All-Star MVP in 2011 and is the player with the most goals in NBA history.Therefore, whether it is considering Kobe’s achievements in the All-Star game, or to commemorate this deceased legendary star, the trophy named after him is indeed deserved.It is a precedent in NBA history to name a trophy after a player.There is no doubt that the championship trophy is called the O’Brien Cup. It is to commemorate former NBA Chairman Larry O’Brien.The final MVP trophy is also known as the Russell Cup, also to commemorate the legendary NBA star Bill Russell, only to change its name in 2009.Tomorrow’s All-Star is on the field. There will be a special memorial ceremony in ancient times to pay tribute to Kobe Bryant who has participated in 18 All-Stars and 4 All-Star MVP.James team wears No. 24 jersey and No. 2 jersey respectively. At that time, who will hold the first Kobe Bryant Cup is also worthy of attention.

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銆 愭 鹭 湭 Ning ﹁駢 熺 銳 鑓 撓 钓 咨 銆 抆 Xian Fengfu _ 鑺 璫 砫 砡 鑳 掁 钄 嗄 
娴峰甫鑺辩敓绫虫槸鍙互涓€璧峰悆鐨勶紝杩欎袱绉嶉鏉愭斁鍦ㄤ竴璧峰悆涓嶈兘浼氬奖鍝嶅埌褰兼鐨勮惀鍏讳环鍊硷紝鑰屼笖娴峰甫鑺辩敓绫崇倴鐚箘鍙互淇冭繘淇冭繘濂舵按鍒嗘硨浠ュ強琛ュ厖铔嬬櫧璐ㄧ瓑锛屽浜庝骇鍚庣殑韬綋鎭㈠鏄緢鍏抽敭鐨勩€傛捣甯﹁姳鐢熺背鐐栫尓韫勭殑鏃跺€欙紝鎴戜滑鍙灏嗚繖涓夎€呴鏉愪竴璧锋斁杩涢攨閲岋紝灏忕伀鎱㈢倴1涓皬鏃跺氨鍙互浜嗭紝鍏蜂綋鍋氭硶锛屽ぇ瀹跺彲浠ユ潵浜嗚В涓€涓嬨€傝姳鐢熷拰娴峰甫鑳戒竴璧峰悆鏉愭枡涓绘枡锛氭捣甯?鈙 戝 ソ 镄?100 嬏 嬶 瑴 瑺 瑓 綫?0 鍏 嬶 鐴 鐚  Fallen 200 鍏 嬶 鐴 醷  Adorable?0鍏嬨€傛竻姹?00 mammy?0 鍏 嬶 纴 鍏 鍏 獏 獏 総 綏 5 鍏 嬶 麴 鑳 ℃  綺 礯 璯 璯 璯 璯 璴 楦 $ 經 涺?鍏嬨€傚仛娉?.娴峰甫娲楀噣鍒囨垚涓濓紝鑺辩敓绫虫场娲楀共鍑€锛岀尓鎵嬬爫鎴愬潡锛岀敓濮滃垏鐗囷紝钁卞垏鑺便€?.鐡︾叢娉ㄥ叆娓呮堡锛屽姞鍏ョ尓鎵嬨€佹捣甯︺€佽姳鐢熺背銆佸銆佺叢40鍒嗛挓銆?.鍐嶈皟鍏ョ洂銆佸懗绮俱€佺櫧绯栥€佽儭妞掔矇鍚岀叢20鍒嗛挓锛岀劧鍚庢拻鍏ヨ懕鑺卞嵆鎴愩€傝姳鐢熶笉鑳藉拰浠€涔堜竴璧峰悆?1 銆 佳 鐢?榛勭摐锛氳吂娉婚粍鐡滃垏灏忎竵锛屽拰鐓姳鐢熺背涓€璧疯皟鎷岋紝浣滀负涓€閬撶埥鍙e噳鑿滐紝缁忓父娲Faint and unpredictable烇紝杩欐牱鎼厤涓嶆槸鍗佸垎濡ュ綋銆傚洜涓鸿繖涓ょ椋熺墿鎼厤鍙兘浼氬紩璧疯吂娉汇€傞粍鐡滄€у懗鐢樺瘨锛屽父鐢ㄦ潵鐢熼锛岃€岃姳鐢熺背澶氭补鑴傘€備竴鑸潵璁诧紝濡傛灉鎬у瘨椋熺墿涓庢补鑴傜浉閬囷紝浼氬鍔犲叾婊戝埄涔嬫€э紝鍙兘瀵艰嚧鑵规郴銆傚浜庨偅浜涜偁鑳冨姛鑳借秴濂界殑浜烘潵璇村彲鑳芥病鏈夊叧绯伙紝浣嗗浜庤偁鑳冨姛鑳戒笉鏄お濂界殑鏈嬪弸锛屾渶濂戒笉瑕佷袱鑰呭悓椋燂紝鍗充娇鍚岄鏈€濂戒笉瑕佸椋熴€?銆 佳 鐢?铻冭煿锛氳吂娉讳腑鍖昏杞斤細鑺辩敓浠佹€у懗鐢樺钩锛岃€屼笖鐜颁唬鍖诲鍙戠幇锛屽湪鑺辩敓涓惈鏈夊ぇ閲忕殑鑴傝偑锛屽叾鍚噺楂樿揪45%銆傚彲浠ヨ鑺辩敓鏄睘浜庢补鑵绘€ч鐗╃殑锛屽鏋滀笌瀵掑喎鎬х殑椋熺墿涓€鍧楅鐢ㄧ殑璇濓紝灏变細瀵艰嚧鍑虹幇鑵规郴鐨勭幇璞°€傚洜姝よ瀮锜逛笉鑳戒笌鑺辩敓浠佷笉瀹滃悓鏃惰繘椋燂紝鑲犺儍铏氬急涔嬩汉锛屽挨搴斿繉涔嬨€傝姳鐢熺殑鏈€浣虫惌閰嶉鐗?銆 佳 鐢?鑺硅彍鑺硅彍鍏锋湁娓呯儹銆佸钩鑲濄€佹槑鐩拰闄嶈鍘嬬殑浣滅敤銆傝姳鐢熷叿鏈夋琛€銆佹鼎鑲恒€佸拰鑳冦€侀檷琛€鍘嬨€侀檷鑳嗗浐閱囩瓑浣滅敤銆傚父鍚冭姳鐢熷彲鏀瑰杽鑴戣绠″惊鐜€佸欢缂撹“鑰併€備簩鑰呴厤浼嶉€傚悎楂樿鍘嬨€侀珮鑴傝鐥囥€佸姩鑴夎绠$播鏍风‖鍖栫瓑鎮h€呴鐢ㄣ€?銆 佳 鐢?I’m tired of it, I’m tired of it, I’m worried about it, I’m not sure what to do, I’m not sure what to do, I’m not sure how to do it.紝鍚庤€呮湁闃叉琛€鏍撶殑浣滅敤銆備袱鑰呯粨鍚堝彲淇濆績鑴忚绠$晠閫氭棤闃伙紝鍐嶅悆鑺辩敓绫冲彲澶уぇ闄嶄綆蹇冭剰鐥呯殑鍙戠梾鐜囥€?銆 佳 鐢?姣涜眴/鑺辩敓+鍟ら厭杩欑鎼厤鏂规硶鍗电7鑴傜殑鍚噺鏋侀珮锛岃€屽嵉纾疯剛杩涘叆鑳冭偁閬撳悗琚垎瑙f垚鑳嗙⒈锛岃繀閫熺粡灏忚偁榛忚啘鍚告敹杩涘叆琛€娑插啀鍏ヨ剳锛屽彂鎸ュ仴鑴剧泭鏅虹殑浣滅敤銆傝ˉ鍏呭嵉纾疯剛鍚庤蹇嗗姏涓庢櫤鍔涢兘鏈夋槑鏄炬彁楂樸€傚悆鑺辩敓鐨勬敞鎰忎簨椤?Concentration of hydrogen and hydrogen is very important, and it’s very difficult to solve the problem of silicon and silicon.闃磋櫄鍐呯儹鑰呭繉椋熺倰鑺辩敓锛屼互鍏嶅姪鐑捣鐏€?銆 佸 傂 圂 尉 尉 邆 傝 傝 姳 鐢 繺 瓺 間 世界  鏄 揿 叼 娼  倉 夛 溴 浜 х 敓 長 揶 転 緮 寮 寮 寮 揸 數 永 永 書 永 永 書 永 書绱犲彲寮曡捣涓瘨鎬ц倽鐐庛€佽倽纭寲銆佽倽鐧屻€傝繖绉嶆瘨绱犺€愰珮娓╋紝鐓庛€佺倰銆佺叜銆佺偢绛夌児璋冩柟娉曢兘鍒嗚В涓嶄簡瀹冦€傛墍浠ヤ竴瀹氳娉ㄦ剰涓嶅彲鍚冨彂闇夌殑鑺辩敓绫炽€?銆佸悆澶氫簡鏄撳緱鑲ヨ儢鐥囥€傛瘯绔炶姳鐢熻泲鐧借川銆佽姳鐢熸补閮芥槸楂樼儹閲忕殑椋熺墿锛屽悆澶氫簡鏄笉鏄撴秷鍖栫殑銆傚挨鍏舵槸鑲犺儍鍔熻兘宸殑浜烘洿搴斿皯鍚冧簺銆傝姳鐢熷惈娌硅剛楂樿揪50鈩?宸﹀彸锛屽悆澶氫簡鏄撳緱鑲ヨ儢鐥囥€傛墍浠ヨ姳鐢熻鑹ソ淇濆瓨锛屽鏋滃彂鐜颁笉鍐嶆柊椴滐紝灏变笉瑕佸啀椋熺敤浜嗐€備竴娆℃€т篃涓嶈鍚冨お澶氥€傛湁浜涙湅鍙嬩互涓鸿姳鐢熸湁鍑忚偉鍔熸晥锛屽氨鎶婂畠褰撲富椋燂紝杩欐槸澶ч敊鐗归敊鐨勩€傝櫧鐒惰姳鐢熸湁寰堝己鐨勯ケ鑵规劅锛屼絾鏄憚鍏ュお澶氾紝鑲畾浼氫激瀹宠韩浣撱€?

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銆 愮 叜 徜 哺 哾 哬 宑 宑 宑 哆 垆 垡 銆 銆 銆 醿 鍙 habitually _ pick pick 庝 箞 閰 准 枡 _ 濡 綍 疰 嶆 枡
鐓尪鍙惰泲鎯宠鏇村姞鐨勫叆鍛筹紝閭d箞涓€瀹氳閫夋嫨濂界殑璋冮厤鏂欙紝鑼跺彾铔嬬殑涓昏閰嶆枡锛屽氨鍖呮嫭鍏銆佹鐨€佽姳妞掍互鍙婇鍙剁瓑锛岃繖浜涢厤鏂欒€岀叜鑼跺彾铔嬬殑鑼讹紝灏介噺閫夋嫨绾㈣尪姣旇緝鍚堥€傘€?涓€銆佸仛鑼跺彾铔嬫斁浠€涔堣皟鏂?鑼跺彾铔嬬殑涓昏璋冩枡涓哄叓瑙掋€佹鐨€佽姳妞掋€侀鍙躲€佽尪鍙躲€佷簲棣欑矇銆佺洂銆佽€佹娊銆佺硸銆侀浮绮俱€傜叜楦¤泲瑕佺敤鍑夋按鐓啛,杩欐牱楦¤泲涓嶆槗鐐歌銆傚湪楦¤泲涓婇潰鍒掍笂鍑犲垁,鍙互浣块浮铔嬫洿瀹规槗鍏ュ懗鍛抽亾鏇村ソ銆傜剸鑷冲緱鏃堕棿瓒婇暱瓒婂ソ鍚冦€傚仛鑼跺彾铔嬫渶濂界敤绾㈣尪,鍥犱负绾㈣尪棣欐祿鑰屼笉鑻︽订,棰滆壊椴滀寒,鐓嚭鏉ョ殑铔嬮姘斿洓婧?What’s the difference? What are you talking about, what are you doing?浜屻€佹潗鏂? Last 泲 500 鍏?string together?Trickle?銆 佸 叓 nau?绮掋€佹鏋?Do you love drilling?00鍏嬨€佺孩鑼跺彾鍗婃澂銆侀叡娌瑰崐鏉€傚仛娉?1銆佸厛灏嗙孩鑼跺彾鍔犳按4鏉儳寮€,鏀瑰皬鐏叜10鍒嗛挓,鐒跺悗灏嗚尪鍙舵崬闄?鑼舵堡涓姞鍏ヤ互绾卞竷鍖呭ソ鐨勫叓瑙掋€佹鏋濄€佺敇鑽?2 銆 丸 姏 ラ ラ 娌 Si silicon forging?What are you going to do?10 闒 嗛 撓 庖 庡 楦 泲 掹 炲 嚭 , 鐢 ㄧ  瀛 愯 Take the tea 泲 澹?Do you have a lot of sweat? Do you have a long time?0 鍒 嗛 挓; 3 銆 佺 鐲 鐏  悗 璁 ╅Float, 嬬 嬬 鍦 ㄨ 尪 姹 丷 軑 軑 謒 堹 堹 尹 丸 丸 丸 丸 Fan 鍑 半 僾 郆 鬆 炆 傆 傆 傆 傆 傆 傆 傆 傆 傆 傆 傆 僆¤ 抲 銆 但 尪 鍙?杈呮枡锛氬叓瑙掋€佹鐨€佽姳妞掋€佽尨棣欍€侀鍙躲€佽崏瀵囥€佽€佹娊銆佺洂銆侀鏂?銆 乹 奸 楦 峲 娓 呮 娞 陣 镣 镣  啛 銆?What are you talking about?What’s the difference between Nanzhu and Zhuan?2 銆 侀 哔 哔 叜 参 擂 悗 鍙 栧 叉 鏉?I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to destroy it, I ‘ll do it, I ‘ll do it, I ‘ll read it, I ‘ll do it, I ‘ll do it, do n’t do it, I ‘ll do it.娌?銆佹堡姹佺叜娌稿悗鍔犲叆鑰佹娊鍜岀洂,鏀惧叆楦¤泲涓€璧风叜5銆佺洊涓婇攨鐩?Trickle down?0 闒 嗛 捏 鍏 Chongqin, Xian Xuanchang 8 tricks, tricks and trickles each other?璁╅浮铔嬪叆鍛冲氨鍙互寮€鍚冧簡

[Causes of sexual dysfunction]

[Causes of sexual dysfunction]

Sexual dysfunction not only affects the physiology of men, but also affects the psychology of male friends. Sexual dysfunction has caused many male friends to lose self-confidence and self-esteem, and sexual dysfunction alternately affects the sexual well-being of couples and may also lead to the relationship between husband and wife.The destruction even caused the whole family to be broken, so what exactly caused the emergence of sexual dysfunction?

In fact, there are many factors that affect sexual dysfunction, so we have to find the cause according to the individual’s different conditions. As long as the cause is found, it is much easier to treat sexual dysfunction according to the cause.

Factors that cause sexual dysfunction In daily life, the causes of sexual dysfunction can be roughly divided into three categories: biological factors, psychological factors and cultural factors.

Among them, psychological factors are the most important. The more direct psychological factors that affect sexual function mainly lead to incorrect sexual attitudes. Sexual anxiety due to fear of husband and wife life failure may be the most common cause of sexual dysfunction.Appropriate requirements or excessive demand for sexual dysfunction treatment equipment, asking each other for husband and wife life is also the basic cause of sexual dysfunction.

The main causes of sexual dysfunction are as follows: 1. Worry and physical loss.

I thought ejaculation would hurt my vitality, so I abstinence for a period of time.

This kind of injury and fear of excessive consumption of misunderstanding and misrepresentation that semen is more valuable than blood.

2, worrying about his wife’s dissatisfaction, the psychological burden during intercourse will be large, the result really leads to sexual function, worrying that the penis is too small to satisfy his wife, etc. In fact, this situation is not only unnecessary, unnecessary, but alsoIt will aggravate the patient’s negative psychology and produce psychological pressure, but it really affects sexual function.

3. Worry about your sex life is not normal.

Human sexual life has the characteristics of concealment and irreversibility. It is easy to make some people think that “I will have an abnormal sexual life” because they only understand their own sexual life and do not know the situation of others.

4, penile infection can also cause some sexual dysfunction, caused by sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia infection and genital wound rash, reverse ejaculation occurs after performing prostate or urethral surgery, or taking drugs to keep the bladder open, diabetes (canDamage the nerves that close the bladder during ejaculation).

In the above, we introduced what sexual dysfunction is. We know that sexual dysfunction causes great wounds to male friends, but we are afraid to go to the hospital for treatment because we believe it is difficult to hide. In fact, we can also determine the cause of sexual dysfunction.After you know the cause, you still need to actively treat it.

[How long does the white peony shrimp cook?】 _How to cook_How to cook

銆 愮 槮 頺 頺 頌 頦  撔 咃 銆 抆 慱 許 閝 箞 邞 傠 傠 傍 傍 頍 頦?
You can pick up Ning Ge, and you can pick up Ning Ge. You can pick it up. If you want to use it, you can use it to distinguish it.The father and mother are not completely new, and the new ones are very different. They are all the same, and they are very interesting. They are the most important ones, and they are the most important ones.槸姣旇緝缁嗗鐨勶紝铏惧湪骞虫椂鐨勫仛娉曚篃鏄緢绠€鍗曠殑锛岃櫨鐨勭绫绘槸闈炲父澶氱殑锛屼笉鍚岀绫荤殑铏撅紝鍚冩硶涔熸槸涓嶅悓鐨勶紝閭g櫧鑺嶈櫨鐓€氬父鏄渶瑕佺叜澶氶暱鏃堕棿鍛?鐧界伡铏剧叜鍑犲垎閽熸€庝箞鐓?鐧界伡铏捐鐓涔呮按鐢ㄥぇ鐏儳寮€鍚?Learn from others?, 吏 锅 姞 吩?+ 閰?+ 濮滅墖,鍐嶆斁铏剧儷,铏剧毊鍙樼孩鑹插悗,灏卞彲浠ヤ簡,涓€鑸笁鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸. 濡傛灉瑕佽€佷竴鐐?灏卞啀澶氱叜涓€涓?涓€瀹氳鐢ㄥぇ澶х伀,杩欐牱铏炬墠濂藉悆,鐩愬彲浠ュ鏀句竴鐐?The world’s most powerful dramas: the vicissitudes of life and coaxing?钁卞 鐧介厭涓€鍕哄仛娉?1)鍩哄洿铏炬礂鍑€,鍑忓幓铏鹃』,娌ュ共澶囩敤。2) What is the chain link?Huan?Do you sorrow?鏀惧叆鍒囧ソ鐨勮懕鐧藉拰濮滅墖,鍊掑叆灏戣鐧介厭,鍐嶅姞鍏ラ€傞噺娓呮按.3)寰呮按寮€鍚?Do you don’t want to make a show?鐒跺悗鍑洪攨杩呴€熸斁鍏ュ啺姘翠腑娴告场涓€浼?4) What are the villages?Recognize each other with picks and picks.(Wan Nang: Open-mouthed sue for sorrow and frustration.) How to create something?鍦ㄦ杩囩▼涓彧鐢ㄥ紑姘寸劘涓€涓嬬殑璇?闒 黌 揄 叄 叆 叆 叆 叆 叛 換 浼 氭 画 鐣?鍔犲叆濮溿€佽懕鍜岄厭杩涜鐧界伡鐨勮瘽,鑵ュ懗鎵嶅彲鍘诲敖.The pickaxe is a hot pot, and it is very delicate. It ‘s a bit of a chain. It ‘s a bit of a chain. It ‘s so tedious. What ‘s the matter?Do you have a jar?What are you doing?鐓殑鐏€欒鎺屾彙濂?What are you going to do?鍚﹀垯鑲夎川灏辫€佷簡,涓€鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸鍗冲彲.Do you want to sue and press the button to find the flaws?浠 ュ 日 铏 鑏 ご 鑴 Disability.鐓ソ鐨勮櫨涓€瀹氳杩囧噳鍒板啺鐨勭姸鎬佹墠鑳戒娇铏捐倝涓嶈€佸苟淇濇寔鑴嗗鐨勫彛鎰?椋熸潗鐨勫鐞嗘柟娉曡櫨涔板洖鏉ュ悗鍏堢敤娓呮按鍐叉礂骞插噣,鐒跺悗灏嗚櫨鍘绘帀铏剧嚎,鍓櫨椤汇€佽櫨鑴?A total of trouble.It’s so simmering.纰椾腑鍔犲叆棣欒懕鏈€佸鏈€佺洂銆佺啛娌广€佺敓鎶姐€佺硸璋冩垚铇告枡.涓€瀹氳鐢ㄧ儹娌规穻钁卞拰钂?揩 欐 牱 forging out of gallium gallium 傛 偛 傛  镒?What’s going on? 璋冨懗姹佸彲浠ユ寜鐓ц嚜宸辩殑鍠滃ソ鍘婚厤鍒躲€傝惀鍏讳环鍊间粙缁?Do you want to donate money, don’t you want to donate Jiang, don’t you donate Jiang, don’t you?Is it possible to change the situation of each other and change each other’s abilities? What’s the difference between you and me?2 銆 佌 潌 Want to go to the chain?Is it true that you are in the same position?What is the difference between the realm of the world and the realm of the realm? 甠 締 $ 缴 缁?瀹冨彲鍑忓皯琛€娑蹭腑鑳嗗浐閱囧惈閲?闃叉鍔ㄨ剦纭寲,鍚屾椂杩樿兘鎵╁紶鍐犵姸鍔ㄨ剦,鏈夊埄浜庨闃查珮琛€鍘嬪強蹇冭倢姊楁;3銆佽櫨鐨勯€氫钩浣滅敤杈冨己,骞朵笖瀵屽惈纾枫€侀挋銆佸灏忓効銆佸瓡濡囧挨鏈夎ˉ鐩婂姛鏁?

[Diet for patients with liver disease]_Patients with liver disease_How to eat_How to eat

鑲濊剰鐤剧梾鏄洰鍓嶇殑甯歌鐥咃紝涓昏鏄洜涓鸿倽缁嗚優鍙戠敓鐥呭彉閫犳垚鐨勶紝鎮h€呭湪骞虫椂鍥犱负韬綋浼氬嚭鐜拌偉鑳栵紝楗鏂归潰闇€瑕佹敞鎰忓師鍒欎笂鐨勯檺鍒讹紝搴旇瑕佹帶鍒惰剛鑲拰纰虫按鍖栧悎鐗╃殑鎽勫叆锛屽寘鎷竴浜涗娇鐢ㄧ殑绯栧垎闇€瑕侀伩鍏嶏紝骞虫椂甯歌鐨勯珮铔嬬櫧浠ュ強椋熺洂灏介噺鐨勬帶鍒朵竴涓嬶紝娓呮贰鐨勯鐗╁韬綋濂姐€?楗鍘熷垯1锛庢帶鍒剁儹閲忔憚鍏ワ紝浠ヤ究鎶婅倽缁嗚優鍐呯殑鑴傝偑姘у寲娑堣€椼€傝偉鑳栬€呭簲閫愭鍑忚偉锛屼娇浣撻噸闄嶈嚦鏍囧噯浣撻噸鑼冨洿鍐呫€?If you have just installed it, just click on it and click on it ╂ 惮 鍏 ワ 纴 椋 欤 撺 撫 殑 厽 叆 咆 喅 喅 囩 囧 嘿 銆?What are you doing? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing?锛庝繚璇佹柊椴滆敩鑿滐紝灏ゅ叾鏄豢鍙惰敩鑿滀緵搴旓紝浠ユ弧瓒虫満浣撳缁寸敓绱犵殑闇€瑕併€?5: What’s the matter? What’s the matter?鍏嬩负瀹溿€?锛庨€傞噺楗按锛屼互淇冭繘鏈轰綋浠h阿鍙婁唬璋㈠簾鐗╃殑鎺掓硠銆?锛庡惈鏈夌敳纭皑鍩洪吀涓板瘜鐨勯鐗╋紝濡傚皬绫炽€佽姖楹汇€佽彔鑿滅瓑椋熷搧鍙績杩涗綋鍐呯7鑴傚悎鎴愶紝鍗忓姪鑲濈粏鑳炲唴鑴傝偑鐨勮浆鍙樸€?锛庡繉杈涜荆鍜屽埡婵€鎬ч鐗┿€?閫傚疁椋熷搧涓€銆佽嫻鏋滃惈鏈変赴瀵岀殑閽撅紝鍙帓鍑轰綋鍐呭浣欑殑鐢茬洂锛岀淮鎸佹甯哥殑琛€鍘嬨€備簩銆佺嚂楹﹀惈鏋佷赴瀵岀殑浜氭补閰稿拰涓板瘜鐨勭殏鐢欑礌锛屽彲闄嶄綆琛€娓呰儐鍥洪吀銆佺敇娌逛笁閰€備笁銆佺帀绫冲惈涓板瘜鐨勯挋銆佺銆佸嵉纾疯剛銆佺淮鐢熺礌E绛夛紝鍏锋湁闄嶄綆琛€娓呰儐鍥洪唶鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€傚洓銆佹捣甯﹀惈涓板瘜鐨勭墰纾洪吀锛屽彲闄嶄綆琛€鍙婅儐姹椾腑鐨勮儐鍥洪唶锛涢鐗╃氦缁磋钘婚吀锛屽彲浠ユ姂鍒惰儐鍥洪唶鐨勫惛鏀讹紝淇冭繘鍏舵帓娉勩€備簲銆佸ぇ钂滃惈纭寲鐗╃殑娣峰悎This is a good example of how to do it, if you want to know how to do it, if you want to go through it, you will be able to read it from here.I am afraid that you will be able to see if you are in trouble, or if you are in trouble.What’s the matter? Is it true that there is nothing wrong with you?

China Eastern Airlines (600115) commented in the 2019 Interim Report: performance continued to decline14.

9% are optimistic about the future company Shanghai-Beijing Ssangyong’s overseas layout or optimization of resource structure

China Eastern Airlines (600115) commented in the 2019 Interim Report: performance continued to decline14.

9% are optimistic about the future company Shanghai-Beijing Ssangyong’s overseas layout or optimization of resource structure

Company announcement semi-annual report: Performance decreased by 14 year-on-year.


1) Financial data: The report initially achieved operating income of 58.8 billion yuan, an increase of 8% year-on-year; net profit attributable to mothers19.

4 ‰, an average of 14 in ten years.

9%, deducting non-profit 15.

6 billion, 26% of the previous budget.

2) View by quarter: Q1 and Q2 attributable net profit are 20 respectively.

100 million and -0.

600 million, with a non-profit of 19.

400 million and -3.

700 million, the maximum profit of foreign exchange deduction Q1 is 18.

200 million, Q2 is 10.

9 billion.

3) The company’s sale of 65% of the shares of Shanghai Airlines and the increase in the profits of its associates resulted in an investment income of 2.

6.2 billion, an annual increase of 1.

700 million.

4) Exchange rate: The exchange rate depreciated in the first half of the year.

2%, where Q1 appreciates by 1.

9%, Q2 depreciates by 2.

1%, depreciation in the same period last year.

3%, the company’s exchange loss in the first half of about 200 million, 18H1 was 5.

500 million, 19Q2 exchange loss of 12.

500 million, 2 billion in 18Q2.

Sensitivity: The company’s US dollar debt was 48.9 billion yuan, and the exchange rate of 南宁桑拿 the renminbi to the US dollar was 1%, affecting net profit3.

1.3 billion, the lowest of the three major airlines.

In the first half of the year, seat kilometer revenue decreased by 1 every year.

2%, the unit cost of deducting oil decreased by 1.


1) In the first half of the year, the company’s ASK increased in ten years.

4%, RPK growth for ten years.

6%, with a load factor of 82.

2%, a year to raise 0.

2 averages, but the increase in passenger-kilometer revenue decreased by 1.

5%, seat-offs fell by 1.

2%; the company disclosed that the level of revenue from oil-containing and co-operating passenger-kilometres continued to decline1.

35%, of which domestic flights drop by 2 each.4%, international routes increased slightly by 0.

4%, regional airlines have 5.

A 9% better increase.

We estimate 南宁桑拿 that Q2’s revenue fell 3%, and Q1’s growth was 1%.

In the second quarter, due to the launch of new routes and the impact of industry demand, the revenue was weaker than in the first quarter.

2) Cost: The company’s unit deduction cost per unit kilometer decreased by 1 in the first half of the year.


Aviation fuel costs increase by 9% per year, and fuel consumption increases by 8 per year.

The unit fuel consumption decreased by 72%; the unit artificial increase of 3% was the biggest improvement item, and other operating costs decreased by 6.


3) The new accounting standards have a significant impact on current costs and expenses: From January 2019, the new accounting standards will be implemented. On the cost side: depreciation, operating lease expenses, and repair expenses will increase as a result of the consolidation of leases.

700 million, an annual increase of 12%, the unit ASK cost increased by 1.


In addition, the impact is on interest expenses from lease debt, but this part affects expenses, which are high before low.

The company sits on the Shanghai super hub, and will enter Daxing Airport to realize the layout of Ssangyong Overseas.

1) The company’s core hub share continues to increase.

Four domestic bases: two games in Shanghai, two games in Beijing, Kunming and Xi’an market share in the first half of 2019 were 40.

62%, 18.

53%, 37.

75%, 29.

03%, Beijing and Kunming increased slightly from the end of 2018, Shanghai and Xi’an maintained.

2) Future opportunities: Equity cooperation with Auspicious (Junyao Group). On August 29, the company has completed H shares 5 to Auspicious Hong Kong.

After the completion of the issuance of 1.8 billion shares, China Eastern Airlines will hold 15% of Juneyao Airlines, and Juneyao Airlines and Juneyao Group will collectively hold approximately 10% of the company’s shares, because the two parties together account for more than 50% of the Shanghai marketShare, the Shanghai market will be enlarged and strengthened together in the future.

At the same time, after the S1 satellite hall of Pudong Airport is put into use in the second half of the year, the company’s flight bridge rate will be greatly increased, which will also make its international connections more convenient.

3) Daxing Airport is occupied and used. The company focuses on the development of domestic trunk lines, high-yield routes from Japan and South Korea, and long-distance routes. China United Airlines focuses on second- and third-tier city networks, forming complementary advantages and echoing the Shanghai market.

At the same time, the high-yield Beijing-Shanghai Express Line will still operate at the Capital Airport.

Profit forecast and estimation: 1) Based on RMB depreciation to 7.

15, more than the Air Force 6.

At the same time, the industry demand growth rate is earlier than expected, we adjusted our profit forecast to 2019-21 net profit of 53, 78 and 97 million US dollars (budgets are 97, 1119 and 14.6 billion), corresponding to 2019-21 PEThey are 14, 9 and 8 times.

2) Since the third quarter, the Civil Aviation Development Fund has been halved, and the price of jet fuel has dropped by more than 10% every six months. The favorable cost is expected to drive the main industry upward.

The company is currently PB1.

3 times, in the historical bottom area, and gradually has configuration value.

Maintain the “strong push” level.

Risk reminder: Oil prices increase sharply, exchange rates increase substantially, and the economy grows significantly.

Haitian Flavor Industry (603288) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Performance Maintains Steady Growth

Haitian Flavor Industry (603288) 2019 First 佛山桑拿网 Quarterly Report Review: Performance Maintains Steady Growth

Investment Highlights: Event: The company released its 2019 quarterly report.

In the first quarter of 2019, total operating income was 54.

900 million, an annual increase of 16.

95%; net profit attributable to mother 14.

USD 7.7 billion, an annual increase of 22.

81%, performance in line with expectations.

Opinion: The core products and core areas have maintained steady growth.

In terms of products, the company’s soy sauce, seasoning sauce and oyster sauce achieved revenue of 32.

9.3 billion, 7.

200 million and 9.

2.4 billion, an increase of 14 each year.

68%, 6.

苏州桑拿网13% and 24.


In terms of regions, the eastern region, the southern region, the central region, the northern region and the western region achieved revenue 11 respectively.

3.4 billion, 10.

9.5 billion, 10.

8.4 billion, 13.

6.8 billion and 6.

1.3 billion, an increase of 17 each year.

11%, 11.

13%, 20.

16%, 10.

27% and 26.


Offline and online revenues were 52 respectively.

0 billion and 0.

9.5 billion, an increase of 14 each year.

93% and 64.


At the end of the first quarter, the number of dealers was 4,989, a net increase of 182.

Gross profit margin decreased slightly and net profit margin increased.

The company’s gross profit margin decreased by 0.

92 out of 45.

78%, during which the rate of expenses declines by 2 every year.

12 up to 14.

06%, of which the sales expense ratio decreases by 1 every year.

15 perfect to 12.03%, the management expense rate drops by 0 every year.

19 perfect to 3.

46%, the financial expense rate is reduced by 0 every year.

78 excellent to -1.


Benefiting from the decrease in expense ratio, the increase in net interest rate increased by 1.

28 good 26.


Investment advice: Maintain the recommended level.

The company’s EPS for 2019-2020 is expected to be 1.

97 yuan, 2.

31 yuan, corresponding to PE and 44 times and 38 times.

The company is a domestic condiment leader with brand, scale and channel advantages. It is expected to continue to increase market concentration and maintain recommendation levels in the future.

risk warning.

Intensified market competition.