Sima Yinlong sees this old heart is determined,Only a wry smile,Can’t say more。

There is no deep friendship between Liuyunzong and King Ning’s Mansion,It’s just that every year, Prince Ning’s Mansion will send someone a gift,As a gift to the sect,But Liuyunzong’s attitude is extremely arrogant,All these years,Which is to send a crazy,The murderous Liuyun Evil God is here。
So King Ning didn’t bother to say anything to this person,Just leave everything to Sima Yinlong to negotiate,He made a special trip to watch the excitement today。
Today,It’s Liuyunzong who came to find Wu Hao for revenge,It has nothing to do with Taning Palace。
but,King Ning personally led the crowd to outside the Guangming Dragon Temple,Is sending a clear signal to all forces,He wants to see Wu Hao being cleaned up with his own eyes,It’s best not to stop others,Otherwise it is the common enemy of Prince Ning’s Mansion and Liuyunzong。
And in fact,King Ning’s move didn’t go too far,The seed race is over,Wu Hao and the others,No longer protected by the Seed Hegemony rules。
And after they come out of the temple,Everyone is above the forty level,Already have the qualification to accept the challenge of the strong。
According to the tradition of the gods,This kind of revenge challenge,Can’t refuse。
It’s just that few people are so shameless,Send high-level powerhouses,Specially blocked outside the temple gate,Waiting for someone to come out and challenge
It can be seen that,The dominance of Prince Ning’s Mansion and Liuyun Sect,At the same time, we can also see how determined King Ning is to eradicate Wu Hao.,No more deviations are allowed。
in fact,Whether it’s King Ning who is silent on the side,Sima Yinlong,They all know,After the seed contest,Wu Hao’s climate has become,He has the power to kill the evil god Liuyun,Can no longer treat him as an ordinary powerhouse,And behind him,And the massive resources of Bairimen,Even if Wu Hao is just a puppet pushed to the front desk at Bairimen,It’s also a very troublesome puppet。
In case the sixth prince confuses him again,The impact was definitely something Ning Palace didn’t want to see。
and so,The talents of Prince Ning’s Mansion will appear here,At the risk of offending others in the royal family,With the hands of Liuyunzong,Eradicate this confidant。

With his character and ideas,Since I challenged in public,The other party should be generous,Can’t win,Let’s talk。

I don’t know that the opponent is not only not facing the challenge,Instead, he put buckets of sewage on himself,It seems that among these gods,There are good and bad,But so。
Originally, He Bu felt cordial to the people of the gods,I thought they were the same as Wudang Brother and Sister Xi,A warrior,Brave family,Unexpectedly, there are scum like Qin Chusheng and his son。
For a time,The anger in He Bu’s chest burns even more。
“He Bu,calm down,tell him,You have a bet he can’t refuse!Come,I teach you how to。”At this moment,He Bu’s mind again received teacher Lu’s spiritual power transmission。
The god people,I saw this little boy out of anger,Obviously lost his calm,Unexpectedly, his expression suddenly changed,It’s like changing to another person,The whole person calmed down。
“Qin Chusheng,What is your white tiger battle pulse,Actually nothing great!Compared to what i have,That’s a junk!”He Bu suddenly shouted。
Maybe he yelled too loudly,Too hard,Many people present were shocked。
Of course Qin Chusheng heard these words,His face suddenly became gloomy,Murder in the eyes。
Others also heard what He Bu said,Can’t help being surprised,Does this young man have any other players??Could it be that he has an even greater bloodline than the White Tiger Battleline?
“I have summon heroes,And it can be used now!Your shit white tiger bloodline,The ghost knows when to use it。In my opinion,Worthless。”He Bu said loudly。
This remark,Uproar。
Countless eyes all fell behind He Bu,On that smiling young man。
In fact, some people thought that something was wrong with that young man just now,It’s only because of Qin Chusheng’s things that are the point,So everyone did not pay too much attention,Now once mentioned by He Bu,Everyone’s attention was focused on the young man,Which is Lu Menglin’s body,Sure enough, I saw the mystery。

“I knew it,It must be a problem with their product……”

Chapter Twenty Three Crack down on fakes
There is a police station nearby,So the police came quickly。After understanding the situation,They are going to bring back the broken pieces of the jade bracelet,As evidence。
At this moment,Populus asked again:“Is there no other appraiser in your store??”
This remark,I told the store manager of course。
“The company has,No in our shop,But you can follow the request。”
Hu Yang turned his head and said to the police:“Jingtai Jade City,There should be a dedicated appraiser,You can invite one of them over。This jade bracelet,It’s not a hibiscus jade,Or it’s not jade。”
As soon as this remark,Everyone in the store changed their faces,The audience in the live broadcast room was also surprised。
“This gentleman,Be careful when speaking,Your remarks,Has affected our reputation,We have the right to pursue legal responsibility。”The manager in the store looks very ugly。
All the jars fell,Populus euphratica is naturally not afraid,Don’t care about the manager’s face。
“I don’t understand,You really don’t understand,Still deliberate。Logically,As the manager of the jade shop,I should be familiar with jade。but,Such an obvious fake,You turned a blind eye。
Do you see any scratches on the broken piece of bracelet?I should have fallen down just now,Caused by touching the glass counter。
The hardness of jade is much greater than glass,Both slide hard,There will be obvious scratches on the surface of the glass,Jade will not have this kind of damage。so,Jade fell on the glass,May be broken,But no such scratches。”
Finished,The police and the manager of the shop have hurriedly checked,Found one of the pieces,There are indeed scratches。
“Manager Huang,The hardness of this gentleman,Right??”The police asked。
Manager Huang nodded:“In theory。”
Talking,And glanced at other employees in the store,Especially the female salesperson who was in charge of this counter just now。He asked:“This bracelet,Except you today,And this lady,Who else moved?”
Female salesperson pale,The manager wants to doubt her。

Tian Lu still has some research on the gatekeeper of words after all。After reading the whole article,Highlights and shortcomings can be found immediately。

Overall,Although Yang Xiaowen’s pen has improved,But some orientation and presentation are still lacking。
She looked at Yang Xiao with admiration,This is much better than myself when I first joined,And very savvy,Basically the shortcomings of the manuscript pointed out for her,Can be avoided now。But there are still new problems in writing。
such as,How to advertise for the business,In order to highlight the highlights of the business、In order to reach the desired effect。The presentation of the manuscript is one aspect,But also prepare pictures related to the business、Videos and related content to be promoted,Visual and content must be equally impactful。
In order not to discourage Yang Xiao’s enthusiasm for writing,Praise is one aspect,The problem still needs to be pointed out,I’m afraid that when the problem comes out,Yang Xiao can’t accept。Therefore, criticism must be methodical,Have a strategy。
There has been precedent before,Many talented authors think they have published too many manuscripts,I think my work is the best,Very complacent,Don’t allow others to say no。
and so,Criticism of talented people should be controlled,otherwise,Will cause dissatisfaction。
at this point,Tian Lu has long realized。therefore,In communication with staff,Tian Lu has a good grasp of this degree。
Tian Lu doesn’t know“Second in command”Pointed out the problem,Like a big sister,Otherwise the other party will feel depressed。
She smiled and said to Yang Xiao:“Your detailed version is very good,Word refinement,Clear point of view,But there are also several places that need to be adjusted,Logically strengthened,Several layers of paragraphs expressing the same meaning,Can be put together.”
For other modifications,Yang Xiao listened very carefully,I don’t understand some modifications,Looking at Tian Lu。
Tian Lu patiently teaches her the experience she has accumulated,Explain to her one by one。
Some explanation,Yang Xiaoshang can figure it out,Some half-knowledge。Tian Lu starts with the minutiae,Clarify the ins and outs、Causes and consequences,Until I understand。
The clock is ticking already pointing one hour later,After the manuscript is revised,After approval,Just into the library。
Discuss a manuscript,Especially for like-minded,Those who are willing to learn,Often like discussing a big battle,Until willing to accept。

“polite!Song Ying is my friend’s friend,Easy work,Not enough。”Hu Yang said。

Song Ying speechless,Can’t you be your friend?
Xu Mengyun listened,But very happy。The meaning of that,To give her face,I helped Song Ying。
“That is,That is!All friends,All friends!Ok?The jade public market is about to end?I just came here。No time wasted,Also pick two pieces for fun,Try luck。”Mr. Song is a little embarrassed。
Ge Tian is eager to show,Speak quickly:“Song Dong,See in the future!”
He hurriedly followed,As long as Mr. Song is interested,All comments,Is it worth it?。
“This one won’t work,Not very good,According to my many years of experience,Is likely to collapse。”
The audience in the live broadcast room wants to complain:It’s your years of experience again?
Mr. Song hesitated,Look past the piece of material。
Fatty Zhao squatted down,Glanced:“This is the material from Houjiangchangkou,Can actually bet。”
There is a famous saying in the jade industry,which is“Do not know the market,No betting”。
He is a frequent visitor to Myanmar mining areas,It is not difficult to distinguish the materials of each mining area。
Emerald in Myanmar,There are many mining areas,Ten of them are the most famous。Houjiangchangkou,Is one of the ten famous mining areas。
Houjiangchangkou is divided into old Houjiang and new Houjiang,Both sites are produced in the riverbed alluvial sand,Old Houjiang jade is produced from the bottom of the impact layer,Thin skin is grayish greenish yellow,Generally smaller,Rarely exceed0.3KG,The water and foundation are very good,Is a frequent visitor of green emeralds。
This one in front of you,Should weigh more than ten catties,It’s a relatively large material at the entrance of Houjiang。
Song Ying introduced:“He is Zhao Zilong,Son of Zhao Yuan,Often go to Myanmar。”


Chapter Two Hundred and Ten collapsed
The skin rubbing is almost halfway through,Populus knows,The meat show is about to begin。Everyone is still immersed in the surprise shock of gambling,never thought before,Has been rubbed into such a wool,Can’t be broken?
next moment,Wiping continues。
but,It is no longer lemon yellow,But gray stone。
what happened?Wiped out?
in fact,If someone took a flashlight before,You can find that this lemon yellow is bad。After all so thin,The light of the flashlight can be transmitted through,And then shine on the stone part of the company。
but,Even Zuo Xingye and others did not do this,Ignore this step,Subconsciously think it’s appropriate。
“It’s not broken?What people solved now,There are a lot of jade!”
“Unbreakable,Keep looking。”

Her conversation with Lu Xin,It should be when you are angry,Correct,Just rushed out,She must have been tricked,Just said that。

Huo Yunhe is very sure of Yang Liu’s feelings for him,The messy brain finally found a point,Cleared out all the doubts。
She loves herself,Serious about this relationship,It’s not a playful attitude,but,This cannot be a reason to deceive yourself!
She has too many opportunities to tell this,Said she was Miss Lu Family,Is it embarrassing??
Shame again,Isn’t it true??
Tricked him when I first met,Just play,Speak softly,Play coquettishly,Admit a mistake,Even if angry,Will forgive her too。
With Lu Liang,He’s still jealous,Transferred her to the marketing department for punishment,She can clearly tell the true relationship between them,Why keep it?
You plan to keep hiding,Don’t you say it??
Don’t say it now,When the parents meet,Won’t you also wear clothes??Why should an outsider come and tell me?
Huo Yunhe felt that his heart was trampled on,And this woman trampled,Keep laughing secretly。
He is lost,I dare not face this relationship,willow,Sometimes gentle,Sometimes presumptuous little woman,Really caught his weakness,Let him lose the ability to make decisive actions for the first time。
He didn’t doubt his vision,At this moment,He feels his heart,Still care about willow。
That recording,He just made a hundred excuses,Also real,Regeneration gas,Shouldn’t make fun of their feelings。
What do you think of him?
He wants to deny all this,I want to think I haven’t heard this recording,But that is impossible。
Obviously know that Lu Xin is not at ease,But he still came,It’s a fact that she is afraid of not loving herself,Still want to figure this out,To be together without distraction?

“What you call crooked thinking,Think what you love。”Ding Keran is too lazy to care about him。

“Have you noticed such an exotic atmosphere,I was messed up inside,Always want something to happen?”Lin Hai sighed。
“My mind is rippling?garrulous,There are four or five blonde girls,Body canon。”Ding Kelan lifted his jaw forward,Within sight,Foreign girls in sultry sexy poses。
“Ok,interesting,I seem to like,Feels my food。”Lin Hai reveals his true thoughts,Slide half of the glasses down to the bridge of the nose,Look straight over。
“Today the cruise ship guide said there is a dance party in the evening,Are you interested in participating?”Ding Ke Lan Dao。
“They come, the security,Why not join,Don’t you have the mind to indulge crazy。”Lin Hai reminded him。
Listen to what Lin Hai said,Male in Ding Kelan.Sex.hormone、Hormones suddenly rise inexplicably。
at night,Bored,Go to the first floor of the cabin and experience the sea view buffet,A dance party is being held here,Between strangers,Under the dynamic of music,And flashing lights,All swinging all kinds of dance steps,Relax and indulge。Ding Kelan fights wine under Lin Hai’s encouragement and slip fist。
This kind of scene is really not suitable for Tian Lu’s personality,noisy、Fancy。Tian Lu said,Let’s go through the room procedures,Tired of playing today,Eat too much,Take a rest,I heard there are many more projects tomorrow,Keep some energy。
Although Amei Chen is a little unhappy,,Since Tian Lu said that,Have to sync。But Chen Amei suggested,Came a cruise,The western wines here are famous,Drink a little anyway,Otherwise it’s in vain。
Tian Lu’s eyes turned,Seems to make sense,Not to mention the effect of wine on softening blood vessels、It is helpful to human health,Agreed to the proposal。Tian Lu based on safety,Said:“Only taste a small cup at most。”04
Chen Amei went and made one for herOKGesture。Turn around and go to the bar to bring a bottle of wine and two deep glasses,After arriving in front of Tian Lu,Each poured a full glass,Toast“Chelsea”Drink it all。
“a bit sweet,Sweet and bitter。”Tian Lu Evaluation。
Chen Amei said:“now it’s right,This is the charm of wine,Aftertaste。Come,Continued Cup,Otherwise, let me down。”

Muzi also walked in at this time,Then he spoke,“Qin Feng boss,I think it would be better not to let that guy leave Dongcheng。Otherwise, letting him return to Beixiong City would be equivalent to letting the tiger go back to the mountain。When he concentrates his efforts on you, it will cause you a lot of trouble。”

Muzi himself came here to report information to Qin Feng。It’s just that when Qin Feng and Fang Kai are separated, it’s better to stand Qin Feng’s point of view and leave him behind.。
In this way, you don’t have to suffer from this person in the future“attack”。
He is a little afraid that Qin Feng won’t be able to bear it,Because he investigated about angel investment companies,Then I found out that many big people really owe this favor。
It’s like Shenglong Group’s once received capital investment from Fangkai Company。
I saw some data passed by Muzi,Hard work can’t help but frown。
“Is it true??Shenglong Group was developed with an unknown source of funds?It wasn’t long before Fang Kai just established an angel investment company,So much money to invest?A businessman like him would bet a chance?Or,The two know each other?”
Now Qin Feng can be sure that Long Qianyuan is the original matchmaker,It is also involved in the Qin family’s extermination case,So this one Fang Kai,Does it matter too?
Qin Feng hesitated at this moment,But in the end he didn’t evade Wang Ziliang,“That Muzi,Are you capable of investigating what happened 15 years ago?”
“This one.The boss wants us to investigate15The Qin Family Destruction Case?”Muzi frowned。
“Correct,Do you have this ability now??”
“This.”Muzi hesitated,“Let’s try,But once you do,Will deploy a lot of manpower,At that time, there will be no way to stare at Dongcheng to the extreme,May miss some people’s news that they cannot know their entry。”
Muzi means very simple,That’s because they don’t have enough staff。
Once the investigation is opened15The case of the year ago,There may be loopholes in tracking,Therefore, when some masters come to deal with Qin Feng, they cannot make advance judgments and notifications.。
“Row,Investigate first!”
Qin Feng didn’t care,After all in his heart,Naturally15The single case from a year ago is more important。
“Well,I understand!”

Xiang Yang looked down at Xiang Chen in doubt,Xiang Chen wanted to tell her,Yao Yao, they would be wrong,But seeing Xiangyang looking serious,Xiang Chen has enough reason to believe,If you tell the truth,Xiangyang will surely let himself and the wheelchair die at the same time。

So facing Xiangyang’s doubtful eyes,Xiang Chen pretends to ponder,Then he spoke slowly:“You have to think of a question,Maybe Officer Han doesn’t really like me,But when she was at a loss and helpless,I just hit it,I behaved just right in her opinion is good to her,I just happened to be able to see her。It’s just the right time to meet the right person,It’s not the love you dream of at your age!”
Xiang Chen quickly organized a large wave of languages,At the end of the question,I just feel that most of my brain cells are dead。
“But I still think you and Yuxiang are quite suitable,I called her a little mom!”
Xiangyang said unwillingly,Father and daughter have been the golden partners for so many years,Just one person,Can form a complete home,But a long time passed,This person has never been outzjjmsy.Present。
“If you really feel unwilling,Just think about Officer Han’s fault,Abandoned me!ignore me!I was seriously injured and desperately killed!She didn’t even give a wreath!”
Xiang Chen one by one17tczk.Count down the bad deeds of Korean Xiang to yourself,Look like this,I seem to be really wronged。
Xiang Chen is like a resentful woman,Chattering in a wheelchair,The Xiangyang behind him is a black line。
“There are wreaths for living people!”
“I didn’t even receive a wreath!”
“You are in this state,What to do if you encounter danger again?”
“Call for help!”