Ridsivir antidote expects to burst?Related A-share company stocks plunge

Ridsivir antidote expects to burst?Related A-share company stocks plunge
Sauna Night News (reporter Li Yunqi) adopts reports that Radexivir may be ineffective for New Coronary Pneumonia, and dividend Ridsivir related stocks are affected.In early trading on April 24, the listed company Bo Teng shares opened a daily limit.In addition, the stocks of Borui Pharmaceutical, Zhongda University, Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical, Yongtai Technology, and Kelun Pharmaceutical also declined.On April 23, U.S. time, foreign media cited the World Health Organization’s Unexpected Document Index report that Gilead’s potential anti-new coronavirus drug ridxivir failed in the first randomized clinical trial.Gilead, a Red West Sawson manufacturer, plunged 4 times during the session.43%.On the same day, Gilead Sciences issued a public statement saying that the World Health Organization prematurely released information about China’s first clinical study, which is that researchers can permit the release of the results, and the information has been deleted.Gilead believes that the article published by the World Health Organization contains an inappropriate description of the study, “Because of the low enrollment rate, the study was terminated early, so its data is not sufficient to support statistically significant performance.””[Gilead: China ‘s critical clinical research data is not enough to support statistically significant statistics], on the afternoon of April 24, Gilead Science issued a Chinese version statement on the official WeChat platform, which was prematurely published on the World Health Organization website.Information from the first clinical study in China, which evaluated the use of the antiviral drug Ridesivir in severely ill patients with the new coronavirus pneumonia.Gilead proposed that the above study was terminated early due to the low enrollment rate, “its data are not sufficient to support a statistically meaningful response.”For its part, the results of this study are non-diabetic, although the trend of the data suggests potential benefits of redoxivir, especially among patients who are treated early.We learned that the existing data has been submitted for peer-reviewed release, and we will see more detailed information on this research later.”At the same time, Gilead Science once again announced the expected release time of the redoxivir research data, saying that it is expected to release the results of an open-label study on redoxivir for severe patients with new coronavirus pneumonia at the end of this month.Gilead said that this is a randomized clinical trial and all patients have been enrolled. The study will compare the treatment results and safety of 5 days or 10 days after the use of reducivir. “We expect to obtain the alignment at the end of May.Data from an open-label study of patients with psychiatric disorders, this study will compare the results of patients receiving Radecivir for 5 days, 10 days, and receiving standard treatment.Gilead expects to also receive data from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of ridacive in patients of varying severity at the end of May.On April 10, the Air Force announced the results of its first clinical trial. The sample evaluated data from 53 patients from the United States, Europe, Canada, and Japan that indicated a median of 18 days after the first use of ridxivirApproximately in advance, 68% of patients receiving Radecivir improved oxygen support levels.The overall mortality rate for this mortality rate is 13%, and the mortality rate for the subgroup of patients with invasive ventilation is 18%, which is higher than the mortality rate of 5% for patients with noninvasive ventilation support.According to media reports, a draft document issued by the World Health Organization “accidentally” showed that in a clinical trial in China, 237 patients participated in the trial. The results of the trial showed that the use of the drug was not related to the patient’s condition improving or worsening.The mortality rate of patients using the drug was 13.9%, compared with 12 deaths in patients receiving standard treatment.8%.The earliest is that in early February, China launched some preliminary studies on severe and moderately ill patients.Since then, the five additional Randavivir trials have been launched around the world.However, in addition to the above-mentioned draft documents issued by the World Health Organization “accidentally”, the clinical trials conducted by Reducive in China have not published results.On February 25 of the Air Force, the State Intellectual Property Office publicly stated that the results of the clinical trials of ridxivir will be announced on April 27.[Reed Westwell-related stocks plummeted to the bottom of Botten shares]On April 24th, a long-term listed company that had issued news related to Reed Westweg Lied fell sharply.Among them, Bo Teng shares fell in early trading, Yongtai Technology’s largest decline was more than 9%, and Borui Pharmaceutical’s largest decline was more than 5%.Looking back at the beginning of February, through Gilead’s announcement of the clinical research development of Ridesivir in the world, some domestic Gilead partners have also made statements related to Gilead or Ridesivir.Daily limit.From the opening of the market on February 3 to February 10, the listed company Bo Teng shares had a daily limit of 6 consecutive trading days, which has been closed from 15 on January 23.76 yuan / share rose to 27 on February 10 closing.93 yuan / share.At that time, Bo Teng shares issued an announcement on the evening of February 4th that Gilead was the company ‘s core customer. The company began to provide customized R & D and production services for Gilead Scientific ‘s antiviral drug Ridesivir in 2015, and more than 2016The senior middleman who delivered the clinical requirements at the second time, “ultimately, according to the company’s business information, the above matters will not have a significant impact on the company’s 2020 performance.”On February 11, Borui Pharmaceuticals announced that it has successfully developed the synthesizing process technology and formulation technology of rudexivir API, and has already mass-produced rusixivir API.After the news was released, Borui Pharmaceutical’s stocks grew rapidly, reaching a 20% surge on February 12, and 19 on February 13 and 14, respectively.99%, 10.17%.The decision of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on March 1 showed that the “mass production” mentioned in the announcement of Borui Pharmaceuticals is actually a substitute for pilot production of small and medium-sized test and pilot test for drug research and development. On March 2, Borui Pharmaceuticals is expected to fall, falling -14.67%.Opening on April 24, Borui Pharmaceuticals declined and the largest intraday drop was more than 5%.Yongtai Technology also suffered from Ridewell’s surge. The data shows that Yongtai Technology set five consecutive daily limits from February 3 to 6, and the total market value soared by nearly 50 billion.At that time, Yongtai Technology stated on the investor question and answer platform that the company’s downstream customers include companies such as Gilead and Bayer.Recently, the company recognizes that Gilead’s research drug Ridesivir can be used to treat new coronavirus pneumonia. The company is actively approaching Gilead’s downstream customers and other downstream customers to seek possible cooperation opportunities.In addition, Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical, a listed company that provides pharmaceutical intermediate services to Gilead Sciences, saw its stocks rise sharply from February 3rd to 6th, during which there were three consecutive daily limits.In fact, at that time, Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical also reminded investors many times that it did not conduct substantial cooperation with Gilead on the new coronavirus pneumonia drug Ridesivir.On April 24, Yongtai Technology opened lower in early trading, with the largest intraday drop of more than 9.At 8%, the decline was expected to stop several times; Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical opened lower in early trading, reaching a maximum decline of more than 3%.Sauna, Ye.net editor Yun Caizhou proofread Wang Xin

Peak Showdown allows the audience to see more possibilities of performance

“Peak Showdown” allows the audience to see more possibilities of performance
Li Bingbing, Meng Meiqi apprentice and Hui Yinghong, Fei Qiming apprentice.The audience’s impression of Li Yuchun is still that she is a singer. In “The Peak Showdown”, Li Yuchun showed the infinite possibilities in acting.  Last Saturday, Zhejiang Satellite TV’s “I am the Actor’s Peak Showdown” staged the pinnacle finals. Eventually Li Bingbing became the championship of this season’s show through the corner of Mei Xiangnan, a domestic violence in the “Don’t Talk to Strangers” clip.From “Birth of Actors” to “I Am Actors”, the show focuses on discovering outstanding actors, succeeds in rectifying good acting skills, and at the same time opens the actor’s “value return”; this season the competition is upgraded to “peak showdown”, invitationNearly 20 nationally recognized “play bones” and striking cross-border actors in the circle presented the audience with evenly matched and brilliant appreciative works.From a communication point of view, this year’s “Peak Showdown” has reached a new high in terms of both ratings and word of mouth: the average ratings for this season’s programs are 1.188%, CSM59 city group first in the same period.96 microblogs were gradually searched, and 177 were searched on the entire network, detonating the top of the variety show popularity in the fourth quarter, with 21 main topic readings.600 million, the total reading of derivative topics is 128.7 billion.In addition, this season’s programs “Stepfather”, “Chinese Girl” and other excerpts have also won praise from the media for many times, which has aroused continuous attention on the social topics of women’s volleyball, Alzheimer’s disease, and autism.  The director of the show, Wu Tong, said in an exclusive interview with Sauna Nightnet that “Fairy Fight” will allow the audience to see more possibilities of actors, while also enhancing the public’s aesthetic ability in performing arts.High, performance is also very professional, and has its own performance laws and methods.The audience appreciates more, and they will better understand what kind of real good performance is.”A mature actor jumping out of the comfort zone can be called a demonstration. Before this, the audience may have a hard time imagining the many old drama bones that have won the Golden Rooster Award, Hundred Flowers Award, Huabiao Award, and Feitian Award. They can compete with the public on the same stage and compete in acting.Review and eliminate.And this was successfully achieved in “Peak Showdown”.For example, in this season’s show, Li Bingbing challenged the ragged bereavement mother in “The Loft”; “The Wife of Revenge” burning the betrayed anger under the gentle and kind appearance in “Double Food”, # 李冰冰 眼神 #, #Keywords such as Li Bingbing crying drama # have been searched for many times, and its “facelifting” acting skills also allowed the audience to redefine the actor Li Bingbing.  Hui Yinghong reproduced the style of “Queen of Martial Arts” on the show, starred in the “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” clip and edited a “fist dance” combining martial arts and monologue; and “Elder”, a clip of the movie “Dating in Love” with Ni Ping.In addition, Zhang Guoli’s “1942” and “Stepfather”, Liu Xiaoqing’s “Wu Zetian” and “Draping Curtain”, and Qin Hao’s “Father and Son” and “No Thieves in the World” have also become classic “acting skills textbooks.”  Talking about why to do the “peak matchup”, Wu Tong admitted that in 2019, there are many performance variety shows for young actors in China; and as a leader of this type, they want to innovate and do a performance demonstration program.Let the audience see how the actors who have already achieved fame, face the script on the stage, face the competition, and face the performance.At the same time, the mutual discussion between the “peaks” also gives the actors the opportunity to break through the comfort zone and show the public more possibilities for their performance.”Sister Bingbing rarely plays bad guys, for example, and challenged” Double Food “on the show; and” Tuya’s Marriage “is her first time playing a Mongolian woman. These are the types of characters that everyone has not seen before.The audience can see the new look of these actors.”Li Yuchun’s cross-border performance is full of highlights. In addition to the success of the famous drama, there are also many cross-border actors with amazing acting skills in” Peak Showdown “. For example, Li Yuchun successfully wrote her actor’s identity.In the first issue of Li Yuchun, who spoke a Sichuanese in “The Unknown”, Ma Jiaqi, who was in a wheelchair because of high paraplegia, was desperate to die. The sincere and aura performance made Li Yuchun the biggest “black horse”.The original star of the role, Ren Suxi, on Weibo, praised “very good” and “Mo Qian modestly” without hesitation.After that, Li Yuchun challenged Gong Li’s Qiu Ju in “Quotations” (formerly “Qiu Ju’s Lawsuit”), and included a completely different subversive performance from the original version to surprise everyone again; “Get out!”Although the corner of Bearton in Tumor King left Li Yuchun deeply desperate for a while, eventually she will still have cancer and laugh at her optimistic attitude towards life, as well as her family’s reluctance and guilt, through the delicate performances.  ”I can vaguely feel that she is very interested in acting.Wu Tong revealed.The first time he met Li Yuchun, she greeted him actively in the background, saying that he only saw him after seeing the final curtain call of “I Am an Actor” Finals, “General audiences change channels after watching the championship, but Chunchun has beenOnly after paying attention to this program and having a sense of ritual will I notice this.”In Wu Tong’s view, Li Yuchun is a very simple actor, never picking roles or grabbing plays, and is very desperate during rehearsals.For example, “Get out of here!””Oncology Jun” has been revised many times because of the script, Li Yuchun could choose other clips, but she said “regardless of whether it is good or bad, I will be scolded to perform on stage, and can not allow the program team to open the skylight.In addition to Li Yuchun, the program team also invited singer Yang Kun to challenge Liu Ye who played by Feng Xiaogang in “Old Cannon”.Although this is Yang Kun’s first actor’s show, even Li Chengru, who was so sharp, praised “it’s really like Feng Xiaogang”.  ”Performance is universal, and many actors with good acting skills are not necessarily from the class.And the actors we invited should also be in full bloom, which can surprise everyone and let the audience see the different aspects of these cross-border artists.Wu Tong explained.  ”Chinese Girl”, “Stepfather” and other social topics focus on this year’s “Peak Showdown” in-depth script adaptation, invited many senior film and television screenwriters, strictly control the logic of the drama, but also pay more attention to the current social topics in the choice.  For example, Li Yuchun and Liang Jing once co-starred in the classic segment of “Chinese Girl”. Li Yuchun challenged the role of female volleyball players and recalled the touching moments of the women’s volleyball championship.The moment when Li Yuchun and Liang Jing sang the national anthem cry, they touched the audience.  Zhang Guoli and Ma Sichun’s “Stepfather” focuses on Alzheimer’s disease, adapted from the film “Going Home for New Year”, which tells that Lan Lan accidentally killed his stepfather’s daughter Honghong and was sentenced to prison.However, the family found out that things were wrong, and the stepfather could not remember who he was.”Stepfather” lays out the neglect of Alzheimer’s patients in society and the lack of care for the empty nest elderly through the plot.  A congressional person once commented that “Peak Showdown” is the highest-profile fighting show in the current performing arts circle, and it is also a stage where art and realism look at each other.It is reported that the next season of “I am an actor” may return to the past mentor + actor mode. “I really look for the most performers in China. I think this is still the core of” I am an actor “and our future development direction.”Writing / Sauna, Night Net Zhanghe

[Can pregnant women eat alcoholic peanuts]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat alcoholic peanuts]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

Alcoholic peanut rice is a snack that tastes delicious, especially in the occasion of drinking. Alcoholic peanut rice has become an indispensable role.

In the production of alcoholic peanut rice, the so-called monosodium glutamate salt and dried chili are added to it, and the taste of alcoholic peanut rice becomes more and more full, and it will be more vigorous.

Pregnant women need to pay special attention to their diet to promote the healthy growth of their babies, so pregnant women can eat alcoholic peanuts?

Can pregnant women eat alcoholic peanuts?
Can pregnant women eat alcoholic peanuts, but do not eat too much, because alcoholic peanuts are more spicy, which can easily lead to constipation, dry stools, and hemorrhoids.

How to make alcoholic peanuts: peanuts, dried peppers, peppercorns, star anise, fragrant leaves: oil, salt, sugar 1, pour peanuts into a pot, add water, and cook for 10 minutes.

2. Cut the dried peppers into shreds, and cut all the dried peppers into shreds.

3. After cutting, pour in peppercorns and pour in water (because the peppercorns and dried peppers are very easy to paste when fried, soak them in water, they won’t fry) 4. After the peanuts are soaked, rub them by handAfter a while, the skin is easy to fall off. Remove the peanut rice skin and peel it off.

5, soaked peppercorns, dried peppers to control water, set aside to control water 6, pour oil into the pan, 7, put the peanut rice in cold oil, fry the peanut rice to a golden color with low fire, do not open the wifeBig.

8. Turn it gently and fry until the peanuts are slightly yellow, and the sound of Harahara is heard.

9, put a little oil in the pot, add star anise, fragrant leaves, fry the spices first, fry until the leaves change color.

10, put in the dried chili and pepper with good water control, stir fry over low heat for a while, fry until the dried peppers change color 11, and then add fried peanuts.


, Sprinkle with salt, add sugar, and finally put it on a plate.

Why do alcoholic peanuts freeze? Alcoholic peanuts are frozen quickly, so it tastes refreshing.

Alcoholic Peanut Rice Step 1 : Peanuts are soaked in warm water for 1 hour, so that they can be peeled. Step 2: Thinly peel the red coat of peanuts, put in a fresh-keeping bag, and freeze in the refrigerator overnight. Step 3: Put oil in the pan, putFrozen peanut rice frying Step 4: Fry until the surface of the peanut rice is golden. Fry it continuously and stir gently. Put in a sticky pan. Step 5: Leave a little oil in the pot, add dried chili, pepper and stir-fry.Step 6: Pour in the fried peanuts. Step 7: Add paprika, salt, and sugar. Step 8: Add pepper powder. Fry a few times quickly, then you can cook.

[How to choose longan meat]_How to choose_How to look

[How to choose longan meat]_How to choose_How to look

Longan is a relatively common fruit. It is also called longan. It has a good effect of replenishing qi and blood, and has a good nourishing effect. It can also have a good conditioning effect on insufficient blood and heart and spleen.When choosing longan meat, you must pay attention to avoid buying inferior longan. First of all, you must look at the appearance. The meat is intact, and the top grade is the best. In addition, the color should be yellow and red. It should be light in taste.Clear fragrance.

How to choose longan meat is longan seed arils of the Sapindaceae plant longan.

Mainly produced in Guangdong, Fujian, Guangxi, Sichuan and other places, Taiwan, Yunnan and southern Guizhou are also produced, of which Guangxi’s output accounts for 50% of the total national output.

So, how can we choose good quality longan meat?

1, see the shape of the meat is complete as the top grade.

At present, the common longan meat on the market is sliced meat and oil-soaked longan. The lantern meat accumulation of the whole longan meat is completely preserved, but its roundness, dryness, light weight and sweet taste are the best quality of longan meat.

2. Look at the color of longan meat with normal color should be yellowish red.

The bright yellow and long-lasting longan meat is smoked by burning briquettes; the color is neat and white, and the long-lasting longan meat is smoked by burning sulfur.

3, smell the normal longan meat has a light fragrance, but the longan meat smoked by sulfur shows a sour taste, conversion, if you want to buy fresh longan, you can buy as follows: 1, see.

Generally, those with large granules, thick meat, well-shaped roundness and sweet taste are preferred.

The surface of the shell is round and flat, and the color is yellow-brown; the shell surface is uneven, and those with oily brown spots indicate that it has begun to deteriorate; the surface of the shell with white spots on the mouth is moldy; the surface of the shell is dark, indicating that the meat has dark mold orDry mold; small holes on the top of the shell, indicating parasites.

Look at the meat quality, the meat is thick, the color is yellow and bright with slight wrinkles, the fruit handle has a circle of red meat heads of good quality, the meat is thin, the color is yellow, and no wrinkles are next.

2. Taste.

Sweet taste, soft glutinous, fragrant, no residue when chewing is good; taste is insufficient, there is seasoning, residue after chewing is second; dry and bitter taste is caused by over-baking, or re-baking.

3. Bite.

Biting longan nucleus, fragile and sound is fresh longan; those who are tough, broken and no sound are inferior.

4. Get out.

Put the longan on the table and scroll manually, the quality is not easy for those who are not easy to roll;

Changan Automobile (000625): Independently expected to achieve profit Ford still faces challenges

Changan Automobile (000625): Independently expected to achieve profit Ford still faces challenges
The company foresees a net profit of -25 for the third quarter.4%?+ 64.2% Changan Automobile issued a third-quarter performance forecast. The company expects net dividends attributable to its parent in the first three quarters to be 2.4-2.8 billion, compared to 11 in the same period last year.63 ppm, corresponding to the third quarter limit1.6-5.60,000 yuan, compared with the expected 4 in the same period last year.4.7 billion.The forecast results are in line with our expectations.  Key points of concern Non-recurring gains and losses have been reduced. In the third quarter, independent business is expected to achieve profit.From the notice interval, the third quarter termination center is at 3.600 million, an increase from the previous quarter.In the second quarter, the loss was obviously reduced compared to the previous quarter. Thanks to the operating loss reduction, the cost reduction effect of parts and components was lagging behind and government subsidies increased.According to the announcement, the government subsidy included in the current profit and loss in the second quarter was 4 trillion, and a similar government subsidy amount has been announced in the third quarter. Therefore, we expect that the non-recurring profit and loss in the third quarter will decrease, and the actual deduction of non-profits will reduce the chain loss.Looking at the split, the net purity (excluding investment income) of the parent company in the second quarter was -61.32 million yuan, compared with -5 in the third quarter of last year.300 million US dollars, according to the performance forecast in the third quarter, the profit of the independent brand improved month-on-month, then we expect the independent sector to achieve profit in the third quarter, and reduce losses by about 500 million.  Independent brand enterprises have stabilized, and their structure has improved, leading to improved profitability.In the third quarter, sales of Chongqing Changan, Hebei Changan and Hefei Changan were 138,175, 20,995 and 28,945, respectively, of which Chongqing Changan sales increased by +8.0%, +13 from the previous quarter.8%, Hefei Changan sales increased by +18.0%, +56.5%, dazzling performance.The product structure continued to improve. In the third quarter, Yidong moved, CS35 and CS55 each sold more than 20,000 units each month, CS85 sold 天津夜网 nearly 4,000 units each month, and the terminal discount remained within 5,000 yuan. The first month of sales of CS75 Plus exceeded 20,000 units, and 10 were terminated.Orders on March 11 exceeded 30,000 units, quickly meeting our expectations.  The scale of investment has expanded quarter-on-quarter, and Changan Ford is still challenging.We estimate that the investment growth in the third quarter will be around 4 million, and the chain sales volume will increase. The sales volume of major joint venture brands in the third quarter will still show different negative growth rates, of which Changan Ford sold 53,745 units, at least -33.At 6%, Changan Mazda’s sales were 34,684, -9 in ten years.3%.In the third quarter, Changan Ford’s sales improved significantly from the previous month, obviously +40.1%, but the monthly sales have not yet reached the break-even point of 30,000 vehicles. At the same time, new models were launched intensively in the third quarter, and related costs increased.  Estimates and recommendations From the performance of the third quarter, the logic of the independent product brand’s new product cycle to drive volume and price increases has been initially verified, and Ford’s sales recovery and cost declines are still turning a deficit.It currently corresponds to 0 in 2020.8 times, 0.3 times P / B.We maintain our profit forecasts for 19 and 20 years, maintain Changan A / B outperform industry rating, and maintain target price of 11.3 yuan, 7.4 Hong Kong dollars, corresponding to 1 in 2020.2 times, 0.7 times P / B, realized earlier with 44%, 113% upside.  The new risk autonomy model performed below expectations.

[Do Guiling cream go to fire]_Benefit_Function

澶忓ぉ鏄壒鍒鏄撲笂鐏殑瀛h妭锛屾墍浠ュ緢澶氫汉涔犳儻鎬х殑鍦ㄥ澶╅€夋嫨涓€浜涘彲浠ヤ娇鐢I ‘m not sure about it. I ‘m not sure how to do it: I ‘m going to talk about it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it, I ‘m going to do it.涓嶉敊鐨勶紝棣栧厛榫熻嫇鑶忎腑鐢滅暐甯︽湁涓€鐐圭偣鐨勮嫤娑╋紝杩欓噷闈㈠彲浠ユ斁涓婁竴浜涜渹铚滄垨鑰呯孩绯栵紝杩欐牱浼氶緹鑻撹啅鍏呮弧绯栨眮鐨勫懗閬擄紝鑷劧涔熷氨閬垮厤浜嗚嫤娑╃殑鍙f劅銆傞緹鑻撹啅鍛堥粦鑹诧紝寰甫閫忔槑銆傚畠鏈€鏃╀骇浜庡箍瑗挎ⅶ宸烇紝鏄互楣板槾榫熷拰鍦熻尟鑻撲负涓昏鍘熸枡锛屽啀鍔犲叆鐢樿崏銆佺孩鏋c€佹鍙躲€侀噾閾惰姳銆佽渹铚溿€佽強鑺辩瓑锛岀粡杩囬暱鏃堕棿鐔偧鑰屾垚鐨勪繚鍋ラ鍝併€傞緹鑻撹啅鐨勬潗鏂欏彇鑷細楣板槾榫熸槸鍚嶈吹Feiqiaofuzuan  Ren Right- Leqie В Jiao?鍦熻尟鑻撳垯鍙幓婀裤€傞櫎杩欎袱绉嶄富鑽锛屽啀閰嶄互鐢熷湴銆佽挷鍏嫳銆侀噾閾惰姳绛夎嵂鏁堝姞寮恒€傞緹鑻撹啅鏈夋竻鐑В姣掋€佹嫈姣掔敓鑲屻€佹粙闃磋ˉ鑲俱€佷繚鍋ュ吇棰滃姛鏁堛€傚畠鐨勫搧鎬ф俯鍜岋紝涓嶅噳涓嶇嚗锛岀敺濂宠€佸辜鐨嗗疁銆傞緹鑻撹啅婊嬮槾琛ヨ偩銆佹鼎鐕ユ姢鑲ゃ€佹秷闄ゆ殫鐤€佽皟鐞嗚剰鑵戙€佹竻鐑В姣掋€侀槻姝㈣偆璐ㄨ€佸寲鍙婁究绉橈紝鑳戒績杩涙柊闄堜唬璋紝鎻愬崌浜轰綋鍏嶇柅鍔涳紝鏄幇浠d汉涓嶅彲鎴栫己涔嬪吇鐢熷湥鍝併€傞緹鑻撹啅鐨勭爺绌舵姤鍛婁腑鎸囧嚭;榫熸澘鍚湁鍚勭姘ㄥ熀閰革紝鍏朵腑涓冪涓轰汉浣撲笉鑳借嚜鍒朵絾蹇呴』鐨勬皑鍩洪吀锛岃繖浜涘繀闇€姘ㄥ熀閰稿崰鎬绘皑鍩洪吀鐧惧垎姣旂浉褰撻珮锛岀害鐧惧垎涔嬩簩鍗併€傜壒鍒鐨偆骞茬嚗銆佽€佸寲鍜屽勾闈掍汉鐨勯潚鏄ョ棙(绮夊埡)銆佸绉嶅彛鑵旀簝鐤°€佸彛鐕ュ捊骞层€佸け鐪犲姊︺€佷範鎯€т究绉樸€佹€ャ€佹參鎬ф硨灏跨郴缁熸劅鏌擄紝濡傚皬渚跨櫧娴娿€佽叞鑶濋吀杞€佸コ鎬х敓娈栫郴缁熺値鐥囷紝濡傜泦鑵旂値銆侀槾閬撶値銆佽丹鐧藉甫涓嬶紝鐨偆鎼旂棐銆佺枛鐤孩鑲跨瓑鏈夌壒鍒樉钁楃殑鏀瑰杽浣滅敤銆傞緹鑻撹啅鏈夋竻鐑帓姣掔殑浣滅敤锛屽亸浜庡瘨鍑夛紝涓€鑸儍瀵掑拰鑴捐儍铏氬急鐨勪汉杩樻槸灏戝悆涓哄ソ銆傛湁鐨勬姤閬撹榫熸澘鏈夊叴濂嬪瓙瀹拰淇冭繘琛€娑插惊鐜殑浣滅敤锛屾晠瀛曞鍜屾湀缁忔湡濂虫€т篃涓嶅疁澶氬悆銆傝櫧鐒跺姝わ紝浣嗛緹鑻撹啅纭疄鏈夊幓鐏殑浣Exterminate?

[Effects and effects of fresh plums]_Benefits_Necessary

[Effects and effects of fresh plums]_Benefits_Necessary

This season is a good time to eat prunes. Everyone likes them very much. However, prunes are sour and sour. They may not be digested because of the outer skin.Mature, can peel off the skin, fresh plum has high nutritional value and efficacy, you need to understand.

First, what are the effects and effects of fresh and dried prunes?

Fresh prunes and dried prunes have similar effects and functions. The main conclusions are as follows: 1. Prevention of iron deficiency anemia: The iron content in prunes is also among the top 10 in all foods.Therefore, eating plums regularly can prevent iron deficiency anemia, especially for pregnant women and infants.

2. Beauty Hair Salon: Simeri’s rich vitamin A, potassium and antioxidants have a natural protective effect on human skin and hair.

And it can delay brain aging!

3. Prevention of acute and cardiovascular diseases: Due to the large amount of supplemental fiber in Simeri, it can promote the intervention of healthy peristalsis, and has certain preventive effects on some complications, diseases, constipation and cardiovascular diseases.

4. Prevent osteoporosis: The boron substance in Simeri is a good helper to promote the body’s absorption of calcium, and it can prevent calcium deficiency and osteoporosis.

5. Folic acid supplementation: This is extremely important for elderly and pregnant women with low folic acid.

6, clearing heat and reducing fire: If you get angry, you can quickly remove heat by eating prunes, and patients with oral ulcers can also eat it!

Second, can plum plum really cure constipation?

How many times a day to treat constipation?

As mentioned earlier, prunes have the effect of preventing and treating constipation. As for eating a few times a day, it is best to eat about 1-2 a day. Although prunes are rich in nutrition, but it is too late, you still have to take your time.

Third, what is the difference between plum and plum?

1. Shape: Plums are oval and plums are mostly round.

2. Taste: Plums are mainly sweet, slightly sour and sweet; plums are mostly sour.

3. Origin: Simedo is imported from the United States, Chile, France and other places, a small part of Xinjiang is grown, and plums are widely grown in the central and southern regions.

4, price: Ximei is more expensive, usually about 35-50 yuan / catty, while plums are cheaper, about 3-5 yuan / catty.

5. Nutrition: The nutritional value of prune is much higher than plums, especially in folic acid and vitamin A.

Fourth, what are the precautions for consuming plum?

1. Plums are alkaline, cold, and high-sugar foods, so women who have just given birth, menstrual women, and people with diabetes, and people with poor liver should eat less.

2. Eating plums after meals is most beneficial to the human stomach.

Sanlipo (002876) Company Comments: The long-term performance is slightly lower, and the long-term trend is not expected to change.

Sanlipo (002876) Company Comments: The long-term performance is slightly lower, and the long-term trend is not expected to change.

Event: The company released a quick performance report for 2019, realizing revenue14.

51 ppm, a 64-year increase of 64.

30%; net profit attributable to mother is 51.73 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 86.

75%; It is lower than the median of the previous forecast range of 4986-63.71 million, which is lower than market expectations.

Q4 revenue growth rate is expected, expected performance is slightly lower than expected: According to the company’s performance report data, Q4 single-quarter revenue4.

09 million yuan, compared with Q3 of 4.

25 trillion, slightly offset, we judge that the company’s 1330mm production line in Hefei has not yet expanded mass production; Q4 single-quarter net profit of 28.11 million yuan, compared to Q3 single quarter, although the absolute amount increased by about 20%, but considering Q3Exchange rate losses and 13 million increase in impairment losses, while Q4 exchange rate is a small positive return, which means that the turning point of operating indicators is slightly lower than expected.

Looking forward to 2020, affected by the pace of resumption of work in the first quarter, we expect to gradually return to normal in March. Strong demand for small sizes and large-scale mass production of the Hefei 1330mmc production line will drive the company’s fundamentals to continue to improve, and the medium- and long-term trend is improving.

The volume and price of the company’s mobile phone polarizers are rising, and it is expected to usher in more than double the growth: the company’s mobile phone polarizers are rising in volume and price, it is expected to usher in more than double the growth: the company’s mobile phone polarizers are rising in volume and price, and it is expected to usher in more than double: The volume and price of the company’s mobile phone polarizers are rising, and it is expected to usher in more than double. In terms of customer breadth, cut into OPPO, Xiaomi and other brands, it is expected that the expansion of supporting mobile phones is expected to reach 1.

About 500 million units.

In terms of product strength, penetration into the mid-end, and the proportion of high-end products such as brighteners continued to increase, further opening up the market space. After the Longgang Line was put into production in the second half of this year, driven by strong demand, it promoted rapid volume expansion. By 2022, the supporting volume is expected to increase.It reached about 400 million units.

At the same time, the average price of products in the first three quarters of 2019 increased by more than 20%, confirming the company’s product upgrade trend.

We expect that after the Longgang production line is full, the small-sized business in 2022 is expected to achieve more than double the growth.

Delivery of large-scale profit inflection points, long-term trend without change: The company’s Hefei plant is positioned for medium and large-scale products, and the Hefei 1490mm production line is near full production. It has achieved large-scale delivery to major panel manufacturers and achieved “0-1” in the TV field.Breakthrough, short-term deviation. From the data of Q4, we expect that the range of change is still too large. It is expected that with the commissioning of the 1330mm production line and the optimization of the product structure in Q1 of 2020, it is expected to usher in a turning point in profit.The inflection point may be moved to the second quarter, which is a short-term disturbance factor. It does not change to a long-term trend.

Considering the price gradient in TV polarizers, the 2500mm production line of the fixed-increasing project will be converted to 西安耍耍网 land. The economical cutting size of the production line will now reach 32 inches / 43 inches, and further cover high gross margin sizes such as 55/65/75 inches to enhance the medium and large size business.The profit margin drives the company to make a qualitative leap in the field of medium and large size.

Investment suggestion: domestically produced polarizers can be used to replace good tracks, and the long-term growth logic is clear. Short-term changes do not affect the long-term positive trend. With reference to the company’s performance report and taking into account the resumption of work in the first quarter of 2020, we lower the company’s 2019/20/21Net profit is 0.



950,000 yuan, for the time being does not consider additional dilution, the corresponding EPS is 0.



84 yuan, corresponding to PE is 120/37/21 times, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: The RMB exchange rate depreciated more than expected, and the Hefei plant turned low when it turned around.

Jinli Permanent Magnet’s daily limit of 10 days continued to skyrocket1.8 times ST stocks hit the limit in the hardest hit area

Jinli Permanent Magnet’s daily limit of 10 days continued to skyrocket1.8 times ST stocks hit the limit in the hardest hit area
This breakthrough broke!The leader has a daily limit of 10 days and a sharp rise of 1.8 times!One class of shares has become the limit of hitting the hardest hit area Source: Securities Times · e company Jinli Permanent Magnet 12 daily limit of 10, becoming the market’s biggest hit.  Jinli Permanent Magnet Co., Ltd. once again reached its daily limit today, and the latest closing price reached a record high again.Due to the superposition of the dual concept of rare earth permanent magnets and new shares, Jinli Permanent Magnets has become the most popular in the market. In just 12 trading days, 10 daily 杭州夜网论坛 limit boards have been harvested, and the increase has gradually reached 1.86 times.In response to the expected abnormalities, Jinli’s permanent announcement said that the company does not directly own the rare earth mining resources, and at the same time closed on May 30, 2019, the company’s dynamic P / E ratio was 212.8, static price-earnings ratio of 152.43, at a relatively high level.    Along with the continued active activity of Jinli Permanent Magnet, the enthusiasm of the second-share issue continued to heat up, and the second-share index rose 3 today.14%, the 6th consecutive day of the Japanese line, a change in weapon decline.There were 19 daily limit in the concept of the new stock, among which the blue daily life, Rifeng, Quanfeng Automobile, Youyou Food, etc. achieved continuous daily limit.  74 shares this week’s gradual growth rate exceeds 20%. Data Bao statistics show that excluding the new shares listed in the past month, a total of 74 shares have a gradual growth rate of more than 20% this week, a significant increase from last week.For single stocks, Jinli Permanent Magnet has gradually increased by 61 this week.09% won the championship again.  Force source information increased by 61.05% ranked runner-up.Liyuan Information obtained five daily limit boards this week. Due to the combination of popular alternatives to Huawei concepts, chips, and 5G concepts, Liyuan Information has continued to rise continuously for the past few days, and the latest closing price hit a two-year high.In response to the expected anomaly, Liyuan Information Announcement stated that no latest public media reported any major undisclosed information that may or has affected the stock price.    Azure Biosciences once again rose to a stop today, this week gradually increased by 55.92% ranked third place in the rankings.Affected by the progress made in the African swine fever vaccine, the azure organisms have continued to surge since May 24.In response to the expected abnormalities, Weilan Bio said that the research and development of livestock and poultry animal vaccines such as African swine fever was carried out by Harmony Research, and the company mainly paid for cooperation costs.At present, the research and development project is still in the laboratory research stage, and there is still a lot of experimental research work to be done in the future.  ST shares are still the hardest hit areas this week. * ST Beixun, ST Kangmei (protection rights), * ST Europe (protection rights), * ST Pegasus (protection rights), ST Tianbao (protection rights) and other continued downward limit.Data Bao statistics show that excluding the new shares listed in the past month, a total of 7 shares fell more than 20% this week, a significant decrease from last week. They are Shenzhen Chase (right protection), Bo Baolong, * ST Bei Xun, ST Kangmei, * ST opal, * ST Pegasus, ST Waihai.    Shenzhen Chase gradually declined the most, and the stock gradually dropped 25 this week.54%.Due to the recent hype over the concept of industrial marijuana and the violent sanctions against the work of the Securities and Futures Commission, Shenzhen University has been undermined by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.Yesterday evening, when responding to the inquiries of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Chase said that the company’s partners have different advantages in the field of industrial cannabis. Industrial cannabis is a completely new field for the company. At present, the company has no relevant technology and personnel reserves and is actively stockpiling the industryTalent and technology related to the cannabis field.    From the perspective of funding, the computer sector with the most major funds has seen some changes this week.Funds for Kitakami will gradually decrease by 9 this week.US $ 2.8 billion, a significant decline from the previous three weeks.In terms of main funds, the main funds totaled 498 net this week.US $ 6.2 billion, the state of continuous net distance has not been improved, but the net distance scale has dropped significantly compared with the previous one, and the net distance scale has replaced the lowest level in nearly fourteen weeks.  In terms of different industries, only the main funds of the national defense industry showed a net inflow this week, but the net inflow was small and less than one million. The industry gradually expanded this week.12%.The rest of the industry sector showed a net alternating trend this week. The computer sector saw the largest net reduction, with a net occupation of 79.At 4 ppm, the industry index is up 1 this week.82%.The chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, electronics, non-bank finance, and telecommunications industries have a net reduction of more than 3 billion yuan.  In terms of individual stocks, excluding the new shares listed in the past month, the net inflow of 52 main funds this week exceeded 100 million yuan, a significant increase from last week.China Pacific Insurance main funds net inflow5.At 8.1 billion, the stock is up 4 this week.62%.The net inflow of main funds of Meishang Ecology 4.6.4 billion, down 2 this week.98%.Net inflow of main funds of the third ring of China Science and Technology 4.2 billion yuan, up 23 this week.8%.China Science and Technology Third Ring daily limit, the latest closing price hit a year high.Among the top net inflows this week are Bank of China, Guizhou Moutai, Zhengbang Technology, New Wufeng, and Liyuan Information.  This week, the main funds of 13 shares exceeded 500 million U.S. dollars, and the main funds of Qianfang Technology surpassed the scale.With 7.3 billion, the stock is up slightly this week.12%.On the evening of May 27th, Qianfang Technology announced that Ali’s 3.6 billion stake in the company became the second largest shareholder of the company. The next day, it tried to adjust the daily limit.Daily line.Zhejiang Longsheng’s main fund is a net replacement of 14.62 trillion, a gradual decline this week8.15%.Gree Electric Appliances, China Software, Wuliangye, Meijin Energy, Huasheng Tiancheng and other major funds have achieved a contraction in scale.    (Data treasure)

Hang Seng Electronics (600570) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Performance Meets Expectations Significant Optimization of Operating Efficiency

Hang Seng Electronics (600570) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Performance Meets Expectations Significant Optimization of Operating Efficiency

The company released its 2018 annual report, and the company achieved operating income of 32 in 2018.

63 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.

38%; net profit attributable to mother 6.

45 ppm, an increase of 36 in ten 深圳桑拿网 years.

96%; net profit after deduction is returned 5.

16 ppm, an increase of 142 in ten years.

77%; net operating cash flow 9.

34 ppm, an increase of 16 in ten years.


2018Q4 company achieved revenue of 13.

00 ppm, an increase of 27 in ten years.

99%; net profit attributable to mother 3.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 149 in ten years.


Comment: The performance growth is in line with expectations, and the optimization of operating efficiency has improved significantly. In 2018, the company’s net profit attributable to mothers continued to increase.

96% is slightly higher than the median performance forecast, which is in line with market expectations. In 2018, the company’s period expense ratio was 83.

81%, down 9 from the same period last year.

31pct, the effect of optimization of operating efficiency 武汉夜网论坛 is significant; of which the sales expense ratio is 27.

03%, a decrease from the same period last year.

1pct; management expense ratio (new caliber) 13.

67%, a decrease of 3 from the same period last year.

38pct; R & D expense ratio 43.

05%, down -4 from the same period last year.

94pct; financial expense ratio is 0.

06%, an increase of 0 compared with the same period last year.


Supervision and the increase in the penetration rate of new products promoted the steady growth of traditional businesses. In 2018, the company’s next-generation core business platform, UF3.

0 Successful bidders for China Merchants Securities, O45, AM4, multiple industry benchmark customers, and new rules for unified management of big asset management have given rise to structured deposits for commercial banks and wealth management subsidiaries, net worth products, product transfers, wealth management distribution sales, information disclosure, wealth valuationSystem and module requirements.

Benefiting from the supplementary IT demand generated by regulation and the replacement of new products, the company’s traditional business continued to maintain steady growth.

Continuous R & D promotes the promotion of industry technology upgrades. The company’s R & D investment in 201814.

50,000 yuan, an increase of 9 in ten years.

78%, accounting for 43% of revenue.


The company launched JRES 3 in 2018.

0 technology platform, supporting the company’s products to upgrade to the Internet microservices architecture. In the future, the company will rely on its own strong technical strength to provide overall solutions to build financial large, medium and high-end platforms, and promote the comprehensive online upgrade of financial technology architecture.

Investment advice and profit forecast: It is estimated that from 2019 to 2021, the company’s net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company will be 8 respectively.

37, 10.

68, 12.1.4 billion yuan, corresponding to EPS 1.

35, 1.

73, 1.

96, corresponding to PE 65, 51, 45 times, given an “overweight” investment rating.

Risk reminder: Innovative business advances less than expected, regulatory policy risks